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"Lay your head here, my child. I promise there will be more to eat tomorrow. Listen and be comforted by my simple words."

"Here, in this very place, was once a beautiful kingdom. Do not look so shocked, my child. This place is not so tired now. You should be grateful. But in this kingdom, the people were happy and always had enough to eat, and the buildings were made of crystal, so that they shined like an eternal moonlight. A lovely queen with a good heart, and a noble king ruled the land. In time, they also had a daughter, who was lighthearted and brought joy to all."

"But the peace did not last. The queen died as a young woman. In the past, she had been a soldier. She had fought many battles to save this kingdom, for she knew it was coming. Everyone thought that her wounds had been minor and she had healed completely. But sadly, this was not true. She had been hurt very badly, and this was what killed her. It came as such a shock to the kingdom, especially the king. He held on for a respectable time, but it was too much for him and he died within the year."

"This left the poor princess, a child still, with no mother, no father, and the rule of a kingdom. The princess, then the queen, could not understand why her mother had died, so she blamed it on her being a soldier. So, she used the Silver Crystal, which gave the soldiers their strength, to take it away. But, without their strength, the soldiers could not defend our city. And so when an attack came, it was destroyed."

"Do not cry for it, little one, for it still exists today. It lives on in our dreams. And now, as your eyes are closing, may your heart take you there."