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A Boy and His Dog
By LilyChan

Chapter Eight
Loneliness Unwelcome

Seto slammed his briefcase on top of a table; he didn't care whether or not he smashed anything any more. If violence wasn't going to get through their thick heads, then perhaps it was time to go back to the old-fashioned method – monetary bribery.

The twerp jumped slightly at the surprise as he held the leash in his hand, dumbly. With one swift move, Seto Kaiba opened the briefcase and there laid 5 to 6 rows of mint money, facing the smaller of the two.

He narrowed his eyes as he spoke. "Here; $5,000 in unmarked bills. Now get your dog to leave me alone or I will put a restraining order on you and your gang."

Seto didn't understand why he didn't think of it sooner! A restraining order would surely make the gang leave him alone. Sure there were some circumstances where they couldn't stay away, but outside of class, they came to him on their own accord.

There was a bit of silence between the two before he heard something crash. He looked to the right (as did the midget except left) and saw the blond that he had promptly defeated earlier with the angriest glare the blond could muster. He didn't hesitate in attacking the brunet, with a fist meeting his jaw.

Seto stepped back in shock and the amount of pain he felt. Though, of course, no one was going to get away with hitting Seto Kaiba – and lived to tell the tale. Even though his better judgment told him not to fight in the small shop, his ego was injured. And it needed to be avenged, as cheesy as it sounded. So Seto did the only thing that fueled the level of testosterone in the room.

He punched the blond back.

It wasn't the smartest thing to do, since all he did was get back up and attacked him again. The two exchanged punches, just like they've done for almost a week. Yuugi tried to hold back his friend however, but the boy was full of rage to care who or what was holding him back. He pushed the boy back and he let out a loud yelp. The others ran to the fallen midget's side, wondering what in the world was going on. The brunet with the Mohawk had jumped in to fight the other but Seto could take them both easily. He merely pushed the boy out of the way and the others swarmed to him. Of course he didn't leave him unscathed. He had a black eye and a bloody nose, but his adrenaline still pumped through him thus he struggled in everyone else's grasp.

Seto could really care less however on what he said when he pointed at the struggling teen. However, the boy's friends yelled at him and tried to stop him from fighting. They even had to have the black haired boy to hold Seto back. Seto wanted so much to keep beating the shit out of him, his adrenaline pumping in his body still, thus he struggled out of his captor's grasp.

"Let go, Otogi!" he snarled, struggling to fight the blond further, ignoring the pain that he felt now. This was a very strange feeling he had, although he was no stranger to the adrenaline rush. In all actuality, he felt strangely happy. He was happy that he was fighting. Yeah it wouldn't look on his reputation, but it felt good. It could've been because he was tired. It could've been he could take his frustrations out on this nitwit.

Sure, it was fun to shoot down the smaller boy's advances – but he never had seen him riled up like this boy. It was strange. It was interesting. The feeling in the pit of his stomach just made him struggle harder. He could tell, behind those passionate brown eyes, the boy might've felt the same.

Or that's what his loneliness told him.

That voice that haunted him since Gozaburo adopted the two siblings kept voicing over and over in his head. He had to ignore then, he had to ignore it now. He had to struggle and satisfy this feeling that had developed. However, he still felt the fury of wanting to beat the blond down even when the old man voiced his opinion.

"Calm down there, Mr. Kaiba," the old man's voice echoed as he stepped in between the two angry teens. The blond looked as though he calmed down a little bit. Seto wasn't going to let his guard down, even if this old man told him to. However he stopped struggling. He breathed through his nose heavily, letting them know that he still had the energy to take on anyone. Otogi still held on to the brunet in case he would attack anyone else.

The old man was a bit taller then his grandson although he still had the same wide eyes. His hair also pointed everywhere but it was grey as any older person's would be. He wore a handkerchief on top of his head, although not only he couldn't make out the designs, but he really didn't care. The man wore overalls and they were somewhat dirty. Seto merely glared at the old man heavily, quite knowing who he is related to.

"Now, what's going on here," he inquired as he looked at the messed up teenagers, "making quite a ruckus in here?" Seto once again flared up his nostrils, not really wanting to tell the old man what happened. He looked away as the others blamed Seto for all the trouble. Pathetic fools. If they didn't like him, they shouldn't have been bent on becoming friends with him.

He managed to shrug Otogi off and grabbed his suitcase. The bruised blond glared at him as the brunette broad talked and talked. Seto merely glared at him back. It seemed that they had shared something mentally when in fact they just glared at each other.

The tall brunet heard the teenagers laugh at some inside joke and ignored the pained feeling in his gut. The pain he thought he ignored was probably getting to him then.

"Hey! Seto! Where are you going?" asked the tri-colored hair boy. Seto snorted.

"None of your business. Just keep your mangy mutt away from me. I left the leash for your convenience."

And with that he left.

He did hear cursing behind him but he didn't care anymore. He had a brother to get home to. The nervous chauffeur opened the door hastily.

"Mr. K-Kaiba," he acknowledged nervously, somewhat even more frightened since his boss didn't say a word. But he knew better then to question his intentions. He closed the door and headed towards the driver's seat.

He adjusted his mirrors and glanced back at the angry teen who glared at anything that moved outside. He also adjusted his hat.

"Mr. Kaiba? Are you okay? I can contact the physician to take care of your wounds."

This only made him angrier.

"Utter another word and I'll make sure you'll see another job in this town again," he seethed, trying his hardest to control his temper. The chauffeur nervously nodded and continued his duty.

Seto crossed his arms and stared out the windows. How could they laugh after he had just beaten that dog in a test of brute strength? How could they easily joke around when those were the same people who were trying to either sneak inside or gain entry into his luscious mansion – just to see how Mokuba is?

Then again, it was canine-like boy's fault that he attacked him. It was another harmless prank, plus it was bribery. He was only trying to do him a favor, judging from his clothes and smell. He let out a sigh as the blood slowly pumped out into the free world from his bloody nose. His eye stung with pain.

Though, he felt like he deserved it. Maybe he wouldn't ever be able to rid himself of those twerps. Those annoying people who were incessant on becoming his friend. Bah, they only wanted to be his friend only to spend more time with Mokuba and fill his head with unwanted things.

He certainly didn't want his brother to hang around with any of the psychotic white-haired boys, Bakura to be specific, nor the one with the brown Mohawk. That boy was probably of only capable of causing him death – for encouraging not using a helmet! And don't even get him started on Otogi. Who knows what he'll do to the poor boy?

As much as he hated to admit it, he trusted the midget and the other white haired boy, Ryou, was it? Of course, Yuugi was persistent that everyone could get along. Yeah, they could in some children's programs. But this is real life. And in real life not everyone gets along with each other, and like it. The broad would probably fill his head with such thoughts as well, and she might set the boy up with the daughter of a business tycoon that could be using Mokuba's emotions and trying to gain Kaiba Corps.

Seto wasn't paranoid, by the way. He just was very precautious of whom his dear brother hung out with. Of course he did a thorough background check of his friends, their parents, and the businesses they worked for.

He smiled cynically to himself. His brother gets to have a wonderful life while he's stuck with the hard work. But that's okay. He doesn't mind. The only pleasure he got was the fact that his brother won't have to worry for his future, especially his financial future.

Mokuba will always be his raison d'être.

His reason to live; reason to be.

Though, he was a bit eager on seeing the blond boy again. His smile grew more cynical.


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