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Chapter Four: We'll Try to Still Love You!

Hermione pulled Fred to the back of the bowling alley where a group of kids were standing and talking. There were about eight teenagers, five girls, three guys. One of the girls started waving in their direction, she exclaimed, "MIONE!" The rest of the group turned and they all smiled as the pair approached.

"Hey guys!" Hermione shouted happily; she was much more outgoing then she ever was at Hogwarts. She let go of Fred's hand, much to the disappointment of both, and hugged each in the group, and exchanged greetings. Fred hung back and watched as she embraced the last person and stepped back, she smiled and squeezed Fred's arm. "Everyone this is my friend Fred Weasley."

"You're Ron and Ginny's older brother right?" asked the tallest of the guys. "We met them, and Harry last summer."

"Yeah, I am!"

"Ok well we can discuss that later," Hermione interrupted, "Fred let me introduce you to everyone." She proceeded to inform Fred of all her friends names and their status in their little 'group.' "This is my best friend in like the whole world, Riley James." Riley stepped forward and shook Fred's hand. She was petite and very pretty. Though nowhere near Hermione, he thought to himself. Riley had long light blonde hair that flowed to her waist, and silver green eyes. In a way she reminded him of Malfoy, though much less… ferret-y.

"Her boyfriend, Julian Kine," Hermione pointed to the tallest male of the group, the one who asked if he was related to Ron and Ginny. He was tall with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes.

"Riley's older brother, Brenden. And his girlfriend and one of my closest friends, Tiffany Phang." She gestered to a tall blonde boy that looked closer to Fred's age than Hermione's, he had the same blonde hair as Riley but his eyes were browner. He was leaning on the table with his arms around a girl who Fred assumed was Tiffany, she had the biggest eyes Fred had ever seen, they were a dark brown and they made her look inquisitive and humorous. She was short and thin, with her thick black hair cut into a longish bob. They both smiled before Hermione continued.

"This is Attica McComwell," a pale girl with curly black hair and grey eyes smiled.

"The Thompson twins," she grinned at Fred as she said this, "Landon and Logan." The twins smiled widely, Landon was of average height and build, he also had a baby face that hid none of his mischievousness, standing next to him was a girl who looked exactly like him. So the girl is Logan, Fred thought, she was the same height and had the same baby face only it was more feminine and with longer hair. She was built smaller than her brother but other than that they looked exactly alike from the messy dark brown/black hair and piercing blue eyes, down to the crooked left pinky.

"And last but definitely not least," continued Hermione, "may I present my wonderful friend and cousin, Melia Granger!" Melia smiled widely and Fred saw she had the Granger family trait of slightly bucked teeth. She looked exactly like Hermione from her neck down, only in the face and the hair could you tell they weren't twins. She had bushy hair like Hermione but it was strawberry blonde and cut shorter; around her shoulders. Her face was different from Hermione's, it was slightly more square than Hermione's heart shaped face and Melia's eyes were also deep blue, where her cousin's were deep green.

Fred smiled and shook everyone's hand, making silent mental notes about everyone's names. Riley (best friend), Julian (Riley's boyfriend), Brenden (Riley's brother), Tiffany (Mya's close friend, girlfriend of Brendon, who's the big brother of Riley who's Mya's best friend)… whoa! Mya? Where did that come from? Hmm… I like it… I wonder if she will… ok… Attica (Mya's friend… no related or romantic affiliation with anyone, so far), Logan and Landon Thompson, (ok twins… hmm twins… I wonder if they're anything like George and I? well judging by the grin Mya gave me probably, Melia… she looks so much like Hermione… well she is her cousin… Mya's much prettier… they're nice… I hope they like me… I wonder if Mya has ever dated any of the guys? I hope not… oh Merlin, what if one of them is her boyfriend? No, no that can't be right, two have girlfriends, and…. Oh! Hahaha! Landon is staring at Melia like he's about to jump her… Thank GOD! Fred was relieved that there seemed to be no evidence of infatuation between Hermione and any of her guy friends. He was pulled from his daydream of what it would be like having to watch her flirt with someone who's known her longer than him. Probably like watching her and Ron… Grr! by Melia saying they should go pay for a lane and start to bowl.

Everyone agreed and started to make their way over to the front counter to pay when Fred felt Hermione grab onto his hand to hold him back and said, "Um… you guys go ahead, I just have to talk to Fred about something really quick." Everyone nodded and Hermione pulled Fred in the other direction until they were at the end of the corridor of restrooms and supply closets. "Ok have you ever bowled before?" she asked frantically.

"Well, no. but I think I know what to do. Angelina tried to explain it to me once.

Hermione scowled at the reminder of Fred's very serious ex-girlfriend, "ok well we'll just have to make sure you go last. Also make sure not to say anything incriminating, like about ton tongue toffees or whatever. None of them know about me being a witch; accept Melia, and that's only because she was with me when I received my letter. I haven't even told Riley, and she's been me best friend since pre-school, and if any of them even get suspicious that there may be something up I have no idea what I'll do, I…" Once again one of her rants was cut off by Fred placing his hand over her mouth.

He smiled and looked into her eyes, "Has anyone ever told you you talk too much?" Hermione nodded slowly not breaking eye contact with Fred. "Good," he said before removing his hand, and placing it along with the other one on her shoulders. "Now Mya, I promise, I have quite a bit of practice in dealing with muggles, and contrary to popular belief I am not stupid. So I think you can trust me to not give anything away. Ok?"

"Fred, I'm sorry! I know you wouldn't do anything on purpose and you are way too smart to let anything slip, it's just if anyone found out I don't know what I would do. It takes so much work to separate my school life and my home life, I just… I wouldn't know how to deal with all the questions."

"It's ok Mya, relax." He pulled her into a tight hug, "for once in your life stop worrying, nobody is going to find out, and if they do I'm here I won't let them burn you at the stake or anything, ok?"

Hermione chuckled and pulled back a bit so she could look into Fred's eyes, "Thank you, but I just have one question." Fred nodded in dual meaning, telling her 'your welcome' and 'go on,' "Where did the name Mya come from?" Fred blushed and Hermione smiled.

"Umm… I don't know really… it just kind of… I just like it… I mean… no one else calls you it, and I just thought… I mean if you don't like it… I can stop… I just… I thought it was kind of… I can stop… or not… I mean…"

Now Fred's sentence was cut off by Hermione's small, long fingured hand over his mouth, "has anyone ever told you you talk too much?" Fred blushed again and looked at her sheepishly. Hermione could only smile as she took her hand away, "I like it Fred, you're right no one else calls me Mya, it's nice."

"So it's ok if I call you that?"

"Of course. Maybe… we should…" and that was all she could get out, at that precise moment the two made the horrid mistake of looking into the other's eyes. Green on blue, breaths mingling, noses millimeters apart. Hermione could feel Fred's arms tighten around her waist. Their faces slowly came forward. Hermione's eyes were just about to flutter shut. And then…

"Mione! Come on move your bloody arse!" Melia said coming around the corner, she stopped when she saw the unmistakable remnants of a quick spring-apart, and the couple's guilty and embarrassed expressions. "I wouldn't be interrupting anything now would I?" she asked with a sly grin.

Hermione shut her eyes "No, actually we were just coming, come on Fred." Hermione took on her best business-no nonsense tone as she grabbed the still speechless and red faced Fred by the hand, and dragged him past a chuckling Melia. "Shut up!" she said harshly and both Fred and her cousin stared in shock.


"So Fred, Herm says you've already graduated right?" Julian asked as he came back from making an impressive strike.

"Yeah I graduated about two years ago."

"Well, what do you do?"

"Oh, umm…" Fred was thrown. He knew muggles had joke shops too, but he wasn't sure if he could explain his without giving anything away. He glanced at Hermione with questioning eyes. She saw and quickly jumped in.

"Oh come on Julian! I told you a million times, Fred and his twin own a joke shop. Geez you didn't knock yourself in the head with the bowling ball again did you?" Fred was amazed at how easily she kept up the act.

Julian was going to respond when Hermione spoke right over him. "Yes I know Julian, you only did that once, and it was because Riley was distracting you. But you do realize you didn't have to stare at her bending over in the first place, right? Because really, if you could have been thinking about anything except what color her underwear was you probably would never have gotten that concussion." She left off speaking with a self satisfied grin on her face.

"Well Herms, I see you haven't lost the need to speak for everyone have you?" Riley said as she came up behind her disgruntled boyfriend.

"Oh please, I don't speak for everyone." Hermione replied indignantly.

"HA! Oh please Mya you can have a six sided conversation with yourself and not know the difference than actually having five other people in the room." Fred laughed at her scrunched up expression as he said this.

"That is so not true!" Hermione said crossly.

However she no sooner got this out than all of her friends, even the ones she hadn't realized were listening, simultaneously turned to her and said, "YES! IT IS!"

Hermione-needless to say-was shocked, though that didn't last very long, she got over it quickly and said, "Oh fine! Whatever, could we please continue with our previously sanctioned activity? Fred, it's your turn."

"Mmhmm… sure Mya whatever you say…" Fred got up, picked up a bowling ball and walked over to the line. Hermione soon forgot her annoyance as she watched Fred approach the lane. Her breath caught in her throat as his arm pulled the ball backwards, his whole body was poised perfectly, ready to impress. He began to move forward, all eyes seemed to be on him, watching him, judging him, waiting for any evidence something about him was not in their spectrum of 'normal.' He stepped forward, propelled the ball ahead of his body, guiding it downwards, he let go, the ball floated gracefully down the lane, it was a yard away from the pins when… it changed course and went directly into the gutter.

There was a collective groan in which all her friends present mourned the loss of what looked to be a perfect shot. She glanced at Fred who was still standing, watching the continually upright bowling pins. He turned and looked at everyone watching him, "That, did not go right." He said it in such a deadpan way that everyone, including Hermione and him burst out laughing. He walked over to where the balls came up, grabbed another one, and tried again. This time he successfully knocking over all but one pin. "I guess I'm just out of practice." He said as he sat back down. No one even suspected it was his first time playing.


The rest of the time at the bowling alley went by without a hitch. They talked and laughed, Fred explained some of their products, but only the ones Hermione mentioned because he knew she could help him back it up with scientific facts. After playing two full games the gang decided to head over to one of their favorite restraints and get something to eat.

Twenty minutes later they were sitting at the biggest table Eddie's 50's flashback diner had, Fred was sitting squished between Hermione and Riley. On Riley's other side was Julian, and on Hermione's was Landon. They reached a lull in the conversation when Landon leaned over Hermione and asked, "So Fred, what is our little Herms like at school? The last time we went to school with her all she did was work ahead in lessons, and tell us we didn't apply ourselves, and that was 5th grade, please tell me she's changed just a little bit?"

Hermione looked about ready to kill when Fred burst into laughter. He ignored her though and said, "I'm sorry Landon I can't say she has. However, it has been about two years since I went to school with her so I don't know exactly. Honestly though, I highly doubt it."

"Oh please I'm not that bad." Hermione said huffily.

"Mya, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but yes… you are." Hermione gazed at Fred with mock hurt and offense. "Love, you yelled at Harry and Ron for throwing snowballs at you too hard because if one hit your wrist it could impair your writing abilities."

"B…Bu…but… but… I had a test the next day!" Hermione sputtered defensively. Everyone burst out laughing, and Hermione slumped down in her seat pouting. Fred put an arm around her and pulled her close.

"Aww, don't worry Mya, you may be neurotic, obsessive, annoying, and overly sensible, but at least you're consistent." Hermione looked at Fred with an expression that clearly said, 'oh my gosh, I feel so much better… now go to hell!' Fred grinned, "aww don't worry, we'll try to still love you."