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Life Before the SGC

Jack leaned further and further back in Daniel's spare chair, occasionally flicking a rolled up piece of paper at the wall. Daniel eyed him suspiciously. He sighed loudly, and Daniel couldn't take it anymore.
What! What is it! What is wrong with you!.
Jack looked up at him innocently .
You've been sitting in here for last hour, sighing and flicking paper, and... and... annoying me!.
Cool it, Danny-boy, I won't bother you again.
Don't call me that! Daniel hissed, leaning back over his work.
A couple of minutes passed by, and Jack breathed in deeply.
Daniel dropped his pen .
Was there life before the SGC?.
he said, resuming his work.
Really, didn't you....
I lived in a room, got laughed at by my peers, and couldn't even afford a square meal, didn't you ever wonder why I was so skinny when we met?.
Oh... Well I'm pretty sure I had a life before....
Jack, you tried kill yourself.
Oh yeah... I forgot about that.
They lapsed into an uneasy silence until Sam and Teal'c came in.
Hello, Sir, Daniel she said brightly. Teal'c bowed his head.
What're you so happy about? Jack asked.
Oh, I've just made a major breakthrough on the....
Jack held up his hands I don't like where this is going.
Sam deflated slightly Sorry sir, so what are you two doing?.
Well, I'm trying to work on this ancient script, i which is extremely difficult /i Daniel said pointedly And Jack has nothing better to do, so he's irritating me.
I was not being irritating, I was asking you an important question he turned to Sam Was there life before the SGC?
Well, I was mostly pushing papers, trying to get into NASA, then trying to get the gate up and running, and I don't actually remember sleeping that much.
So, that's a no he turned to Teal'c .
I was enslaved by the false god Apophis who tortured and killed millions.
Right... Well, at least life's better now!.
I hardly ever get out of my office, and find it impossible to have any sort of romantic relationship where I'm not under some form of mind-control Daniel said morosely.
I am not allowed off the base without a chaperone Teal'c said.
I still don't get any sleep Sam said.
I live alone, and no one wants to go fishing with me Jack mumbled.
Daniel stood up abruptly I need a drink.
Jack asked.
The four of them walked out of Daniel's office.
Well, at least we're alive.
I was dead for a year....