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1. look over here

It was unusually hot that day. Sanji rolled back his sleeves and once again brushed away the persistent sweat that kept beading on his forehead. Slaving over a hot stove, as the old adage went, was not exactly his ideal way to spend such an afternoon; no, lying in the sun between Nami and Robin--both of whom would be scantily clad, of course--with one cold drink and three straws seemed much more his speed. Better yet, forget the extra two straws (indirect kisses were not the best one could hope for, but they certainly were something).

But no: loutish oafs though they (mostly) were, his crew needed serving. He balanced all the plates on any relatively level surface he could find on his body and kicked open the galley door. The sun was relentless and glaring, but at least the ocean breeze kept it much cooler out here. The reaction to his appearance--or at least, the appearance of the food--was immediate, as the aforementioned loutish oafs ceased their activities (mostly nothing except lying around complaining about the heat and their hunger) and pounced.

"Hey, hey," Sanji snapped, fending them off with his leg. "Ladies first." He grinned at Robin and Nami, setting their plates before them (a double portion with an extra fancy garnish, of course). He paused briefly to revel in their thanks--this was the best part of his day, bar none--before serving the rest of the brutes.

"It's been a while since we've been on land," Sanji brought up over the usual noise of a meal on the Going Merry Go. "We're starting to run low on a lot of important stuff."

"Is there no emergency food supply?" Robin asked.

Chopper froze.

"What about fishing?" she added, before Sanji could reply, causing the reindeer to relax again somewhat.

"That would be helpful if these shitty losers would ever actually catch anything," Sanji pointed out with contempt.

The two most prominent shitty losers in question, Luffy and Usopp, were far too busy stuffing their faces even to notice they were being insulted.

"Stop taking my food!" Usopp shouted, slapping Luffy's hand away.

"I'm not taking your food," Luffy said, grabbing three slices of meat from Usopp's plate and stuffing them in his mouth.

"If it's on my plate, it's my food!" Usopp pointed out. This whole conversation seemed oddly familiar.

Sanji rolled his eyes. It was then that he noticed there was a vacant chair at the table--the chair that needed to be filled more than any other chair at the table, in fact. Quickly, Sanji scanned the rest of the ship, but it didn't take him long to find what he was looking for--"Miss Nami?" he called out.

She was leaning against the bow, staring towards the horizon. "Look over here," she said, pointing. "Look at those gathering clouds. There's a storm coming."