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Greg and Sara managed to keep their budding relationship quite discreet over the next couple of months. It wasn't that the team didn't know they were together, it's just they knew not to say anything at work. Ecklie had told her to stay away from Greg after all.

They didn't manage to avoid ALL comments though.

"Hey, you paged me?" Greg stepped into the trace lab and hung by the door.

"You seem to be working overtime these days Greg." Hodges commented.

"Yeah well it comes with being in the field I guess." Greg shrugged.

"I wasn't talking about the field. I meant this project you seem to have trying to get Sara Sidle."

"I'm sorry 'trying to get'? What the hell are you talking about?"

Sara wanted to know too, she'd just heard her name as she was rounding the corner and stopped to hear how this conversation would play out.

"Well as long as I've been here you've been after her, but lately it's been relentless."

"Do you actually work Hodges or do you just make up weird theories about people?"

Hodges kept going, like he always did, "She's out of your league Greg."

He could brag and Sara knew it, she waited to hear what he said.

Greg smiled, "If you paged me to talk about your weird ass theories about my 'league' I'm leaving." He couldn't have said a better answer if she had given it to him.

"I'm just saying you have no hope…" Hodges stopped when he spotted Sara coming into the office.

Greg had turned to leave and was surprised to see her there, "Don't even try to talk to him." He mumbled, "He's in one of his moods."

She just smiled at him and put her hands on his waist, "One sec…Hodges?" She kept a hand in Greg's as she stepped in front of him, "I have a question."

"I might have an answer, but I can't promise anything." He looked down at Sara's hand and tried to act nonchalant.

"What street was that Chinese restaurant on, the one that you were telling me about? I think it was called the Green Dragon."

"Baker, why?"

Sara just smiled and turned around. Putting the arm that still held her hand around her back she put her other hand on Greg's chest and winked at him, "Take me there after shift?"

He shook his head at her and grinned, "Yeah, sure."

She ran her hand down his arm as she left the room with a wave, "Great, can't wait. Bye Hodges."

Greg felt like he was standing a foot taller. He laughed at the expression on Hodge's face, "So, now that we've proven you know shit about my 'league' you wanna actually talk to me about the trace I gave you?"

In the parking lot after shift Greg and Sara were talking about which vehicle they were going to take to the restaurant. "Are you two seriously going out to dinner?" Hodges asked as he passed them on his way to his car.

"What's so hard to believe?" Sara asked.

"It's just you're so…and he's just…"

"That was beautiful," Greg said with a laugh and looked over at Sara, "I'm touched aren't you?"

"Oh I'm touched, speaking of touching." She leaned over and kissed him deeply, "I'll bring my car home you pick me up there. You drive." She said against his mouth then slapped his butt and walked to her vehicle with a wink at Hodges.

"Not that you needed any, but you aren't getting any more proof." Greg grinned then got in his car to follow Sara home.

"You should have seen the look on his face after you left, it was absolutely priceless!" Greg was telling Sara the story over the aforementioned dinner.

She laughed, "If Ecklie had seen me I would be in a lot of trouble but it was too much fun to pass up."

"You know you didn't have to do that right?" He asked looking her right in the eye.

She smiled at him and reached across the table to take his hand, "You easily could have given him enough proof to set him straight and you didn't."

He blushed, "Yeah well, you know."

"Right, a gentleman never tells," She took a final sip of her drink and smiled at him, "So Mr. Gentleman…my place or yours?"