This is the end of what was supposed to be a one shot Kiotr and expanded into a two shot.. Now that I am adding a humorous little ending it is a three shot… This part isn't really needed to complete the story, but it is just a little cute bit of fluff.

The next morning as Kitty and Piotr got ready for the Danger Room session, in the separate men's and women's lockers, their experiences were very different.

In the Men's Locker

Piotr walked in with the small(well it was medium, but it IS Piotr) duffle bag. It had his change of clothes for after the session. His uniform was in his locker along with his boots and his toiletries. Bobby Drake was already in the Locker Room taking off his shoes. As Piotr opened his own locker and set down the duffle on the bench. Just as he was sitting to take off his own shoes, Scott Summers walked in with his own change of clothes thrown over his arm.

"Hey Scott, how's it hanging? I see that Jean is still frisky…" Bobby laughed and Scott rolled his eyes even as he shifted his shirt to hide the bright hikey on his neck.

"Shut up Bobby." Scott shook his head and opened his locker with a little more force than Piotr had but otherwise he didn't pay any other attention to Bobby.

Bobby stripped off his shirt as he stood up laughing. Throwing his shirt into the locker he turned to Piotr. "So Petey Pureheart… Still no luck with Kitty?" Bobby laughed again expecting Piotr to blush and either ignore him or threaten him. Instead Piotr stood up and pulled off his own shirt, turning to fold it and put it on a shelf in his own locker.

Bobby gasped and that made Scott turn and look. Then Scott made a strangled noise in his throat. Piotr's shoulders were covered in scratches. When he turned around Scott sounded like he was choking. The small set of teeth marks on his shoulder along with the purplish bruise/hickey surrounding it. There was another set on his ribs and one on his upper arm.

As Piotr pulled the stretchy red shirt of his uniform over his head and down to cover the marks, he didn't say anything. Bobby did though.

"Holy Crap… Petey cheated on Kitty!" Bobby's eyes widened then he grinned. "So does this mean you and Kitty broke up. Cause' she is a sweet little…" Bobby was cut off when Piotr's hand wrapped around his throat. Scott only shook his head and continued dressing.

"If you touch mine Keettan kitten I vill keel kill you…" Piotr's voice was soft and full of menace. When his voice was loud and angry Bobby knew that Piotr wasn't serious, but his voice like this promised true harm for the Ice Man. Bobby gripped Piotr's wrist, wriggling in his grasp and gasping.

"Peter. That's enough. Bobby was just joking I'm sure." Scott broke them up with his 'leader' voice and Piotr dropped Bobby the few inches to the floor and turned to his locker to finish dressing. Bobby gasped for air, but he left Piotr alone, even when he saw the small bite mark on the large Russian's thigh as he changed his pants.

After a few minutes of silence though, he couldn't take it anymore. Bobby needed to talk and cause trouble. Just as Piotr was pulling on his boots, he spoke up. "So if you didn't cheat on Kitty, that means… You did Kitty!" Bobby exclaimed, quickly leaping over the bench to run out the door before Piotr could react. But instead of excaping his fate, he ran straight into Wolverine.

The Canadian man's hand clenched and his claws shot out of his knuckles with a soft snickt sound. "You wanna repeat that Bub?" He growled at Bobby but he was staring at Piotr, who immediately activated his mutation, covering his body with organic metal. Wolverine lunged at him…

In the Women's Locker.

Kitty and Rogue walked in together talking softly about something or other, while Ororo followed them in. They all set down their assorted bags or clothes as they opened their lockers with the garbled chatter girls are so good at. Jean walked in and joined in with smiles to and from the others.

When Kitty took off her shirt at first, nothing happened. She was facing her locker as she talked and when Ororo turned her head to respond, she gasped. There were light marks, bites and hickeys, down her back and spine as well as over her shoulders. She also had a light whisker burn that had turned her skin slightly reddish pink.

All the other girls looked at Ororo, even Kitty, and they followed her gaze to Kitty's back. Kitty couldn't see but she had tried to crank her neck and head around so she could see what they were looking at. "What ? What is it? It isn't like a bug or anything is it?"

The other three girls shook their heads and motioned to the set of tilted mirrors in the corner. Kitty rushed over and turned to look at her back with the others following. "Oh my god… This is soooooo embarrassing…." Kitty dropped her face into her hands as she sank down on the bench.

Jean cleared her throat and spoke softly. "Just so we don't jump to the wrong conclusion… Do you have a rash, or did Petey do that?" They all knew the answer but it was always nice to ask before they started to talk about it. Kitty sighed and lifted her head from her hands to look at them, blushing heavily. "Peter…" Her voice was soft but all the girls could hear the affection in the way she said his name.

Rogue spoke up then. "Ya know I have just the thang…" She went back to her locker and pulled out a jar walking back and twisting off the top. "I got the same problem girl. Logan gives the worst whisker burn, even though he shaves almost three times a day…"

Lucky for Rogue, the Professor and Mr. McCoy had found out how anti-mutants work(mutants that can cancel out other mutant powers) and they had used that info to create a device that they tested then implanted it in Rogue's brain. Now she could turn her powers on and off at will. Motioning for Kitty to turn around she began to gently rub in the smooth cream.

Jean and Ororo sat down next to Rogue and Kitty with big smiles. "Katherine, I'm so very proud of you… I was actually surprised Peter was able to wait so long, especially with you tempting him all the time." Ororo said that and Kitty blushed hard, the bright pink of her skin spreading down her neck.

"So spill Kitty… We want details!" Jean grinned in excitement, almost bouncing on the bench.

"Yeah girl… Does 'tall, dark, and Russian' live up to the name Colossus?" Rogue laughed looking over her shoulder to look into Kitty's face. Kitty giggled then with a look at each of them, she nodded and burst out laughing.

"Oh yeah… Mr. McCoy even had to make him special condoms…" Kitty laughed when Rogue and Jean's eyes widened, while Ororo just looked thoughtful. Kitty arched an eyebrow… "Miss Monroe… no offense but I don't want you thinking about Peter with that look on your face…"

"I'm sorry Katherine but I was just thinking… That must have been around the time when Hank became so interested in latex…" Ororo got this dreamy look on her face and Jean, Rogue, and Kitty stared at her. "Oh hush… leave me and my bed-beast alone…" Ororo laughed and waved her hand in front of their faces. "I thought we wanted to hear about Kitty and Mr. Rasputin."

Rogue and Jean nodded, but they gave Ororo another look before turning on Kitty. "Yeah.. So tell all." Rogue grinned and leaned close. Kitty blushed and began to tell them the highlights of her night. Just as she was getting to some of the better parts there was a loud thump against one of the walls. Incidentally it was the one that separated the boys and the girls.

They just stared at the wall for a moment, trading looks between them, but when a second, louder thud sounded through the wall, along with cracking plaster on their side, Kitty grabbed her shirt and they all rushed out.

When they reached the door of the Men's Locker, Remy stood outside leaning against the wall in his uniform already and shuffling cards. He liked to change in his room for some reason that he wouldn't share, but it probably had something to do with the fact that he wanted Rogue and Logan knew it. They could hardly be in the same room together with out going for each others throats.

"I wouldn't go in dere there ifin if I was you, mon cherries…" His slow drawl was directed at all of them but even though his eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses, they all knew his red and black eyes were fastened on Rogue.

"Outta the way Swamp Rat." Rogue growled and Remy shrugged.

"Don don't say Remy din didn't warm ya, sweet… Bigin big fight an I wouldn't want Remy's little River Rat gettin hurt." Remy shrugged and stepped aside to let them pass.

"I ain't yours swamp breath." Rogue growled shoving past him, the other girls following. Remy laughed and followed them, muttering something about liking his women feisty.

The sight they found was quite astounding. Piotr was in his uniform but he was wearing any of his other gear, while wolverine was in his regular jeans and tee-shirt. That wasn't the astounding part. Piotr was transformed, making him seven and a half feet tall and about 500 pounds, and Logan, who weighed about 200 pounds and was not even 6 feet tall, had his claws out and pointed at Petey's chest.

Scott and Bobby were standing near by and staring at the two fighters. Well, one fighter. Logan was fighting, but Piotr was just taking it without fighting back or speaking. Nothing Logan did could actually hurt him.

Bobby grinned at the girls as they walked in, he was still next to the door where he had ran into Logan. Leaning over he whispered "Logan just threw Petey into the wall. Twice!" He actually sounded excited and Kitty gasped at him, swinging her fist to punch him in the nose. She hit him but he didn't start bleeding or anything like that. She was too busy rushing over to try and separate the two men, she hadn't really put any force behind it.

When Piotr saw her coming up behind Logan, he gave her a soft smile, even in his metal form the smile was cute and boyish. "What are you grinning at Bub… If you touched half-pint (Kitty), I'll gut you." Piotr sighed but didn't say anything.

"Mr. Logan! What are you doing!" Kitty grabbed his arm and yanked, which of course, accomplished nothing. "Let Peter go right now!"

"Kitty, go stand with the other girls. I'll take care of this. If Ruskie here defiled you I'll kill him." Logan growled, and shook Kitty off his arm roughly pushing her back slightly. Piotr's eyes widened, then narrowed.

"You vill noot talk to mine Keetty like zhat…" Piotr's voice was deep and before Kitty could say 'Oh no', Piotr had grabbed Logan and thrown him against the opposite wall. With out another look at the other man, he moved in front of Kitty, the ground shaking slightly with his every step.

Gently he wrapped his metal arms around her and bent his head the long distance to nuzzle her hair. His hands moved up and down her body stroking her possessively and almost sexually. His voice was soft and affectionate as he spoke. "You are alright, da?" His eyes closed as he kissed the side of her face.

Kitty grinned, forgetting they had an audience and she snuggled into his arms. "Yeah, I'm great. Thanks." Tilting her face up for a kiss, Piotr leaned in, his mouth brushing over hers lightly. Kitty was always surprised when she touched Piotr's metal body. You would think it would be cold, but it wasn't, it was just as warm as his natural skin, only much harder.

A growl echoed behind them and they lifted their heads looking over at Logan. Logan was about to launch into a tirade when he was stopped by a soft southern voice. "Logan… Leave 'em alone." Logan turned to Rogue in surprise, about object, and she stopped him with a hand on his face. "Shut up. Ya know they have been together for years. They are both 18 now, they love each other. Hell, ya didn't even wait for meh me to be 18… Let 'em be."

When Logan started to protest again, Rogue took his hand and dragged him out of the locker room. The rest of them traded looks, before Jean smiled. "Scott, let's cancel training today. It is Saturday. Let's all go back to bed." She smiled and Scott couldn't refuse her. They left hand in hand.

Ororo turned around just as Hank was coming into the locker room. He was surprised to see her, but before he could say anything, she wrapped her dark skinned arms around his furry blue one and tugged him back out the door. Bobby just sighed and left.

Once they were all gone, Piotr relaxed slightly, dipping his head to kiss her mouth more firmly. Kitty giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Sveetling… I didn' teel tell zhem anyzhing…" Piotr sounded ashamed and embarrassed that he couldn't keep it a secret.

"That's okay Peter. The girls guessed it too. Besides we would have had to tell them why I was in your room all the time, and lying to psychics is a bad idea.." Kitty grinned and tucked her face into his metal neck. With a deep breath, Piotr relaxed fully and his metal slid away with soft clinks and whooshes, his body shrinking back to his normal proportions.

With a grin and a few soft words in Russian he swung her up into his arms and carried her back to his room.


For real this time.