Summary/Warning: This is a one shot Kiotr (Kitty/Piotr). It is rated mature for a reason, and that reason is sex, lots of it. So if you don't want to read this or are too young to read this, don't read this. It is really simple. I welcome reviews on this. It might make me want to write a full story on it but right now I don't feel like it.

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Kitty phased her head through the wall of Piotr's bedroom, making sure he was asleep. Grinning she popped her head back out and ran to her room with a grin. Yup, the big Russian was asleep, and in some yummy boxers too. She grinned as she readied herself for the loss of her virginity. She had smoothed lotion and light perfume over her body, and had a small over night bag with some clothes for tomorrow and some toiletries for in the morning.

Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde had been 15 when she first met Piotr who was 19 at the time. They had been on opposite teams then, him with the Brotherhood and her with the X-Men. Kitty hadn't learned his name until almost a year later when he quit the Brotherhood for the X-Men. Professor X promised him the safety of his family, who Magneto was holding under threat to keep Piotr working for him. Until then she had only known him as Colossus, the man who could turn to steel.

He had almost never spoken during the battles and confrontations between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, and Kitty had been surprised to hear his adorable Russian accent, and surprised at the fact that he wasn't metal all the time like she had thought. He had been amazingly attractive at twenty (20) years old when he joined the team, his metal form interesting and appealing in ways, but his flesh was so much more beautiful.

At least that is what Kitty had thought when the Professor first introduced him. Even his name was attractive. Piotr Nikoliavitch Rasputin. Just thinking about his name sent shivers down Kitty's spine, she had gotten used to it and it didn't have the exact same effect as the first time.

When she had first heard it she had almost had an orgasm right there in front of everyone. As it was they had all looked at her oddly because of the gasp and violent shudder she had tried to repress. Now when she heard or thought about his full name she had to steer clear of Wolverine. Logan would surely smell the heavy arousal that always soaked her panties if she thought about Piotr too long.

A few months went by, the two of them getting to know each other, and Kitty turned sixteen (16). Not long after that Kitty convinced, partially seduced, and tricked Piotr into taking her as his girlfriend. He had protested heavily, not because he wasn't attracted to her. He most definitely was, which had been proven when she had climbed astride him while he was watching a movie.

They had been alone in the room and all she had to do was give his ear a little lick before she could see the thick bulge in his jeans swell up. When she had straddled him his groan had vibrated in his chest and she had rubbed her small, budding breasts against him. That had been the final straw in months of torment for the poor man. He had given in, despite his reservations about their age difference.

In the almost two (2) years since, Kitty had got him to do everything EXCEPT have sex with her, which was what she wanted more than anything. Piotr had brought her to orgasm with his thigh and his fingers, all of it through her jeans. He had let her grind against his groin until she came in her panties, wet and warm and aching for him to fill her.

Then more recently he had started rolling her beneath him, using his hands to spread her thighs as he would grind and buck into the hot spot between her thighs, until she came with a scream of pleasure that he would cover with his mouth. In those two years she had only made him soil himself once, and it had only been two months ago.

Kitty had been lightly studying Russian so that she could understand and help Piotr. She told him that she loved him, for the first time, while they were grinding away… in Russian. Piotr had frozen above her, lifted his head from where it had been kissing and nipping her neck and looked at her. When she said it again, Piotr's eyes had closed, his jaw had clenched, and he had thrust roughly against her. When he had gotten up after making her orgasm several times, with profuse apologies for his own orgasm, there had been a wet stain on the front of his jeans.

He did all this through her clothes and his, and she could only imagine how wonderful it would be when they were both naked and sweaty. He refused to do anything with her unless she had clothes on, saying that he was a gentleman and he was not going to break the law and his own morals just to satisfy his sexual urges with a minor. Well she was minor no more. Three weeks ago she had turned eighteen (18). Piotr had turned twenty-four (24) almost 4 months before her birthday.

The first week of Kitty being 18 everyone in the mansion had been vigilant about watching to find out if the long time couple was finally going to 'Do it'. Kitty had known that would happen and she had planned to wait as long as it took for everyone to give up and all the bets to be off. The first week most of the younger students and people who didn't really care had given up interest. The second week only the closest people in Kitty and Piotr's circles had been watching them. That included Logan, Ororo, Hank, Rogue, Remy (who had traded teams around the same time as Piotr), Jean, Scott, and the Professor.

It had not been easy for Kitty to plan her sensual attack on Piotr with all those mutants, and those nosy gossiping psychics (Xavier was the king of nosy, but he kept it to himself. Jean was the queen of nosy, surpassed only by the Professor, but was the one who would blab it around to everyone). So whenever she was around them she had thought about silly things like pop music, cartoons, candy, and school stuff. It had worked and Kitty had waited an extra week to be sure.

The first two weeks Piotr had been so jumpy it had taken all Kitty's will power to not laugh. He had been so panicked and afraid she would corner him and jump his bones… well his bone. And boy did Kitty ever want to jump that. From all their activities, Kitty had found out early that Piotr was a big guy and that EVERYTHING was in proportion. He was big… big like an SUV compared to a bicycle (Piotr was the SUV, internet porn guys were the compact car, and regular guys were bicycles. And they were pretty big on the internet from what Kitty had seen).

Nothing compared to Piotr. Not magazines, not the internet, not vibrators, nothing. Kitty wasn't sure they made condoms for guys his size, but she had bought the largest size she could find anyway. She didn't want to take any chances and she hoped he would fit the 'Hefty Man XXL' size, while at the same time she hoped he wouldn't.

But just incase, she had planned ahead… way ahead. Kitty had started taking birth control pills when she turned seventeen, which had raised suspicions, but when nothing happened everyone went with the story that she was trying to regulate her periods. Kitty had known she wanted Piotr to be the one to take her virginity since a few months after they started dating. Good thing Kitty knew how to plan ahead.

She had been planning for this night since Piotr's birthday. She had been working out extra hard, despite the already tough workouts that she had as an X-Woman. She had looked on the internet on how to 'prepare for losing your virginity' and she had done the exercises recommended, the flexing, the stretching, all of it. When she had completed that regimen she had looked up 'preparing for sex with a man who has a big penis'. Surprise! there had been advise and tricks that she had read and memorized.

Now she was ready. With a robe wrapped around her body to hide the skimpy lingerie she looked out in the hall. It was clear and she snuck easily down the hall, phasing into Piotr's room as soon as she reached the door. Casting a quick glance at him she smiled. He really was the sweetest, cutest, sexiest man alive. He was still asleep and he was spread out over his bed in a boyish sprawl, his dark hair brushing his brow and neck slightly. The rest of him was all man.

The sheet, and a sheet was all he had, was thrown off despite it being winter. Piotr was almost never cold, he was from Russia after all, but it was more than that. His body was a furnace and Kitty loved to sit on his lap and soak up his heat, like her name sake (the cat) soaks up sun. He was better than a hot steamy shower, better than a roaring fire, and better than a thick down or electric blanket.

Even in the darkness of his room, lit only by a glowing electric clock, Kitty could see his well defined muscles, his thick arms and thighs, his beautifully chiseled abs, and his powerful chest and shoulders. He could crush Kitty in a moment if he wanted to, but they both knew he would never hurt her. Kitty loved the slightly wicked thrill of having that powerful body surrounding her, touching her, and protecting her. The feeling of safety while wrapped in something so powerful and deadly was a big turn on for Kitty.

But it was mostly just Piotr being Piotr. When she had been kidnapped by the semi-harmless and childish Caliban it hadn't been the same, despite the fact the other big mutant had believed himself in love with her. When she had fought the Juggernaut she had never had the urge to turn bad and have him wrap her in his arms, even if they were the only arms on earth more powerful that Piotr's. It was Piotr's body that had drawn Kitty but it was his soul and his personality that made her love him.

And she was about to love him real good. She was going to love him up one side and down the other. She was going to love him so bad he would never let her out of his bed… or at least, she hoped so.

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