Crystals Shatter: Chapter Six

Chikara drew in a slow breath and tried to comprehend all that Sailor Pluto had told her.

"Okay…I'm sorry. It's just kind of hard to take all this in. Um, where do I go from here?"

Sailor Pluto reached into a pocket that Chikara could not see and pulled out a pearl pink, heart-shaped brooch with a silver crystal at its center.

"This is your transformation brooch. When the enemy attacks, hold this and yell 'Neo Moon Crystal, Make Up!' Your body will realize its natural form and become Sailor Crystal Moon. Once you are in this form, you'll know what to do."

Chikara appeared doubtful. Sailor Pluto became stern.

"Chikara, the enemy has returned. I know you had a vision of them today, but the next time you see that ship it will be real and it will be coming for you. You have to trust me and trust yourself."

"What makes you think I alone can defeat an enemy that destroyed an entire kingdom!" Chikara yelled, panicking.

Sailor Pluto sighed.

"Chikara, there is something special about you. You, like the other users of the silver crystal before you, are a descendant of the Moon Kingdom. Although you were reborn on Earth much later than the other senshi, you are actually two generations older. You are a clone of the first Queen Selenity's mother, the moon goddess Selene. She created this clone so that should anything happen to her, she would always be there to protect her daughter. Shortly after this creation, the moon goddess vanished. The past is cloudy but I believe that I can see in it that the moon goddess, Selene, was murdered by the woman who killed the last descendants of the Moon Kingdom and is now heading toward Earth: for you."

Chikara gasped as she felt hear chest seize up with fear.

"Chikara, what is so special about you is your misfortune. While the other descendants of the Moon Kingdom lived joyful, prosperous lives, your life has been a misery. You have always kept your head up, but you have never known true love or happiness. This makes you the perfect opponent for the Lady of Yellow Roses, as we have called her. She kills by turning good memories and love into pain. How else could she have destroyed such a pure heart, so full of love and sweet memories, as that of Neo Queen Selenity? To defeat her your heart must be devoid of nostalgia and affection. Since your mother became so cold, you have been such a person. You have a good heart, but you must seal it and fill it only with longing for the new day, for the creation of Neo Crystal Tokyo."

Chikara, her heart in her throat, could only nod. Sailor Pluto placed the brooch in Chikara's hand and Chikara closed her eyes, knowing that the days ahead would determine the fate of the city that slept within her heart.