Sickness of the Heart

Summery- After a year without Wendy, Peter decided it was time she come back, but her window has been locked, the curtains closed, and a secret hidden behind them. A secret that not only threatened his Wendy, but the safety of Neverland's very own keeper as well.

Disclaimer - I own nothing except the plot.

Chapter 1. Frustrated

"Tell us another Peter Pan story!" John and Michael begged as Wendy lay on her bed in the nursery.

"No, not now." Wendy murmured as she buried her face into her pillow.

It happened the day after Wendy returned from Neverland. At first it seemed like merely homesickness. Her thoughts seemed consumed, almost eaten alive by something that didn't seem to exist. Her classmates called her crazy, her teachers all called her a wild dreamer. At least that was what she had been told

Ever since Wendy came back from Neverland, she had been very cold and distant. She mostly just lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling and dreaming up stories that all involved a certain boy. A boy that now haunted Wendy's every breath, every step, and every thought.

Her hair lay in a messy heap against her pillow that was sweaty from the summer heat. She hardly moved, hardly ate, and her usual dream filled night suddenly became restless eves.

It was no big deal at first glance. Just a silly little girl consumed by a dreamland. Mere imagination in her parents eyes. Soon, hours turned to days, days turned to week, and those weeks turned to a whole year. A child who dreamed for a year straight was no longer a healthy child, especially a child that was supposed to be moving ever so slowly into adulthood.

Every night, for a whole year, she left the window to the nursery open, wishing that he would come back. Her body was ageing; she felt it in her bones. With a sudden overbearing rush she felt regret for leaving.

After a year, he never came. With all hope lost, Wendy dejectedly shut the window one summer night.

That very same night, the window was locked and the curtains where drawn closed, but they were not closed by Wendy's hand.


In Neverland, Peter Pan had forbidden the lost boys to talk of mothers or Wendy, but the boys didn't listen to such silly rules. They often spoke of her greatness when Peter wasn't around to stop them. Often when Peter was out hunting they would pretend Wendy still took shelter in the tree with them, following her set rules and sometimes breaking them. It just so happened that Peter was not around that evening.

"If mother where here..." Nibs said to Tootles "She would make you take this medicine!" Nibs was struggling to force a flower full of liquid down Tootles throat. Once he got it in, Tootles made a face and all the boys had a good laugh.

"I wonder if mother misses us." The Twins said together.

"Well I miss mother." Slightly said

"Mother?" Peter yelled as he slid down the slide to their underground home. The boys all exchanged worried looks and turned to Peter.

"So sorry Peter! I shall never speak of mothers again." Slightly bowed before Peter.

"I don't know whom you speak of, or what a mother is." All the boys looked confused. Peter of course had lied. He remembered 'His' Wendy. She was the girl trying to force him to grow up. She was the girl who had forced him to feel something not of his age…

He remembered her well…

For some reason that night, Peter could not sleep. His thoughts revolved around Wendy. He wanted so badly to see her, but he was afraid of what he might see. Maybe she would have a husband? Or what if she forgot all about him? There was only one way to find out. That night he crept silently from the underground home and into the skies of Neverland.

At his speed, it was only a short trip to the Darlings home. He searched around the house to find the nursery window, that's when he saw it. The window was shut and the curtains were drawn closed. He flew to the window and struggled to try and open it. The word of Hook echoed in his mind.

She'd rather grow up then stay with you!

What if she really did grow up!

The window is shut!

"NO!" Peter yelled into the night

She can't hear you

"NO!" Peter yelled louder

She can't see you


She's forgotten all about you!

Peter gathered all his strength and gave a mighty tug at the locked window

and there's another in your place

Peter banged his fist against the window

He's called husband

"Husband..." Peter whispered to himself and rested his head against the window. "she's forgotten me..." With a shaky breath, Peter stubbornly slammed on the windowpane before fleeing to the comfort of Neverland.