AN I most certainly did NOT want to make this a long awaited sequel or anything, mainly because I'm kind of curious as to how it's all going to end as well. I figured I'd start it a bit light just to get it going.What do you think of Payton's attitude change? Do you think it goes along with her fear of Greg's relationship with Sara or is it a bit sudden? As long as it makes sense to you the reader then I'm all good.

Oh and if you have stumbled onto this story and you haven't read 'Does She or Doesn't She' then you might want to do that or this isn't going to make much sense. Thanks muchly. Dream0)

Okay So Now What?
©2005 Dream

"I need you two to go undercover for me." Catherine said to Greg and Sara walking into the break room one day.

"Did you take a wrong turn somewhere? This isn't PD." Sara looked up at her dubiously.

"I have a bartender that's eluding me and I have no evidence to get me a warrant for his DNA." Catherine explained.

Greg leaned back in his chair and raised an eyebrow at Catherine, "And we're supposed to help you with that how?"

She sighed, "He knows me, every time I come within ten feet of him anything with his DNA disappears. I need someone to 'happen' to be around when he has a smoke, a drink, whatever I don't care, just get me DNA."

"Okay, so why do you need both of us?" Sara asked.

"Warrick and Nick are just finishing a double so I can't ask them and putting Grissom undercover in a bar should only be done for humor sake." Catherine grinned, "Someone coming into a bar alone screams suspicious, if you two go in together you'll blend better. Come on guys, I know you've got a lull. What do ya say?"

Greg looked over at Sara, who wouldn't make eye contact with him so he shrugged, "I'm in the dog house at home I'll take any excuse to keep me away longer. I'll do it."

"Great!" Catherine eyed Sara, "What about you?"

Sara inhaled then nodded, "Yeah sure, why not."

"Perfect, I've already taken the liberty of hanging a change of clothes on your lockers. Meet me in my office in half an hour."

"Change of clothes?" Sara got up slowly.

"It's a relatively medium end place so you um…" Catherine cleared her throat, "can't go in that."

"What's wrong with this?" Sara looked down at herself.

"It's good for the office, you need a skirt at the very least to get into this place, heels too"

"Oh no I did not sign on for skirts much less heels, hell no!"

Greg sidled up next to Catherine and smiled at her, "What did you get for me?"

"Diesel jeans, a nice button down and a black leather jacket Bezich left at my place." Catherine smiled, "You can keep it too."

Greg clapped his hands together, "Score! I'm so in, see you both in half an hour I need to shower." He ran down the hall to the locker room laughing, "Hey I'm a poet and I don't know it!"

"Catherine I'm not…"

"Save it I'm helping you out here so just put the outfit on, pull your hair up and go with it." Her smile held a twinkle in it that scared Sara.

"Helping me out? I thought I was…" Sara caught on and blushed, "Whoa, I don't need any help, that is a dead issue and…" She realized what she'd just said, "I can't even believe I'm admitting to it."

"I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about," Catherine grinned, "Now hurry up."

Sara was left standing in the hallway somewhat stunned. Was she helping Catherine or was Catherine helping her and when did she ask for help? This was confusing so she shrugged and went with it, basically because in the back of her mind sat a little sliver of hope.

Greg in the meantime had taken the fastest shower of his life and was standing in front of his locker mirror, pants on shirt unbuttoned with the leather jacket hanging on the door. He was trying to do something with his hair, but it wasn't really listening to him. There was also a nagging voice in the back of his mind telling him that this night could complicate his life even more. Nagging voices were made to be ignored though, so he did just that.

Sara walked in and couldn't stop herself from gasping, "I, uh, am sorry just, uh came in to grab, uh…"

He tipped his head to the side and smirked at her, "Losing your grasp of the English language?"

"Something like that…" She gulped, frustrated because she couldn't seem to control herself today. Plus, he was flirting with her; he hadn't flirted with her since…well in a long time. "Do you think you could pass me that outfit so I can go change?"

He looked behind him at the other garment bag he had moved in his bid to win the shower record, "Oh yeah, sure." He passed it to her.

"Thanks I'll see you in a bit." She quickly ducked out into the bathroom for some privacy.

He nodded and went back to fixing his hair when his phone rang. Absent mindedly he answered, "Yeah?"

"Greg? Weren't you off twenty minutes ago?" Payton's voice sounded a lot like the voice in his head he was trying to ignore.

"I was, but Catherine needed some help with her case so I'm going to be a bit longer."

"And when where you going to call and tell me this?" She asked very obviously irritated.

"I knew I wouldn't need to, you call like clockwork whenever I'm thirty seconds late." He said somewhat bitterly.

"Baby, you know why I do that." Her voice took on a different tone but for some reason it still grated on him.

"Yeah," He sighed, "Cause you don't trust me."

"No, I just miss you and don't want you to work so hard."

"Right, listen I have to go I'll be home as soon as I can."

"Okay, I love you."

"You too." He hung up the phone before she could speak again.

A whistle made him whip around, "Hey Nicky, I don't think I've ever seen Sanders look so stylin'." Warrick sauntered into the locker room.

"Couldn't agree with you more and I'm assuming the missus won't be joining you." Nick laughed.

Greg threw his comb at him, "She's not my missus."

"You were just talking to her though right?" Nick caught the comb and twirled it between his fingers.

"Yeah, so?"

"Well you always get this sunny demeanor after you talk to her, isn't young love beautiful Warrick?"

"I'm getting warm fuzzies at the memory. Why don't you just drop her?" He asked catching the comb Nick threw at him and tossing it back to Greg.

Who caught it and sighed, "It's complicated."

"How complicated?" Nick asked just as Sara exited the bathroom.

The comb clattered to the floor.

Warrick whistled, "You dress up real nice Sara." He took her hand and spun her around.

She laughed, "Thank you. I feel naked in this though."

"Oh, you are better than naked." Nick grinned, he looked over at Greg again and put the two together, "Catherine conned you into getting her DNA sample huh?"

Sara nodded trying to avoid Greg's gaze because she could feel it boring into her, "I agreed before I realized a dress was involved."

"Well, you look good." Warrick kissed her cheek, "Come on Nicky, you owe me breakfast big boy."

Nick squeezed Sara's hand as he walked by and protested, "Oh you are not pulling that with me again. I definitely bought last time."

The locker room got eerily quiet for a moment before Sara couldn't take it she had to look at him, "So?" She asked.

He swallowed and tried to remember how to blink. That nagging voice was shut into a room where he couldn't hear it, "You look stunning."

She blushed and smiled at him shyly, which wasn't at all normal for her, "You, umm…" She cleared her throat, "…ready to go?"

Forcing his body to move he nodded and grabbed the jacket while shutting the door, "Uh yeah. Lead the way."

The comb sat on the floor, forgotten.