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Chapter 1: The Reason is Her…

By: Ansa

Nightwing looked down from his perch high above the streets, his eyes fixed on the window of a nearby WAYNE ENTERPRISES research lab. Rumor had it that some two-faced criminal had planned on making a move on the place, not just one move, but two, the second in two months. He couldn't help but smile at this, even in their insanity, some people can't help but make things too easy for him. The time the hit was planned for…2:22am.

Taking a quick breath Nightwing got ready to whisper orders…but there was no one beside him, no one but himself to take them. Letting the air go quietly he laughed at himself and just how hard old habits tend to die. There had been no one to give orders to for years now, not even Starfire was left to take them even though the two still were together, being a hero was something he couldn't let go of…just like someone else he knew. Someone he swore he wouldn't become…someone who owned the laboratory that he watched so closely.

Just then, as he cursed himself for becoming the "mad bat," he saw a slight glimmer inside the dark room, perhaps that of a Gotham silver dollar. Without a second thought the dark hero jumped from his perch two buildings away and opened his arms, letting his gliding flaps catch the air and carry him silently down to the laboratory window, cutting through the night sky before crashing through the glass. As the moments passed Nightwing lost his vision as he rolled safely on the floor, kneeling up in a fighting stance as quickly as he could, not giving his enemy too much time to take advantage of his vulnerability.

"Right on time ugly, now are we…wha?" His eyes widened in surprise as he realized that the dark figure before him was not Two-Face, despite the Gotham dollar coin in his hand. The figure was alone, not Two-Face's style, not to mention the fact that the person grinning before him was much to thin, and short for that matter. "Ok pal, who are you?" Nightwing regained his composure and tightened his stance, glaring deep into his opponent's eyes that seemed so very familiar to him.

Without saying a word the silver dollar was tossed at him, making a b-line straight for the hero's forehead which proceeded to cringe and tighten just in case it did happen to hit him. But of course, it didn't, he was much too fast to let that happen. The black and blue blur swayed to the side before sprinting forward, his shoulder out hoping to make contact with the figure's stomach. Strangely, the figure seemed almost surprised at this and was not fast enough to react, his hand out palm up just before impact, almost…almost as if it were welcoming and waiting for a friendly shake. Nightwing shook this thought from his head, it was preposterous, not a single thug, villain, or monster he had ever met in these situations had ever wanted "a friendly handshake."

His shoulder hit the firm stomach of his opponent hard, knocking him back into a table which broke under his weight, sending all sorts of equipment crashing onto the floor. As he moved back, preparing for himself for, as he saw it, inevitable retaliation, he watched as the figure sat up, clutching his stomach in pain as well as rubbing his head which had broken the fall of a rather heavy monitor.

"Owwwwwww…hey dude, take it easy, one of us hasn't been training in a while!"

Nightwing blinked…confused, a small sweatdrop forming by his head. "E-excuse me?" The figure moved to stand, still holding his gut and fumbled around for the elusice light switch on the wall.

"Guess I'm lucky I didn't decide on the Joker huh? You probably wouldn't have waited to move again." Finally his fingers found the switch…or button rather, and pressed it, the fluorescent bulbs fluttering a bit before filling the room up with a sickeningly bright light.

Nightwing cringed, tossing his hand up to cover his stinging eyes, allowing them time to adjust before letting it back down again. Once again he gazed at the figure before him, and again he was surprised at who he saw. "B-Beast Boy?"

"The one and only."

Nightwing stood from his stance, while he was glad to see his old friend he was rather annoyed at the way he chose to get in contact with him. "I take it Two-Face isn't coming."

"Hehe Nope, you're friend the Bat got him yesterday…I was actually surprised you showed, I thought you would have heard by now."

"Yeah well…" The former leader of the Titans turned his head, trying not to show just how hard he was gritting his teeth. "He and I aren't on the best of terms right now…" Not exactly a lie, but not the complete truth either. It would be more accurate to say that right now, he would much rather move to metropolis than run into his old mentor.

"Oh, that's too bad."

"Not really…anyways, it's great to see you again, how did you find me?" Nightwing put on his best fake smile, perhaps overdoing it just a bit.

"It wasn't easy…we thought you were still in college…that is until I talked to Batgirl. She told me you were still in town and your 'territory.'"

Again, Nightwing cringed, where he had had enough of the Bat, his college sweety Barbra was still hanging around and, as it seems, still held a bit of a grudge over their break-up. "Ah…well, how are things? It's been how long?"

Beast Boy smiled, "Too long man." The two shook hands and nearly jumped out of their skin when they realized that the alarm had already gone off and that they were both in a broken-in laboratory with busted equipment.

"Uh-oh…I think it's best we move this somewhere else."

"Definitely…boy, does this bring back memories."

"So what are you doing looking me up out of the blue? I take it you're not trying to re-live the old days…start up hero work again." Nightwing sipped his can of soda as he watched the police cars fly by the little pizzeria in which they were sitting at that moment, his old friend obviously in civilian mode as he sank in the booth slightly.

"Hmm? Oh, no, I still have to go to college before I even think of returning to the old days. Even then," he smiled, "I don't think I will."

"Really? Why is that?" Nightwing set down the cold can in his palm to accept a small white envelope handed to him from across the table. It wasn't particularly fancy, standard white postal service envelope, the same with the paper inside. This normally wouldn't be an issue, if what was inside wasn't a wedding invitation. " 'You are cordially invited to help us celebrate the joining of Garfield Logan and Soma Roth in wedded bliss." Nightwing blinked, "Who's Garfield Logan?"

Beast Boy blushed and turned his head away, "That's…my real name." He hadn't used his name for what seemed like an eternity, other than the obvious reason of secret identity, he didn't really care for it in the first place either. When he looked back up he was a bit annoyed to see that his "friend" was quite obviously fighting back a laugh.

"R-really? He.he..ahem…I mean, that's great, congratulations. snicker So…who's the lucky lady…this…Soma Roth?" Nightwing tried desperately to keep himself under control, after all, it had been so long since they had seen each other and he didn't want to offend.

"Raven," Beast Boy said it quite bluntly, and in such a was as to suggest that he should have known this.

"Raven? You two are still together?" Nightwing nearly dropped the cheaply made invitation in his lap, quite surprised at this fact and not afraid to show it.

"Yeah…why do you seem so shocked?"

"Well to be honest, we were all surprised that you two got together in the first place."

"Gee…thanks." There was an awkward silence between them for a moment, just enough time for Nightwing to pull his boot out of his mouth and continue talking.

"B-besides, I didn't think she had a real name."

"She doesn't, but…she wanted one, she said that it would make her feel more normal and not just…well…what she was. So she took her mother's name and picked her first name." Beast Boy sipped his own soda, finally relaxing back into the cushion of the booth, checking his watch periodically and quite nervously.

"Oh…well that's good. I'm really happy for you two, count me in." Nightwing smiled, carefully placing the invitation back in its envelope and placing that in a hidden pocket in his uniform. "You got a pen? Let me give you my number…my civilian number that is." Beast Boy nodded and sifted through his jeans and pulled out a half empty pen he stole from work and slid it and a napkin across the table.

"What is your civilian name anyways? We never really told each other our identities." Nightwing looked up in the middle of writing and pondered over this for a few moments before coming to the conclusion he would have to give it to him anyways at some point.

"It's Dick…Dick Grayson."

Beast Boy smiled and held out his green hand warmly, "Nice to finally meet you…Dick." After saying this he held back a snicker, to which Nightwing returned a cold glare, pushing back the pen and napkin.

"I'm usually quite busy, but you can leave a message, I'm rather good at getting back to people. You got time to hang out for a bit? You know, reminisce and such?"

Beast Boy sadly shook his head, setting down a few bucks for the drinks and stood up, stretching out his back carefully with his still aching gut. "Love to but I can't I got work tomorrow, apparently we're getting bought out by some big shot company so I might need to start looking for a new job soon."

Dick nodded and stood as well, holding out his hand once again for a firm handshake. "Alright man, it was good seeing you, I guess I'll talk to you soon?"

Beast Boy smiled and pulled him into a full blown hug, "Definitely, Raven needs to talk to you about something anyways before the wedding."

"Ok, send her my best."

"I will." With that, the two reluctantly parted ways, Nightwing off to the nearest rooftop, and Beast Boy into the nearest cab. It was already roughly three o'clock and the moon above hung brightly in the sky. The cab pulled off onto the streets and rocked gently as it drove, letting its passenger relax and let out an accomplished sigh as he stared off into the night.

Robin was one of the last Titans on their list to be found and invited, now only one remained. Beast Boy closed his eyes slowly and let his mind wander, letting it go this way and that through all of the topics and scenarios he had run through it the past few days. The big day wasn't for a few months now, but still, there was so much that had to be done, so many things to worry over that he never really had a chance to let it sink in. A few months from now he was going to marry Raven. He would no longer have the freedom of being single, he would no longer have a moment to himself, he would no longer be able spend another moment without her in his thoughts, no plan, no decision could be made in his life without her being taken into consideration…and at this he smiled, because he wouldn't have it any other way.

Wow, a long time huh? I never really planned on a sequal seeing as how I don't do sequals too good, but I'm going to give this my damndest. A few things…for you hardcore comic Titan fans out there, yes I know that Dick Grayson was not the robin from the Titans, but he is in the cartoon and that's what I'm doing the fiction on. Also, if I don't update in a while it's because my comic book project is taking up most of my time…yes I have a comic book and no it's not done yet. Well, that's it, Later days all!