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They were running again, the tree's flying past them. Sakura knew they were getting closer and was hoping that Gaara had no idea where she was taking him. They ran for about ten more minutes than you could hear the signs of where they were going. A child's uninhibited laugh rang through the trees and the sound of running feet on pavement rang out. The final tree came up fast and yet again Sakura stopped suddenly; fortunately this time Gaara was ready for it and stopped beside her. They were looking at one of the many small villages hidden in the forests of Konoha.

"Welcome to Hayashi Tokai!" Sakura explained in joy, "This is one of my favorite places." She jumped down from the tree to land on the pavement below. The children they had heard laughing and running earlier stopped and turned to her. The smallest, a boy with shaggy black hair and bright blue eyes, ran over to her.

"You're back!" he exclaimed, "We missed you Sakura-san!" Sakura crouched down and gave him a hug.

"What are you doing outside of the village walls Tsuki? You know what happened last time…" The warning in her tone made the boy take a step back.

"We were just going back inside. Weren't we guys?" The group of young boys in the background nodded simultaneously. She gave the boy a gentle push in the direction of the city walls.

"Get going you rascals. I'm comin' to see you and your family later though Tsuki so you better be there!"

As the boys ran off Gaara jumped down to the pavement. "What happed last time?" he asked.

Sakura's eyes never left the running boys but the look in them changed. Something haunted was there.

"The boys were out playing just like they were now, but then they didn't have what little training they have now. A group of rouge ninja's were spying on the village, planning on raiding it, and the boys stumbled across them by accident. They were holding them hostage and trying to beat information out of them about the village and Konoha. They all were brave enough to keep their mouth shut but it was only a matter of time before parents started getting worried. When 8 boys go missing people tend to do that… Anyhow, I had been here at the time, buying some supplies I can only find here, and one of the parents asked me to help with the search party. Well 3 others and I found them. The boys were horribly bruised and several had broken bones. The rouge's attacked us the moment they spotted us. It was then that I realized I was the only one trained enough to fight anybody. I got the others adults out of harm then turned my attention to the rogue nin's. There were five of them and all were jonin at lease. I don't remember much of the fight but the boys and the 3 village people all said i killed them all. I don't know how though… I never intended to kill anyone… It wasn't my fault…" Her thoughts were trailing off, her mind wandering to the same place it had been all those months ago. What had happened that day? And why couldn't she remember any of it?!

A hand waved in front of her face. "Anyone in there?" Her eyes snapped to Garra's face. The smile returned to her face, covering the horror that was there just moments ago.

"Sorry! It was a while ago, the parents just haven't really approved of the children leaving city walls on their own anymore. She started walking to the gates, motioning for him to follow.


Gaara watched the girl walk in front of him, greeting every village person she knew (which happened to almost all of them). She still looked happy as hell but he knew there was something wrong under that. The one person he had shown his feelings to and it seemed as if she hid hers more often than he did. They finally reached a small home near the other side of town. It was a one story home with a white picket fence and looked like 2.5 children should be living there with their happily married parents. But as he watched an older couple walked out. The man helped the woman down the stairs never once looking at any one place in particular. Both their eyes seemed unfocused. It took him a second to realize that they were both blind.

"Good afternoon!" the woman greeted, "It's been a long time since you've been here! We were expecting you." Gaara glanced at the woman like she was crazy. Her milky blue eyes turned to him.
"No sir, I am not crazy. Just another blind old woman." One of his nonexistent eyebrows raised.

"Gaara this is Getsuei and Taiyou-sama. They are the seer's." Sakura's introduction was followed closely by the old man saying, "There is no need for formalities as usual Sakura-chan. You may drop the san and just call us Getsuei and Taiyou, Gaara-kun."

"And how is old Shukaku doing these days? Still causing trouble I presume…" The old woman trailed off.

Gaara was seriously beginning to not like this couple and Sakura could tell. She placed a hand over his shoulder. "It takes a little getting used to but give it time. You may learn a few things." She opened the gate and walked in, dragging him with her now. Getsuei and Taiyou waited for them at the end of the steps and didn't seem to notice when Sakura gave a slight bow before them.

"Come inside you two! We just made some tea. Getsuei was planning on your arrival a bit earlier but you seemed to make it just a bit later than predicted." The man had a low, compelling voice that made you just want to relax and enjoy life around you. He turned his milky eyes to Gaara. "And don't worry about the floor board. It will be fine." Gaara, officially confused out of his mind offered his hand to help the woman up the stairs again. Somehow he knew she would know it was out there. As he expected she reached out and grabbed in hand with a surprisingly strong grip.

"Thank you. I do believe it's time to go inside anyways. The rain will be coming soon." They all walked into the house, Getsuei letting go of Gaara's hand as soon as she was up the stairs. It was a smallish house with a small foyer where everyone took off their shoes. Gaara was not 5 steps away from his shoes, following Sakura's retreating form when his foot went right through the floorboards.

"What the-?!" He extracted his foot from the gaping hole than went to apologize to the couple, but the knowing smile on Taiyou's face stopped him short. Sakura smiled and waved him foreward, holding out her hand. Gaara raised an eyebrow at her still outstretched hand.

"For my sake then?" Sakura asked, reading the look on his face. He frowned but grabber her hand.


'Oh get over it!' he yelled at Shukaku, 'Not like anything I've been doing for the past couple of days is normal for me. Might as well make this just another unusual occurrence.' Gaara and Sakura followed the couple into the main room. It was incredibly plain except for an ornate table in the center of the room, a midnight blue teapot sitting in the center with 4 cups in a circle around it.

They all took their places at the table, getting comfortable before anyone spoke again. Getsuei was pouring the tea while Sakura piped up.

"How have you guys been? I haven't been in here in so long… "

"Since the incident in the forest," Getsuei stated bluntly. For a moment Gaara saw the haunted look in Sakura's eyes again but it was covered again just as fast as it came. "But that was the past ans this is now. Drink your tea." Sakura nodded and smiled even though, to Gaara, it was wasted on the blind.

It was then that Taiyou turned to him and yet again gave that eerie, knowing smile. "What?" Gaara questioned. Taiyou just shook his head. "So how is Suna these days? We haven't lived there in almost 50 years." The thought clicked in his head then.

"I have seen you before…" The indifference in his voice seemed to get worse as he spoke. "You were the ones that everyone in the city drove out shortly before I attacked Sunagakure." It was almost as if Shukaku's voice had flown right out of his mouth, "I watched as you tow left all those years ago. Now, If only they had listened to you, eh?"

Sakura's eyes were the size of saucers when he looked over. "D-did Shukaku just speak through you?" He nodded his head. It happens sometimes when I get déjà vu. His memories surface, giving him brief control over my mouth… it has gotten me into a few fights when I was little. I am sorry if he offended you Taiyou and Getsuei-sama."

"Nonsense. We've heard worse. Besides, all he did was state the truth. Had they listened to us all those years ago you may not have had that beast in you." Getsuei's voice was harsh, as if she had smoked too much tobacco at some point in time, but something about it made you want to do what she said, a certainty that made you want to believe everything she said.

"When the world grows up we will be able to speak freely again as of old, but currently the people are too young and chaotic to understand and appreciate what we can offer. Sakura-chan is one of the few who takes us seriously still," Taiyou said, sipping at his tea. He made a grimace and reached for the sugar. "You can see the future woman, but you can't ever seem to remember that I hate bitter tea." Getsuei winked at Sakura, "And you can see the future man, but you can't ever seem to get that I will never ruin perfectly good tea with sugar."

Sakura chuckled at the spat and took a big gulp of her tea. Gaara avoided the substance, not quite trusting the old couple yet.

"You can test it if you want." He looked up at Sakura. "I didn't trust them when I first met them either. You can test the tea for impurities. It won't offend them." The couple continues with their little spat while Gaara used a tiny tendril of chakra to test the tea. It came out clean so he picked up the cup and took a sip. It was bitter but he wasn't going to complain.

"Damnit, Getsuei! If you…" Taiyou trailed off, staring into space again. "Gaara, plan on a very bad headache later today…" Then he went back to arguing with Getsuei.

'What is he talking about?'


'You lie.'


Sakura, now finished with her tea stood up. "I'm sorry Getsuei-sama, Taiyou-sama, but we must go. I actually am kinda shirking on my duties to do this so we need to go back." They both nodded.

"We know," they said simultaneously. Sakura smiled and walked over, giving each of them a brief hug.

"I will try to visit more often. I know you don't get many visitors." The older couple nodded.

"Tell Tsuki's family we said hi." Taiyou's voice was very soft for a second. He apparently had a soft spot for the boy. Gaara stood up and bowed slightly.

"I hope you can come visit Suna soon. I'm sure some there miss you very much."

"More than you think," Getsuei said, smiling.

"And we will see you there sooner than you think too." Taiyou was smiling too.

Then they left, Gaara using his chakra to fix the hole in the floor before they left.


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