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Raven hated her father.

She felt this deepest in her heart. If he would just let her go, she could be happy. She could lose her temper, laugh, even cry if she wanted to. She would be able to do that one thing, the one she'd never dare to do: fall in love.

Thankfully, she at least had her diary. That little leather book held all that stray emotion she felt. Today, the entry held frustration.

"Dear freaking diary,

"I hate this. I hate it. Yes, the Azar told me to keep a diary and write out my feelings, but I'm freaking SICK of you! I'm sure my writing skills are pristine, but I want to act what I feel, not write it!

"Today, I cracked and told Aqualad to fuck off. I also broke the telephone I used to talk to him.

"Idiot! He keeps asking me out. As if I'm interested. He found out about my demon situation and now he's fixed on 'saving' me. Sure. Like he really understands about having something scary inside."

Here she paused. You know who did…

"If I'm going to date anybody, it's going to be Beast Boy. He knows what it's like, he understands, but he doesn't care about me.

"He likes her."

A knock brought the dark girl to the present. A green head stuck itself into her room. "Hey, Raven," said Beast Boy. "What's up?" He sat on the bed next to her; she made no move to stop him.

She closed the book and set down the pen. "Nothing."

He nodded. The pair fell into silence until a loud whiz-BANG brought their attention to a shower of sparks outside the window. Beast Boy grinned.

"C'mon," he said, taking her hand. "It's Independence Day. Fourth-a July and all. Plus, Mad Mod's in jail this year." He leaned closer. "We can do whatever we want."

Her heart sank. Even today, a day that represented free will, she felt her slavery, her indenture by birthright. She wasn't able to do whatever she wanted. Still, she nodded a bit. "Sure. What did you have in mind, Beast Boy? Tofu dogs or something?"

"No," he said. "Although that is a good idea. I thought we could go to a concert." He pulled a couple of tickets from his pocket. "Green Day American Idiot tour. Just perfect for Fourth of July, huh?"

She stared at him, then started to giggle. Beast Boy understood irony?

He watched her in amazement. "Dude, you laughed!"

Raven smiled and nodded. "Sure," she said. "Let's go."

"Laughter is the first sign of freedom."

- Rosalio Castellanos

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