Title: Matrimonial Mood
Fandom: Howl's Moving Castle
Pairing: Howl/Sophie
Notes: I've been wanting to write for this movie/pairing for awhile now, so imagine my delight when I churned out three fics for them today. This is the first and actually the one I'm most happy with. I'd love to hear what people think about the characterizations, especially.

"Howl," Sophie said one morning as they sat down to breakfast. "I've been thinking about something."

"Hm?" Howl murmured, picking up his fork to begin eating.

"We should get married."

There was a loud clink as the fork fell from Howl's grasp back down to the table, and a strangled sounding, "W-what!" escaped his mouth as he stared slack-jawed at her.

"You don't have to act like it's such a horrible thing," she huffed, crossing her arms in front of her. "I just think it'd be a good idea, and that we're ready for it. You're not expecting us to stop loving each other, are you?"

"Of course not!" he said loudly, leaning forward urgently. "I love you Sophie!"

It was hard to suppress the gentle smile threatening to break out over her face at that statement, but Sophie managed to ignore both that and the wonderful flutter that always filled her stomach whenever she heard those words. "Then what's wrong?"

"The...the paperwork! So much paperwork to get married!"

"...you know that's not true," she replied, giving him a stern look. "Look, just because you're afraid of commitment, don't make us both suffer for it."

"You're suffering, Sophie?" Howl asked, giving her a wide eyed horrified look, as if asking himself how he could have possibly missed something that bad happening to his loved one.

She reached out and lightly tapped him on the hand in chastisement. "No, but this would make me very happy. I want to live here, with you, for the rest of my life, Howl," she added softly, sitting back. "Don't you want that, too?"

"I do!"

"Then let's get married," Sophie said firmly, returning to the point.

There was an audible pause after that statement, with the two of them just staring at each other across the table.

Finally, Howl sighed, then smiled. "Alright. Let's get married."

Sophie smiled brightly back at him, before leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the lips. "You won't regret it, Howl, I promise."

He reached out and took her hand, twining their fingers together. "I know I won't."