Author's Notes/Disclaimer: Hello :D This is my first Yu Gi Oh story as you can all see. I hope I don't butcher them too much. I haven't seen much of the anime at all (just like the first few episodes, and a majority of the movie xD;) so why NOT make it an AU? But I do have a basic idea of who's who and the fact that I KNOW I like Puppyshipping! Anyway, like I said, I hope I don't butcher them too badly. And I know I'm supposed to be working on my other stories, but alas – writer's block has struck again! And plus I've been itching to write this down. Anyway, I don't own Yu Gi Oh. If I did, it would be a lot less confusing and more Puppyshipping. :3 And yes. I know I gave it a lame ass and corny title. XD;

A Boy And His Dog

By LilyChan

Chapter One

Modern Fairy?

It was just an ordinary summer's day at the Kaiba mansion. Seto was in his office (with his beige business suit still on, of course) in the lonely mansion, buried in his work while Mokuba played with his Golden Retriever in the park. Ah yes, that Golden Retriever his younger sibling wanted so badly when he was a few years or so younger. That dog would make Seto so angry that he'd want to just throw the damn thing out. It would always bark at nothing, and it would bring in unwanted guests such as bugs and ticks and mud. But he didn't. Mokuba loved that Golden Retriever, and not wanting to make his brother depressed, he didn't throw the mutt out. But yet...he had a fondness for the shaggy creature. Whenever his brother was at a friend's house, the dog would often go to Seto's room to lie next to him. Of course, not willing to admit it, he let the dog sleep with him – so he can soothe a bit of the loneliness he had. Seto didn't really care for naming the dog anything but "mutt" or "puppy" even though the dog was a few years old and he was a pure bred (he made sure), but his brother called the dog Katsuya. He wasn't sure why, and he probably could honestly care less, but the name seemed to suit him.

The brunet sighed as he leaned back in his chair and put his hands through his hair in frustration and a bit of drowsiness. He had worked from dawn, to dusk and beyond. It was a pity that he hired such mediocre workers. Good help, by Seto's standards, were extremely hard to find. He then started to rub his temples and sighed. If only some magical fairy came in and magically did all this work for him. ... Not that he believed in fairy tales, mind you. He glanced at his work again, double checking it before he faxed it. It was then he heard the door knock frantically. Seto sighed again, a bit more frustrated and exasperated, and walked to the door – that RUDELY interrupted him! The door was finely carved, and of course made from the finest wood, and the door knob looked so golden-like, it might as well be gold.

Thinking it was one of his workers, probably asking for the night off, he closed his eyes in anger and yelled "You're NOT leaving until every speck of dust is gone!"

However, his assumptions were wrong ... Not in Seto's world of course. He looked down, for the boy hadn't started his growth spurt yet, to see the raven messy black hair turning down. He saw that his hands were holding something but he wasn't quite sure what it was. He heard quiet and suppressed sobs as he bent down to look at the boy's eyes. And alas, it was filled with tears and it streaked down his pale face. "Mokuba, what's wrong?" using that caring voice only for his brother. Apparently he didn't notice the broken collar (which was diamond studded) and a leash attached to it. The boy brought his arms to Seto's eyesight and started to sob a little harder. He had a little trouble speaking, but Seto got the general idea.

"K-Katsuya r-ran away..." he said as he sobbed harder.

Seto sighed. He knew that the dog wouldn't want to be cooped up in the big mansion. But he also knew how much the damn mutt meant to his brother. Trying to be comforting, he wrapped his long arms around the smaller boy and pulled him close. Of course, he had a mental party. He was glad that the dumb mutt wasn't there! No more walking him out at night! Not having to pay extra whenever they had to leave for a trip! No more grooming! He was scared shitless of the grooming lady as it was. And he knew he wasn't the only one. ... Will he ever admit such a thing though? The only reason why he kept her around was to groom Mokuba's precious dog. But now that he's gone, he could fire that lady so fast, it'll make her head spin! However, his inner victory parade was rained on when Mokuba said that, this time, he would do everything he can to find his dog. Seto sighed again for the fourth time. Damn. He was so close to getting rid of the dog. SO close! However, his brother was his only source of happiness for the moment and if Mokuba wasn't happy, no one was.

So he basically had no choice but to find the mutt. Damn it all.


The golden retriever wasn't sure why, but he had to bite through his diamond studded collar. Thankfully, his owner bought a cheap and poor excuse for a collar band, so chewing through it was no chore. Of course, the running part was. He knew Mokuba was a fast runner. But of course, Katsuya, being very competitive, tried to run faster then him – for being the playful creature he is. Part of him didn't want to leave the young boy. Katsuya grew to love him, and unfortunately Seto, from the moment they adopted him from his family. Of course his mother was sad to see him go, but she knew that the humans didn't want to keep all of the puppies anyway – and to make a quick buck. Katsuya will probably never understand the relevance in money.

Katsuya saw his chance when Mokuba had turned to get some ice cream, and started to chew through his collar. It didn't even take a couple minutes, the band was so cheap. As it fell to the ground, he wagged his furry golden tail and ran off, towards the street. His sensitive, yet droopy ears, heard a whistle. Maybe it was one of those damn dog whistles kidnappers tend to use to get to Mokuba. Thing is, he would know if it was a kidnapper. They were usually fat and ugly and they had a lanky skinny guy. Of course, they were probably the stupidest of the bunch as they usually were in those cartoons Mokuba watched in his room with Katsuya trying to take a nap. But this strange noise, he didn't know what it was that made him go to the source. It wasn't any different, yet somehow it was.

Of course he wasn't almost out of the park until he heard Mokuba yell his name. Somewhere in the back of his mind, there was a voice saying that he should go back and ignore the sound. But the damn sound was practically calling him! And as he got closer, there seemed to be an aroma of some sort. He stopped for a bit, and stuck his nose in the air. He took a few deep sniffs before he lowered his head to sniff the grass for the smell. Of course, it was silly to do such a thing, but it was in the dog's instincts. He wagged his tail, letting himself (and the world) know that he had found it again. He panted, due to the heat, and started to run towards it again.

Apparently, this was some mystical part of the park, because he didn't remember any of these weirdly shaped trees. He remembered Mokuba watching some anime about a girl, and her stupid parents, getting themselves into trouble as they were trying to find their new home. He hoped it wasn't that situation. Although he wouldn't mind seeing Seto turn into a pig, even though he unconditionally loved him. If dogs could laughed, Katsuya would've, but of course. Dogs don't, so he just inwardly laughed at the mere thought.

It felt forever, and his paws were extremely sore from all the walking he had done. Whatever this wonderful smell, and annoying sound, it had BETTER be good. Thankfully his questions were answered when he saw a girl, with a long sleeved shirt (that had red and green on the sleeves, or gray and dark gray in doggie vision), with jeans, and Converse shoes. Her hair was wavy and brown, but dark gray (not as dark as her sleeves though) and she was sitting on a bench. Her arm was stretched over like she was waiting for someone to next to her. Her legs were crossed, her other hand was on her lap, and her head was in the opposite direction. Her eyes were slightly closed, they looked bored. And in between her light pink (or extremely light gray) was the source of the sound. Katsuya walked slowly, not wanting to scare her or even provoke her.

However, she turned over to his direction and he froze. She, apparently, took out the dog whistle using her rested arm and placed it on her lap. She smiled and motioned the dog to come to her. Katsuya walked to her, more slow then what pace he was walking. She opened her mouth to speak and it shocked him that she had a high pitched voice.

"Come here, Katsuya." she said, apparently trying too hard to act mysterious. Getting the vibe that she was (thankfully) harmless, his pace started to quicken. She smiled wider and greeted the dog with open arms. Before he was about 5 meters or so from the bench, she practically tackled him into a hug. Perhaps this was a glomp?

"How cute, a golden retriever!" she said as she started to pet the dog. The dog was bewildered. Wait, what happened to the quiet girl? Surely she didn't look a day older then 14 or 13 – about Mokuba's age. He noticed how other girls acted that were his age. Maybe this girl was that of another species – but closely related to human.

He wagged his tail since he liked being patted, and was glad that the girl didn't try to hit him or harm him in any fashion. Soon the girl let go of him and bent one knee and she was about a few inches away from the tip of his whiskers (which tickled a little bit) and started to talk to him again, but this time it's in a whisper.

"Don't tell anybody but..." as she glanced on either side then look back into the dog's brown confused eyes. "I'm a fairy." she said with a cheeky grin. Well. That explained the previous theory. But then he started to wonder, why was she telling him?

"The reason why I'm telling you is because well. I wanted to get a dog of my own!" she said, as if she read his thoughts.

Wait, this fairy thing was NOT reading his thoughts! ...Right? The fairies he saw on the television were beautiful, and hand a wand. Of course this girl wasn't that pretty. She had a cute face, but nothing to be too thrilled about. She looked pretty average even though her face was extremely clean. He kept wagging his tail, as if he understood the girl.

"Hehe, yes I CAN read your thoughts, silly." she laughed, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. The dog blinked.

"Well, of course I'm going to save your dignity." she huffed, obviously disappointed. Katsuya whined.

"Nah, don't be sorry!" as she patted the dog's head. The girl continued with her explanation.

"Anyway, my parents said if I did blow this," referring to the dog whistle, "a dog of mine would find his way here! And then you showed up!" as she stood up and pointed at him.

Katsuya stopped at this. No way! He could NEVER leave his owners! Even though Seto would constantly call him "mutt" and "puppy" (which he heavily resented), and even if Mokuba constantly tried to mate him with almost every female dog he came in contact with. Katsuya wasn't picky. The female dogs just weren't appealing. Plus they didn't like the fact that Katsuya's owner didn't sign him up for any dog competition – which Katsuya would win EASILY. And even though Seto was arrogant to everyone (except Mokuba), Katsuya did had his moments with the brunet. Katsuya started to whimper at the thought of leaving his comfy home. Well, he wouldn't call it comfy, but its better then being in the streets.

The girl had turned, humming a tune and dancing in a very odd fashion, but when she heard the dog whimper, she stopped.

"Aw man! I KNEW it wouldn't work! Stupid Dad." as she sat down and huffed. The dog perked up his droopy ears a bit.

"You don't want to leave your owners huh?" The dog stared at her, but she knew he said yes. She sighed again as she got up. She reached into her pocket and brought out a necklace, which look like something a surfer would wear.

"Good thing I stole it from my brother." she smiled as she got out some typical fairy dust and sprinkled it over it. The dog rolled his eyes.

"Here." she said as she put it on the retriever. The dog tilted his head in confusion.

"Don't you worry. Just wait here for a few days." she winked. "Oh yeah, the conditions." she chuckled, a bit too evilly in Katsuya's opinion. She started to rub her hands.

"One, don't tell your owners about me." The dog tilted his head to the other direction. "And two, when I go to Earth, I'm going to be your 'sister'." The dog titled his head to the previous direction.

"Oh, you'll find out soon." as she placed her hand over her mouth and started to laugh, like she was in one of those anime Mokuba watches. ... This was getting too creepy.


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