Kim vs Nega-Kim

AN: Remember when Drakken cloned Kim? Remember when Drakken open a TV-based dimensional portal? I do, and it was both of that made me wonder... What would happen if Kim and friends faced a Kim from an alternate, evil dimension? A Kim that was every bit as evil as Kim was good. Who would win? Good or Evil?

AN2: You can watch Kim Possible without commercials at Netflix! Yay!

Chapter Eight: Turning the Tide?!

Kim also knew her Ron and when she saw the two of them heading for a mega power clash, she grabbed Good Shego and ran towards her Ron, hoping to put a end to it before anyone could get hurt.

Good Shego saw what was going on and although her instincts were screaming for her to run, to get behind something that could take the coming clash, she knew that the good Kim wouldn't be heading towards them unless she knew something or thought she had a chance in stopping them. She pushes aside her instinctual feeling and runs forward with Kim as she asks, "What's the plan?"

Kim stares ahead at her Ron with a fierce determination on her face as she answers, "We save them." She falls quiet after that, offering no hint of what was going on in her head for Good Shego.

As the two of them rush toward the two powerhouses, Nega-Kim shouts, "Nega-Ron, look out! Goodies headed your way!"

Nega-Ron growls loudly and slaps his belt, making him flash in an explosive way to knock back Kim and Good Shego while Ron continues his charge towards Nega-Ron in the distraction.

Nega-Ron resumes his attack towards his "twin" and shouts, "I am the stronger one! You'll see!"

Good Shego says, "Oh, this won't be good..." She then turns to see Kim already scrambling to get on her feet when she sees it is too close and pushes Kim hard to get behind some cover moments before everything went pink for her just as the Ron and Nega-Ron met in a powerful explosion of power!

Kim closes her eyes as the powerful explosion rushes past her cover and even Nega-Kim has to close her eyes during the explosion.

Both Kim's open their eyes to look and see both Ron's huffing and puffing before Nega-Ron shouts, "No! How can you be my equal! I'm stronger evil! I know it! I always have been!"

Kim then realizes that Good Shego wasn't next to her and turns to where she had last been as she cries out, "Good Shego!" to see that she is perfectly fine in a pink bubble? She then hears a familiar voice say, "Sorry we are late, it is a long flight from Japan to America."

Kim turns around and sees both a smiling Yori and Sensei before her! Sensei is floating in the air with a bubble around both himself that looked exactly like the one around Good Shego.

Good Shego says, "Hey, I don't mean to be sounding ungrateful or anything, but can I get out of the bubble now? We still have some butt to kick."

Sensei smiles a little behind his long, white beard and says, "Of course, forgive me." He the moves his hands and the two bubbles disappear in a shower of mystical, glowing lotus petals.

"Thanks for the assist Sensei. Do you have any ideas on how to end this battle?" Kim says as she glances back at the Rons.

Yori's smile fades as she then says, "No, this is a battle that only they can resolve on their own."

Kim grumbles, "I was afraid you'd say something like that."

"Do not worry Kim Possible, though they are evenly matched, there is yet hope for turning the tide in your Ron's favor." Sensei says with a calm, confident tone before he then speaks up loud enough for Ron to hear, "Ronald, call upon your weapon. It will come to you."

Ron looks over at them in surprise, "Oh hey Sensei, Hi Yori, when did you two get here? Wait, are you sure? I don't want to kill myself, him, oh you know what I mean."

Nega-Ron growls menacingly, "I don't have no problem with slaying my weaker self." He then calls out, "Here swordy, swordy!"

Ron's eyes grow wide as he then shouts, "No, come to me sword!"

The Lotus Blade flies through the air and stops, hovering between the two as though confused.

"Now comes the moment of truth, I would be ready if I were you Kim Possible." He watches as the Lotus Blade bounces back and forth between Ron and Nega-Ron as they each call for it sweetly as possible before Nega-Ron finally pushes Ron to the side and shouts, "Come here you blasted sword! I am your destined one! I have mastered the powers within!"

The Lotus Blade flys towards Nega-Ron just as Ron cries out, "No!" with his hand outreached for it and before Nega-Ron can grasp it, the sword pulls a sharp 180 and flies with even more speed to land in Ron's surprised hand.

Nega-Ron shouts, "No! I am the strong one, you are just weak and unfocused!"

Sensei smiles as he calmly speaks loud enough for both to hear, "The Lotus Blade will only choose the one whose heart is good and pure. You may have confused it with your sweet words at first but ultimately it knew that yours was dark and impure."

Nega-Ron clenches his fist and growls as he turns to face Sensei with every intention on facing him in battle, "I will destroy you like I did in my world!"

Yori gasps in surprise, "No!"

Nega-Ron laughs, "Oh don't feel bad... you joined him by his side." He the looks to the side just as Nega-Kim grabs Yori from behind, squeezing tight as she says, "It was me that did you in Yori. I never did like or trust you after all."

Kim kicks Nega-Kim, sending her flying and releasing Yori even as Ron drops the Lotus Blade in its Katana form in front of Nega-Ron's face, "Don't even think about repeating history dude."

Nega-Ron swats at the katana, "Get that out of my face loser! If I had my sword with me right now, you would be the one bleeding on the ground!"

Ron looks at Nega-Ron with sadness in his eyes, "What happened to you, I mean me" shakes his head, "I mean us to make you like this?"

Nega-Ron steps back and straightens up to make the slouching Ron look smaller, "Let me make this clear LOSER, there is no us, there is only me! I got tired of being stepped on, laughed at, stepped on, pushed around, not being seen as a equal to Kim! Now I have the power and trust me..." His face grows dark with a cruel half-smile, "There is no one laughing at me anymore, in fact, they are not doing much of anything anymore."

Ron looks at Nega-Ron with a dropped jaw even as as Kim looks a him with sad eyes, knowing how her best friend must be feeling when Nega-Kim shouts, "Yeah Ron! Now finish him so we can leave!"

Nega-Ron turns to Ron, "That would be my pleasure..." He growls before he starts to glow and the sky turns red with a blackness that spins in a circle around everyone.

Yori looks around and grabs onto Sensei's shoulder in fear while he calls out to Ron, "Do not falter Ron, you can beat him. Good is always stronger than evil."

"I have faith in you Ron! Bueno Nacho will be my treat after this mission!" Kim shouts out to Ron, "You have friends here to back you up, they have no one!"

Nega-Kim punches at Kim who dodges, "Wrong! He has me, and that's all we've ever really needed!"

Kim looks at Nega-Kim sadly, "I save the world for everyone, Ron, my family, my friends, even my enemies. What do you have? You took out everyone who has ever supported or hurt you."

Nega-Kim growls as she does a spinning kick at Kim, knocking her back, "We have each other and we love each other! The rest of the world that tried to split us or spit in our faces with their disapproval can burn for all I care!"

Nega-Ron shouts, "That's telling them KS!"

Ron says, "Was it really so bad that you had to destroy so many?"

Nega-Ron glows brighter for a moment, "You have no idea the kind of mockery, pain, and stuff we had to endure! To the heck with the world and all like it, I say!" This makes Ron look disappointed and sad at Nega-Ron.

Nega-Ron snarls as he sees the look from his opposite and punches him as hard as he can, sending Ron flying high as he the shouts, "That's it! I am going to do the one thing no one ever could! Destroy Kim Possible!"

Nega-Ron turns to face Kim and so misses the Ron stop in mid-air as if someone had put on some air brakes. He starts to run at Kim with his whole body glowing but the brightest part were his fists as if he was focusing his power there.

Nega-Kim snarls, "Hey, she's mine to destroy! We agreed!"

Nega-Ron just says with an evil, eerie calmness to his voice, "Sorry but we're too even as it is, so it is time switch dancing partners!"

Kim gets ready, knowing Ron very well and that if Nega-Ron was anything like him, she could not only dodge but counter him.

Ron does a rapid, spinning-flip from where he was hovering and hits the ground between Kim and Nega-Ron with powerful shockwaves that knock everyone off their feet, except for Ron Stoppable. He has his full aura around him and starts to hover again as it went dark with a rapid swirling of red that seemed like a thousand monkeys all chattering and circling everyone at unbelievable speed.

Nega-Ron looks at Ron in surprise before Ron says, "Nega-Dude, you ain't laying a hand on KP!" He has a low growl build from his chest as he closes his eyes before opening them as he lets out a fierce roar and a light starts to form in the blackness, with the blurred monkeys becoming more defined. Nega-Ron charges forward and the two meet in the middle, with Nega-Ron being thrown back even as the shockwaves knock everyone back off their feet.

Yori springs back to her feet a mere half-second behind Kim and Nega-Kim with Sensei's eyebrows raising up high enough for people to see his terrified brown eyes for the first time in many, many years by anyone.

"No... this is not good!" Sensei exclaims with Yori turning to him, "What is it Sensei?" She asks before Ron manages to leap at Nega-Ron and for the moment, has him pinned down.

Sensei shakes his head, "I did not think he could become a Master, especially a Master through evil but..." He sighs as his eyebrows fall back to their normal place. "But what Sensei?" asks Yori with dread and a growing pit in he stomach.

Sensei looks away, "If both are equal Masters, then... the only way for this to end will be in tragedy."

Yori widens her eyes as she comes to understand his words and looks at the two Rons even as Nega-Kim attacks Kim to keep her from helping Ron while Nega-Ron flips Ron onto his back hard.

Yori thinks about Ron versus Nega-Ron and while she had faith that Ron would win, she was also going pale at the thought of her Sensei's prediction. She knew that she could not help Ron directly without becoming a hinderance but that didn't mean that she had to just stand around doing nothing.

Good Shego jumps forward to help Kim against Nega-Kim, but Yori saw Nega-Kim's wicked smile and subtle motion to counter her so Yori dashes forward and tackles Good Shego just in time for Nega-Kim's version of the laser lipstick fires a lethal beam to miss her and only graze Yori just enough to cut her clothing but not the skin.

"Thanks Yori" is all Good Shego can say before she grabs Yori and does a move where she flips Yori over her head to avoid a second beam from Nega-Kim before Kim smashes it with her knee, rendering it useless.

Yori gets an idea so she turns to Good Shego, "I have an idea but I need your assistance. I believe it might possibly turn the tide."

Good Shego glances at Kim and Ron as they fight their counterparts and then nods at her, "Yes, let's get started."

Yori nods says, "Follow me please" before she starts to run off with her goal in mind and Good Shego following her at a quick pace.

AN: Well everyone I hope you enjoyed this chapter. What do you think of the battle with Ron and Nega-Ron so far? Will Sensei's prediction come true? Can anything Yori or Good Shego do to turn the tide? Can a fight between two Kim's be lethal as well? Do you think a KP/IGPX crossover story would be any good, especially with Rufus a pilot? Lol! As always, any ideas, suggestions, friendly and non-mutant from lake wannaweeep squirrels are always welcome.