Creature Changers

AU, set in modern world. A story that I'm starting without plotting the entire story for once. What kind of random things will turn up…?

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Chapter 1: Changing to the Changers' place


Dora fidgeted on her brown wooden stool. She stood up and paced around the kitchen. Then she sat down. She stood up and began pacing again, walking down the kitchen and back to her chair. Absently she picked up a sandwich and put it down. Then picked up another one and dropped it into a glass of milk. Then another.

Sitting across the table from her, holding up several sheets of newspaper, was her husband, Kyle. He raised an eyebrow, watching her drop the sandwich into apple juice.

"Dora, for heaven's sake, what's wrong? Stop pacing and calm down. You'll ruin breakfast at this rate," he said. Dora gasped and plucked out the soggy sandwich from the apple juice jug.

"Sorry, Kyle. It's just that… I'm so worried," she confided, placing the dripping sandwich into the glass of milk.

"About what?" Kyle sighed as he put down his newspaper and fished out the pieces of sandwiches that now resembled marsh weeds. The out-of-shape vegetables seemed to be frowning at him, so he hurriedly threw it into the rubbish bin.

"Isaac's starting school today at that Crystal School for Creature Changers. What if he encounters trouble? What if he's bullied? What if he…"

"Dora, please. Isaac's old enough to look after himself." Kyle said patiently, taking hold of her shoulders and sitting her gently down onto a chair. "Take a deep breath." Dora sighed and breathed deeply. As soon as Kyle sat down, however, she sprang up. She grabbed the large sling bag on another wooden chair and placed it on the table.

"Now what are you doing with his bag?" Kyle asked. He remembered with much amusement that Dora had acted just as funny two years ago, when Isaac entered junior high.

"I'm going to check if he has all he needs for school!"

"Mom, I've already packed it twice," an amused voice echoing Kyle's feelings said. The two turned and saw a boy with a bright, cheery smile standing at the bottom of the staircase leading to the second floor.. He had messy golden hair like Kyle's, which always refused to stay flat, and bright, intelligent eyes with the colour of azure sky.

"Don't worry, Dora, your son is sensible. He gets it from me," Kyle assured her, closing the bag. Dora gave him an isn't-it-time-for-work glare. Kyle grinned and grabbed a piece of toast. "I can take a hint. Isaac, be sure not to touch the apple juice, milk or sandwiches," he called as he picked up a brown briefcase and opened the door. "See you tonight!"

"Well, of all the nerve!" Dora exclaimed huffily. Isaac laughed and slung his bag over one shoulder. He eyed the food on the table warily before taking a piece of honeyed toast. Holding the bread in his mouth, he sat down on the steps of the front door and began to pull on light brown boots.

"Where're the djinn?" he asked with his mouth still clamping on the toast.

"They stayed up late last night to help me unpack, so I decided to let them sleep in today," Dora replied. She watched her son anxiously as he stood up. "Have a good day, Isaac."

"I will, mom. You too; don't kill yourself with housework," Isaac said, taking the toast out of his mouth. He raised one hand to wave as he began down the road.

The Gaias had moved to Crystalia two days ago from Vale. Isaac had been enrolled into the Crystal School for Creature Changers, and he was starting ninth grade that day.

He used to study at Vale Entire Education School. But after a startling discovery only three months ago, he had been isolated. Treated like a freak experiment. Parents of peers had even written to the school. He still remembered the day when he was officially told to leave.


"You wanted to see me, Mrs Alinta?" Isaac asked quietly. The dark eyed brunette in front of him smiled nervously and motioned to the chair in front of her.

"Please sit, Mr Gaia," she said as she sat down behind her desk. Placing her thin elbows on the table and clasping her hands together, she leaned her chin against them, letting her brown curls cascade around her face.

Isaac had butterflies, no, gummy worms, in his stomach as he sat down. Somehow he had a feeling that he hadn't just been summoned to the principal's office for a casual chat. He watched as Mrs Alinta took a deep breath and spoke again.

"I've heard about the incident during the ruin diggin trip. Where you turned into a… a mythical creature," she said.

I should've guessed, he thought bitterly. A classmate called James Westerly accidently hit the roof of the tunnel they were in. The class was nearly burried underground, when Isaac had grown scales and dug an opening out. Everyone had stared at him in total silence as he slowly turned back to human.

"I didn't know about it either, Mrs Alinta," he said truthfully. "That time… it was the first time I changed…"

"I believe you, Mr Gaia. But I'm afraid others don't," Mrs Alinta said. She pursed her lips together. "I've been hearing from the teachers. You haven't been having a good life since it happened, have you?"

Isaac opened his mouth to protest, then shut it again. He had no reason to try to lie.

"Not only the students. The parents are questioning about your sanity and their children's safety."

"What! I… I'd never do anything to hurt anyone!" Isaac cried indignantly. "Mrs Alinta…"

"However, the parents disagree. Some of them even threatened to call the police. They feel that their children should not be allowed to mingle with a Creature Changer," Mrs Alinta continued quickly, as if she wanted to get things over with. "Some of their letters and emails have been quite vile…"

Isaac sat rooted to the spot like a tree. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was chosen by some dumb luck to be a Changer and now he was in trouble for it. Not to mention that the people giving trouble were parents of the classmates he saved.

"So… What am I supposed to do about it?" he asked after he took a few seconds to calm down.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice, Mr Gaia," Mrs Alinta's words were rushing at the speed of a train by then. "I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave the school."

Isaac turned to stone. And he had thought that Mrs Alinta's Medusa-like hair didn't have any thing to do with who she was.

"You may leave now."

Miraculously cured, he stood up and left the room.


Which was the reason why he had to move. Like the name suggested, Crystal School was opened specially for Creature Changers, where they also taught Changing as a subject. It was quite a relief to leave Vale; the last three months had been pure torture that Isaac never spoke of.

But the new school disturbed him nearly as much as Dora, though he did not show it as much. He was entirely new to the city, the school and the way things were done. What if he couldn't adapt?

As he stopped in front of a large silver gate, beautifully carved, he stared at the number of students in the school. He hadn't known that so many Changers existed. Slowly, he reached for the gate.

"Unknown persona detected. Name and position please."

"Uh, ninth grade student, Isaac Gaia," Isaac replied, slightly startled. He looked around curiously, but there was no sign of any cameras, speakers or microphones.

"Creature?" the metallic voice asked. Isaac took a deep breath.



After lots of pauses left and right…

Somehow this is the best I can come up with for now. I'll write more soon, on account of the short chapter. It's mostly just an introduction anyway.

As to the strange terms and stuff… They'll be explained!