Title: Bite-Sized Fruit
Author: Niamh St. George
Summary: A collection of drabbles and ficlets based on challenges and requests. No telling what'll come up here, so I'm not fencing myself in as far as "pairings" go, though I do often prefer to write about the Trio (though not with each other, if you get my meaning).
Disclaimer: The Fruits Basket universe and the characters therein do not belong to me. They are the property of Takaya Natsuki. No profit is being made.

"The Healing Power of Tea"

The Request: Something, anything, remotely AyaTori. (Based on the brief flashback in volume 5.)

"You must be tired from work. Here, I made you some tea. Gulp it down."

Hatori blinked once as he looked at Ayame. But the Snake's sunny smile beamed up at him as he offered the Dragon a steaming cup of black tea. No further explanation came, though Hatori was quite used to Ayame acting with either no explanation or far too much of it.

"What are you--"


"Ayame, tell me--"

"'Tori-san, tea!" The Snake held the cup a little higher, making the auburn liquid dance perilously close to the rim.

Hatori lifted his eyebrow and regarded Ayame for a moment before taking the proffered cup and saucer. Golden-green eyes watched expectantly as Hatori brought the cup to his lips and took a sip. As he did, the Snake's expression broke out into one of unparalleled joy.

It never failed to bemuse the Dragon that his friend could be made so happy by the simplest gesture. Hatori was far too used to those he cared about being hurt by him. The fact that he could make Ayame so happy, just by drinking tea...

A tiny shadow of a smile kicked up at the corner of the Dragon's mouth.

"Thank you, Ayame."

The Snake's smile was dazzling. "Ah! That is the healing power of tea!"

Hatori couldn't help but let his smile warm a little.

Perhaps not only tea.