Title: Alcoholism
Fandom: Vampire Game
Pairing: Laphiji/Seiliez
Notes: Set sometime after volume 4... Other than that, nothing really, except that I'm refalling in love with this pairing.

Seiliez was sitting in his room in his favorite armchair, head resting on his hand as he glared at a cabinet across the room. It had used to be where he kept all of his liquor, though now it was empty. A couple months earlier he had recognized that he was beginning to drink too much too often, and, after being prompted by Laphiji as well, had decided to go cold turkey to break the habit before it really stuck and was too late. Though sometimes it already felt that it was too late, especially when he was stressed as he was now.

He had just had another fight with his mother, and stomped off back to his room immediately afterwards. It didn't even matter what they fought about anymore; it was almost always some stupid thing that they disagreed on for some reason, anyway. But it always made him feel horrible, and it was at times like this that he really wished to escape reality for a little while, and cursed himself for ever agreeing to this.

Beginning to tap his fingers on the armrest of the chair now, he remained sitting and silently fuming. His mind began to wander, absentmindedly listing the bars and places he could go to, before he shook his head and forcibly pushed those thoughts away. No, he had promised both himself and Laphiji, and he was strong enough to take it. He wasn't going to be looked upon as weak any longer.

There was a knock on the closed door then, and before he could shout for whomever it was to just go away and leave him alone, it opened and Laphiji entered holding a mug of something hot, as could be guessed from the steam wafting up from it. He walked over to where Seiliez sat watching and extended the mug to him, saying only, "Here."

Curious, Seiliez took it from him, looking down at the dark liquid before bringing it closer to his face and sniffing it, then taking a careful sip. His eyes lit up and he looked at Laphiji. "Hot chocolate?"

Laphiji nodded as he moved to sit down in the chair beside his, and Seiliez smiled gratefully. "Thanks, Laphiji. Not exactly the same as what I'm craving, but anything chocolate is definitely good anyway. You didn't get yourself one though," he commented, noticing Laphiji's now empty hands. Leaning over and holding the mug out to him with both hands wrapped around it, he placed it lightly against Laphiji's mouth, looking at him expectantly. There was a pause, where Laphiji just looked back at him, before his lips parted slightly, allowing Seiliez to tip the cup and let him take a sip from it.

Pulling it away again, Seiliez asked, "Good, huh?" He then raised it to his own mouth again and took another sip from the same spot Laphiji just had, watching the taller man from above the cup as he did so.

Reaching out to gently pull the mug away from him, Laphiji replied, "I know something sweeter," before leaning in to steal a kiss.

Seiliez smiled around the kiss, reaching up to pull Laphiji closer. Laphiji was right; chocolate was great, but this was wonderful.