Date Began: July 2, 2005

Date Completed: July 3, 2005

Title: Just Like You

Rating: Teen (PG-13) may go up.

Warnings: AU, neko-fic, violence, rape, romance, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, mild language, character bastardizing

Pairings: Read and find out

Summary: When Ryuichi comes across an abused nekonin (half cat half human) he takes him in. But will this skittish feline be able to over come his past and learn to trust humans again? And who is this new nekonin that Hiro has seen lately? AU, neko-fic.

Disclaimer: I own no part of Gravitation.

A/N: The idea came to me when I saw neko pictures of the Gravitation characters X3. So kawaii! Oh, and Suguru and Tohma are NOT related in this story, hope that isn't a problem for you.


:-Chapter One-:

Ryuichi smiled happily, giggling as he jumped into each puddle as he went on his way. His pink bunny, Kumagoru, was dangling pointlessly at his side. Jumping into another puddle, he was greeted with a wave of rain water. The passersby all gave him strange looks. It was and uncommon sight to see a 31 year old man jumping in the puddles like his was five- and when it was still pouring no less. Ryuichi ignored all the reproachful looks given to him. He liked the rain; puddles were one of the many benefits the rain gave him.

He had gotten off of work early today. Their record was selling fast, and they were scheduled for a live appearance in two weeks. Until then, it was just simple work, like planning and such. And Ryuichi wasn't the best person for that work. So Tohma had let him leave early. Today had been better with K, no threats having to do with his brand new magnums. Today seemed to be getting better and better.

As Ryuichi passed by an alley, he heard slight whimpering. This stopped his puddle hopping as he cocked his head to the side, straining to hear the noise again. As if on cue, the whimpering came with a small yelp. Ryuichi back tracked and went t the alley's entrance and peeked in. It was rather dark, due to the overcast and no additional lighting. Ryuichi waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. His jaw dropped at the scene.

Curled in a small ball, blood surrounding him, was a nekonin, or a human-cat prototype. They had been originally made to be a clone of a cat, but the experiment went awry and they ended up with a humanoid-cat animal. It was the size of a cat though and had a life expectancy of no more than a month. With further testing and adjusting, nekonins were introduced. They looked like humans, but with some cat features- like claws, a tail, cat ears, and fangs. These experiments were to create a type of being that could be used during warfare, but that idea was soon defeated when they turned out to need the mental stability of a home and owner. So, these had become more as house pets. Very few could even read or think for themselves due to the way they were treated as inferiors. Ryuichi knew about the whole issue, after personally have been disposed to the things nekonins went through.

Ryuichi cautiously stepped into the alley. Most nekonins that were strays had the tendency to run or attack strangers. They had been released from 'breeding' facilities, where they designed the nekonins, or they had been disposed of by previous owners. Ryuichi approached slowly. The one on the ground whimpered louder and attempted to get up. As he failed, he curled up further, shielding his face from Ryuichi. Ryuichi slowly bent down to the teen. His was in nothing but a tattered pair of shorts. There were bruises evident on the pale skin and many cuts. Ryuichi gently touched the nekonin, but recoiled as it let out a yelp and began to shake.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to help," Ryuichi assured, smiling kindly down at the poor, frightened boy. The nekonin shivered, Ryuichi unsure if it was out of fear or cold. Ryuichi waited patiently, knowing that he needed to help the teen, and fast he perceived from the large amount of blood the boy was bathing in. After a good half an hour, the feline shifted slightly, revealing a puffy purple eye. Ryuichi held back a gasp at the view this new position gave. The upper body of the feline was covered in blood, dirt, and bruises. Ryuichi couldn't tell which was bruise and which was dirt. His eyes filled with sympathy.

"I just want to help you. I'll take you back t my apartment and you can get all cleaned up. And then you can have a nice bed to sleep in. And I'll make you something warm to eat. Okay? I'm not going to hurt you," Ryuichi explained, soothingly, as he reached down for the boy. As he touched him, he was received with a warning nip. Ryuichi didn't let this stop him. He scooped up the young feline gently and carefully. With what little strength and resolve he had left, the boy writhed in the hold. Ryuichi held firm and didn't let the feline out of his grasp. Exhausting itself, the boy collapse and went limp in Ryuichi's arms. His large purple eyes gazed up with a mix of desperation, questioning, and fear. Ryuichi smiled back encouragingly.

Ryuichi's apartment was only a few blocks away. In that time, the feline had curled into the warmth of Ryuichi's body. Ryuichi could feel almost every bone on the small frame. He grimaced at that fact. The boy was unhealthily skinny. He wondered if he was just a stray or did he have a past owner. He reminded himself to ask about the bruises and cuts later. He hoped that he could do something for this poor creature that he held. Ryuichi had a feeling that if he let him back onto the streets, he would surely die.


Ryuichi eased the small body of the nekonin into his already prepared bathtub. The boy let out a sharp yelp at the contact of the water on his bruises and cuts. There was a layer of bubbles that did both the task of adding aloe to the water and serve as a cover for the boy's body. Ryuichi knew that nekonins were very modest beings. He gave the started cat a sympathetic look.

"Is the water okay?" Ryuichi asked. The boy nodded giving Ryuichi a skeptic look. Ryuichi sighed. He knew that the feline would take some time to adjust to trusting him… if he even would have the chance to do so. Ryuichi had no plans of forcing the boy to stay with him against his will. If he wanted to leave, than Ryuichi wouldn't stop him. But as for now, it was best to get him cleaned up. Ryuichi wet a washcloth and added soap to it. Shuichi eyed it warily.

"You use it to wash yourself. See?" Ryuichi demonstrated by gently grabbing the boy's arm and rubbing the lathered cloth over it. The nekonin whined and attempted to get his arm back. Ryuichi sighed and let go. "Do you want to get infections?" Ryuichi asked. The feline considered this for a minute before weekly, and shakily held out his arm. Ryuichi carefully washed this fragile body of the boy. His body was covered in cuts and bruises. There was caked blood and dirt. It was unhealthy. When he finished, the boy was shaking. Ryuichi frowned at this fact.

He picked the cat up out of his bathtub, realizing the boy was burning up. Ryuichi rushed into the bedroom, depositing the sick member on the bed. He rushed into the bathroom and took out some pills. He went back into the bedroom with a glass of water. The skeletal figure was curled up, it felt as if the temperature had just dropped about fifty degrees to him. Ryuichi propped him up.

"Can you tae pills?" he asked. The nekonin gave him a surprised yet dreary look. He opened his mouth but then shut it. He replied with a nod. Ryuichi handed him the pills and the water. The feline did what he was told, and he was laid back down gently. Ryuichi walked over to one of the two closets he had in that room. Finding a large shirt, he picked out a pair of sweatpants and went back over to the bed. The feverish nekonin was watching through half lidded eyelids, watching the unfamiliar scene.

Ryuichi hastily cut a hole in the pants and walked over to the feline. He carefully peeled the towel off of the boy. He was received with a painful hiss because this act agitated the bruised and cut body. Ryuichi carefully pulled the oversized shirt on him. It looked even bigger due to the emancipated size of the boy. He also slid the sweatpants onto the boy. He carefully put the tail through the hoe he had made. Once he was dressed, Ryuichi picked the boy up in his arms. Sliding the covers back, he carefully put the boy in the sheets. Puling covers up to the feline's chin, he tucked him insecurely, going to get the thermometer.

106.4 degrees…the average temperature was between 101 and 102 degrees. Ryuichi hissed a curse under his breath. He retrieved a cold compress from his freezer and gently lay it up on the sleeping nekonin's head. He was breathing heavily and coughed every so often. Ryuichi smiled pitifully. Who would do this to such a wonderful creature?

As fatigue swept over Ryuichi, he brought a chair over to the bed he was lending. As he brushed the pink bangs out of the way, Ryuichi's heart warmed as the feline leaned into his touch, purring. He was in need of attention and affection. Ryuichi pulled his hand away to be responded with by a disproving grunt and a small cry. Ryuichi was glad to see the feline settle back into a peaceful sleep in no time. Then, the temptation of oblivion lured him into his own dreamland.


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