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Chapter 5: PHH Initiates

School was pretty much as usual on Friday, the day was started off with an excruciating speech by Payne herself and the rest of the day was followed by a long list of lessons and periods to attend to. However, little do these people know that this day will be an extraordinary one for my friends and me.

"Ring…" the school bell rang to mark the end of another day but it will also mark a beginning of a revolution in the school's system.

"Yo… What's up gals!" said Frank a tall boy with short light brown hair and warm brown eyes. Frank is classmate of ours and is also the head of the Arts and Drama club.

"Hey! Frank. Thanks for letting us use the Drama room for our choir rehearsal." Said Sharon.

"No problem. I'm glad to be of service. Anyway I got to go now girls. Bye!" said Frank as he waved and went off on his way.

"Well… Are you guys up to it?" I asked my fellow friends.

"What are we waiting for, Wren? Let's go!" said Lindsey enthusiastically while Priscilla and Sharon nodded in agreement.

Together we sat cross-legged in a circle at the Drama room, briefing on the procedures of the plan we are going to carry out later in the early evening. My heart was beating rapidly as I thought about the risks that I and my friends will be putting us into for carrying out such a plan. Thus, failure is something that I must avoid at all cost if I wished for the safety of our future.

"Okay, this is it guys. It'll be the last time I'll be going through the details over with everybody." I told my friends seriously.

"Sharon, you have to go get Payne to come with you. Lead her to the site and keep her distracted throughout the show." I told Sharon who merely nodded.

"Lindsey, you'll take charge of the mirror and position it. And after everything is done move it back here and do what you have to do." I told her as she just stared at the mirror Sharon had brought from the music room.

"Pris, you have to help me in my getaway and mislead Payne from the toilet." I told Priscilla who responded with a firm nod.

"And I will deliver the letter as the Phantom." I said and I swallowed hard as I hug the bag closer to myself.

"The success of this plan will depend on how well we work together as a team. And I repeat that failure is not something we can afford to have." I warned them as they knew what it meant if we were to fail.

Everyone remained silent for a moment, thinking of the roles they had to play in this plan. The first one who broke the silence was Lindsey's sighing. She looked away from the mirror and said with a grin, "Are you guys gamed for PHH?"

I was the first one to smile and I placed out one of my hands in the middle of everyone, Lindsey placed hers on top mine and followed by Priscilla and Sharon. We looked at each other, knowing that we have one common goal and it is to bring Payne down and restore the school we knew to everyone.

"Alright, it's time. PHH initiates now." I said as we brought down our hands to signal that the mission is officially on.

"Knock, knock…"

"Come in…"

"Er… Good afternoon, Ms Payne. I'm Sharon Stones, a senior student. I got a great idea on how to raise funds for our school. It's a play I have in mind. If you don't mind, would you please come along with me and let us discuss about it? I would really appreciate it since this plan might bring up your reputation within the board at the Head of Education." Sharon said enthusiastically with a sweet tongue in her tone.

"I'll be pleased." Payne said smilingly after hearing the gains she can obtain from this.

Thus the two of them left the office and made their way to the drama room as Sharon discussed more on the fund raising project. However, little did Payne expect, Sharon had an ulterior motive for leading her towards the three way hallway.

As they walked nearer to the three ways spilt, there was a figure standing a few meters away from them. At a closer look, it was a smartly dressed but masked Victorian young man; he had short brown hair that were tucked neatly beneath his top hat, and staring out of the half mask were a pair of piercing green eyes. What was more shocking was him standing IN the mirror that was embedded in the middle of the three way corridor rather than in front of it!

Sharon and Payne just froze in shock from what they were seeing. Pretending to be frightened Sharon grabbed tightly on Payne's arm to prevent her from moving further. Payne took the bait as she paled and stared at the 'ghost'.

Slowly, an eerie grin crept across the young man's face as he made eye contact with the headmistress who was now paler then death. His hand then reached into the breast pocket of his overcoat to reveal a white envelope. And as quickly as he had revealed the letter, with a quick swish of the cloak, he threw a smoke bomb in front which created a thick amount of smoke as soon as it exploded.

"Oh… my God… this is so not happening…" Sharon stammered. Her hands were still holding onto Payne's arm tightly.

It was a few seconds later that Payne had broke out of fear and decided to investigate the matter. However, Sharon was still pulling her arm. After what seem a few trudges, Payne broke free and ran to the smoke screen that was starting to disappear. She picked up the letter on the floor and looked at the left and right of the corridors which were empty. She decided to start looking at the right side as she knew that there was a turning point further down leading towards the toilets. As she expected someone came out of the toilet door, but it was a tall and thin girl with straight long black hair.

"Hey you there! Did you see any guy running into the toilet?" Payne asked.

"Huh? Oh… yes but he did not come anyway near the toilet when he saw me. Strange guy he is. I guess he ran further down. Is anything the matter Ms Payne?" she asked but Payne was hot on the tracks of her so call prankster.

When we gathered back at the drama room, I was already back in my school uniform. Everybody were discussing excitedly on how well did the whole plan went, Sharon and Lindsey were exchanging hi-fives and Priscilla was just being nonchalant. I was glad that everything went well and now it was just a matter of time before Payne starts to read the letter. My silence was the one that caught Lindsey's attention.

"Hey! Wren, it's a time for celebration. Why that 'look'?" she asked feeling puzzled.

"The next one won't be as easy as this round." I replied seriously.

Feeling irritated, Sharon decided to start tickling me at the waist and soon the rest of my buddies just joined in the tickling session.

"Knock… Knock… " Startled we stopped and stared at the door.

To be continued…

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