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Sickness of the Heart

Chapter 19 - Indescribable

The Final Chapter

' Why does it take girls fifty years just to get ready?' Peter sighed as he waited by the fireplace. His knees drawn in and his head resting in the crevice between them. The whole house was annoyingly empty. As the moon came out from it's hiding place, the Lost boys went outside to play in it's cool light. Seeing it only fit to send Tinkerbell along with them. They had a bad habit of getting into the worst sorts of trouble. Tinkerbell always saw an end to that. He wished he could have been outside with them, Probably exploring and making up some sort of silly childish adventure. Something was very calming about the nighttime. He loved to play under the moonlight, completely cloaked by the darkness. Sadly, that was not happening tonight. Wendy had told Peter she had a plan. A plan to keep her alive. For that, Peter would gladly sit alone for an eternity.

Wendy never told him exactly what her grand master plan was. She herself wasn't all to sure if it would even work. She quickly ran from her room and told him to sit tight because she had a plan. After that she darted right back into her room, The hours seemed to drag slowly on as Peter's eyes fell hypnotized on the roaring flames. His eyes dropping every now and then. He had gotten up a few times just to try to draw Wendy out of her room. Every time she had told him just a few more minutes and he would have to go back to sitting and waiting.

To Peter, time didn't exist. Heck, to all of Neverland, time didn't exist. Yet Wendy seemed to be measuring it all the time. Maybe he had become afraid of time... Maybe that reason was Wendy. The fact that in the past year time seemed against her. He wished she would hurry. To much time alone gave him way to much time to think.

Wendy rushed around her room frantically. She just wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. This really meant a lot to her, It was not only a way of keeping herself alive, but something that could change her life. In the world she came from, it was sign of maturity. You leave all that was childhood behind and commit yourself completely to someone else. She wanted Peter to be surprised and love it all the same. Mostly, she wanted him to love her. She hoped it would be a pleasant surprise to him. Taking a deep breath she looked down at herself. Her hair was tied tightly up in an elegant bun with a few sausage curls hanging over the edge to frame her heart shaped face. She fit her naturally thin waist into a corset, just to give herself some extra curves. To be honest, it was very loose on her. Possibly a result of her illness. She looked perfect though, just how she wanted. To top off her perfect look she wore her favorite dress. A crimson red ball gown with a low scoop back. The middle was brought in by a sash which tied in back as a bow. She swayed back and forth to watch the long sleeves swing around her. The last thing she did was stuff something into the back heel of her brilliant red slippers.

"Peter." She stepped into the fire lit glow of the main room to show herself. Peter lifted and eyebrow and tilted his head a bit. Looking much like a lost child at her fancy attire.

"What's all this?" It wasn't that he didn't think that she looked lovely, but he didn't understand why her plan required her to take so long to get ready. Compared to the way she was dressed, he felt almost insignificant. Just his normal pair of fairy made pants made up of entirely leaves. He had a thin strap of skeleton leaves holding them up over his left shoulder. His pan pipes and knife were buckled along his left side. Not to mention his slightly grungy complexion from years of tromping through mud and forest.

"It's my favorite dress. There are a lot of memories in it. I just wanted it to see one more memory be made."

"What memory would that be?"

Wendy put a finger to her lips in a silencing motion. "It's a surprise." She pulled a handkerchief out of a pocket in her dress and moved toward him with the handkerchief outstretched. Peter allowed her to wrap the handkerchief over his eyes without question and tie a big knot in back. Once she was done, she stood back and admired her work, holding three fingers in front of Peters face. "How many fingers am I holding up?" She asked rather playfully.

"How should I know?" Peter laughed.

"You wouldn't be lying to me now would you?" She said with a smile playing on her lips.

"Of course not!" And that was good enough for her.

Wendy gently laced his fingers with hers, urging him towards the steps. Peter slowly followed. Putting every drop of his trust into her guidance. He liked the feeling of being able to completely and fully put trust into someone else with no worries. For he knew she would never lead him anywhere bad.

She carefully lead Peter up the stairs, making sure he didn't trip on any. Peter soon felt the familiar night air and snapping twigs beneath his feet. He knew whatever Wendy had planned would work. Even though he knew not of her plan, he had a gut feeling that it was a good plan. Wendy was a very intelligent girl who could find a solution to almost anything. Be it her own problem or others. Now he just wished Wendy somehow found a way to stop him from tripping over his own feet!

She lead Peter slowly through the dark surrondings, making short comments along the way such as "Almost there" or "It's only a matter of time now." To her it was all so very exciting. Even with the moon so high in the sky it was impossible to see anything. The trees that still stood after the disaster were almost a dark black color, blocking out the moon. Not even her nose in front of her was visible. But she didn't need light to show her where she was going. She knew the way by heart. Besides the beach, this place was her favorite spot to go and think. She must have gone there a thousand times in the course of her stay.

Finally after what seemed like another eternity Wendy stopped and pulled the blindfold from Peter's eyes. He blinked a few times to rid himself from the previous darkness and looked around at his familiar surroundings. A less dense part of the forest that was surrounded by an abundance of tall thick grass. Past the long grassy area, the kids could see the gentle rising of smoke and flickering firelight coming from the Indian village not to far away. A light erotic beat of a drum was coming from the nearest teepee. Wendy stood facing Peter. In the background, a tall weeping willow before the moon with tiny fairies darting in and around it.

Peter pursed his lips together, his eyes were busy taking in all of the familiar sights.

"Remember this place?" Wendy turned from Peter with a nostalgic look in her eyes. She was admiring the moon the same way he was.

"Of course I do... How could I ever forget."

Wendy smiled. "We danced here." She approached Peter with a gleam in her eye. Peter must have noticed because he smiled in return. Wendy slipped her hand over Peter's bare shoulder and slid her other one into Peter's dangling palm. Soon they were in a perfect position to begin a dance.

"I-I've never danced on the ground before." Peter nervously stuttered as he realized what Wendy wanted to do.

"That's fine." Wendy replied. "This time, I'll be the leader." Peter still felt a little strange about dancing on the ground but he still trusted Wendy and was willing to giver her every once of his trust.

Once Peter nodded in agreement, he felt Wendy lightly leading him away from her, then drawing him back in. She moved her feet and hips to the beat of the pulsating drums in the background. Upon being pulled back in, Peter's left foot trampled over Wendy's . She drew back for a second in pain, then just laughed it off and continued to lead. After a couple more mess ups, Peter was beginning to get the hang of dancing while grounded. Soon the two were whirling and twirling just as if they were up in the air. Peter dipped Wendy low and lifted her up high leaving her breathless in the end. Wendy collapsed against the trunk of the tree laughing lightly.

"Wow..." She muttered, her chest heaving with excitement. Peter collapsed next to her, desperately trying to move into her field of vision.

"Was this your plan?" Peter asked once he was unable to catch her eye.

"Huh?" Wendy snapped back into the real world.

"This. Was this that plan you were telling me about?"

Wendy shook her head quickly. For a second, she had completely forgot that she even had a plan. She forgot everything around her. She was so caught up with the moment.

"No it's not... I... umm, it's just..." Wendy took a deep breath as she stood up. She slipped her hand into the back of her shoe and pulled out the thing she had previously hidden in it. Peter eyed Wendy suspiciously when she didn't respond for a little while.

"What is that?" Peter pointed tot he thing she was now attempting to hide behind her back (unsuccessfully of course).

"It's a..." Wendy turned sharply on Peter and held her possession safety in her fist. "Before you say no to my plan you must listen to me. I know this is against you and against everything you stand for, but this was the only thing I could think of. I just wanted you to like it and-" Peter quickly put his finger to her lips. She was saying way to much way to quickly. At this rate, he just barely understood a word she said.

"What is 'it'."

Wendy let out another deep breath and opened her clenched hand.

"'It' was my mothers." She said referring to the medium sized diamond ring with a gold frame placed perfectly on the palm of her hand. "She gave it to me not to long before I left."

"'It's' a ring?"

"Not just any ring... it's... a wedding ring." Peter continued to stare in confusion at Wendy. Then he slowly began to back away. He looked almost nervous the second the word 'wedding' was mentioned. Before he was able to back up any further Wendy grabbed his hand. " I stalled at telling you because I was afraid that this may be your reaction."

"But this is grown up stuff, I mean... I can't-" Peter sighed in defeat. It was a wedding ring the sat before him. Wendy wanted to marry him! The shimmering ring sat in Wendy's outstretched palm seeming to mock Peter in every way possible. Wendy was right. This did go against everything he stood for. Only grownups got married. Would getting married mean he had to grow up? He shook his head. Of course not! He was purely doing this for Wendy.

"This ring will bind us in our hearts. You don't have to accept it, but it would mean a lot to-"

"I'll do it!" Peter shouted hurriedly. "I-I'll never grow up. That I know. I don't think some silly old ring will change that right? It won't change who I am right? So I'll do it!" Wendy took the ring from her palm and gently placed it on Peter's ring finger. Both stood there, literally holding their breaths, half expecting something amazing to happen. To their disappointment, nothing did.

"I think we need one more thing for this to work." Wendy said while inching a bit closer.


Wendy's arm wrapped itself around Peter's waist. She tilted her head up so that she could feel his warm breath teasing her bottom lip. Both of their faces heating up and their hearts pounding out of their chest. His own arm was caressing the back of Wendy's head, slowly weaving his fingers into her hair. Their lips pressed sweetly together. It seemed like in that moment their senses of everything around them seemed heightened.

The strong flowery scent of her perfume.

His soft skin.

Their tingling lips.

Such an enormous tingling feeling that made Wendy gasp in surprise. Peter's tongue slid into her mouth. It was just an act of sudden passion, but it felt wonderful. A completely innocent kiss. She wanted to just completely melt right there in his arms or maybe stay like this forever... Yes, stay like this forever and ever. Sadly the moment came to an end when Peter pulled away. Gazing intently into Wendy's deep blue eyes.

"Do you think it worked?" He said still dazed over what just took place.

"I don't kno-AH!" She took a sharp breath as she gasped in pain. A sharp pain shot through Wendy's body. She kneeled down to resemble a small ball, gripping at her aching stomach to try to ease the sudden pain. She clawed into Peter's arm as he kneeled down beside her.

"What's wrong?"

Her muscle control suddenly dropped from her. "I feel... funny." She said before collapsing into his open arms. She closed her eyes, falling into an unconscious state. Her breathing was fair and even as if she were only sleeping. Her skin glowing in the moonlight. Suddenly, Peter didn't feel so great either. Once again he felt a ripping sensation. A similar feeling he had gotten when he was on Hooks ship on the eve of his death. Only this time it was way less intense. It wasn't as horrid as that night either. Almost like a numb burning. Strangely, he was ok with it.

He staggered back to his feet with Wendy still in his arms. He swayed with his first few steps, feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Luckily Wendy was as light as a feather in his arms. He grind his teeth in bitter determination. It was a long and dark walk back to the underground home without the use of flying but he knew he would make it.


The morning started out just like any other. The sun began to slowly rise over the snow capped mountains and wash away twilight. The underground home was comfortably warm. Just perfect for Wendy who was snuggled up in her nice warm bed with a pillow hugged close to her chest. The sun snuck in through a crack in the wood. A stream of sunlight hit her eyes, causing her to slowly open them. For a second she put her hand up to block the light, just long enough for her eyes to adjust.

Just like any other morning she pushed her blankets back and slid out of bed. But when her feet came in contact with the cold ground, something amazing happened. A pulsing vibe ran through her feet straight to her head. Definitely NOT like any other morning. An unexplainable sense of happiness washed over her being. It made her want to just jump up and laugh or shout. It felt as if she had a heightened sixth sense. She knew about every little thing going on around her. The strangest thing too, such as the little fly that was dying just under her nightstand and a new flower just popped up in some clearing on the island. She was able to shake off the weird feeling and continue with her normal morning routine.

Normally, mornings for Wendy were hectic. She had to prepare breakfast for seven hyper boys, along with checking them for injuries they may have gotten on the previous nights outing (They always had at least one that she needed to bandage up before they got a chance to go out and make it worse). Their talking alone was probably heard for miles around. Normally when she exited her bedroom she was immediately met with a wave of good mornings and hugs. Not today though. Actually, the house was completely empty.

"Nibs, Tootles, Slightly?" Wendy called out to the silence. "Peter... Anyone?" They couldn't have gone that far this early in the morning. She continued her way up the stairs and out of the house. Wendy had decided that in her long while she had been in Neverland that mornings were the most beautiful time of day. The sky looked as if a child took orange and yellow finger paints and was told to go crazy with it. Higher up in the sky you could still see traces of twilight. Purples and dark blues hung in the places the sun had not yet reached. The most beautiful part of this morning though was the fact that the sun was just below the trees creating a- WAIT! TREES? LOTS OF THEM!

Wendy spun around quickly to survey her surroundings. It was indeed true. Just last night the area around Hangmans tree was filled with almost no trees at all. The trees that were still there were slowly beginning to rot. But these ones were tall and beautiful. They held a ton of soft green colored leaves. Some even held little pink flowers with petals slowly falling off and drifting to the ground. It almost made it look like it was snowing! The ground beneath her feet was no longer disheveled dirt but thick bluegrass with white daisies scattered here and there. Last night the fairies had done what they promised Peter. The head fairies had indeed made Neverland more magical then it was before, just as everyone predicted. She was in total awe over all of this.

"Wendy?... Hey look there she is!" A voice called out.

"I told you she would wake up soon!"

The Lost boys stepped out from behind a flower bearing tree and came up to her unnaturally calm instead of their normal unruly behavior.

"What are you all doing out so early? You haven't even eaten breakfast yet!" She said with a giggle. The Lost boys exchanged smiled and faces that practically screamed 'we're hiding something.'

"We have a surprise for you." Nibs said.

"Follow us Wendy!" Tootles giggled and grabbed her hand, pulling her through the woods.

It only took a short while for them to reach their final destination. Or maybe it was because the Lost boys were running so fast that it only took a short while. A clearing with a single tree stump in it. Standing atop that tree stump was none other then Peter Pan, smiling happily.

"Wendy." Peter said with a bow and a hand offering.

"Peter." Wendy curtsied and went to receive his hand. She noticed the hand Peter offered was the one that held her mothers Wedding ring. Just then, as she was walking through a storm of flower petals towards Peter, She realized that he was her husband. They were now married... But why did Peter have his other hand behind his back?

"What is all this?" She said once she finally reached him, thinking she sounded much like he had last night.

"Well, you surprised me. Now it's my turn." He smiled. "Oh, but you may need this first." Peter pulled his hand out from behind his back to reveal a gold crown with a satin red lining. No doubt stolen from Hook back when he was alive. "I think you should have it now." He said while placing it on her head.

"Why are you giving me your crown." She said while trying to balance the crown on her small head.

"Haven't you noticed?" Peter raised an eyebrow. "The senses you have... Feeling any stronger?... Anything like that?"

"Well yes but what does that-"

"My powers are gone?" Peter said, almost as if it pained him a little to say.


"They're all yours now. That's what you were feeling last night. They were passing to you." Peter laughed to himself. It sounded to Wendy more like a nervous laugh. "Guess I'm no longer prince of Neverland without my powers right? So I'm giving my crown to you." Peter kneeled down before Wendy almost looking like he were at a knighting ceremony of some sort.

"This is... Unbelievable... " She muttered and somewhere in Neverland she sensed another flower blooming.

"Wendy..." Peter said in a very authoritative voice. "I hereby name you Wendy, Princess of Neverland!" The Lost boys cheered in the background while Wendy stood there awestruck. Tinkerbell zoomed in and immediately began chattering with Peter.

"Your not serious are you? This wench wouldn't know how to use these powers from her backside!" Tinkerbell fumed Wendy covered her mouth with her hand. She understood every word that passed the fairies lips. A feat she had not yet accomplished like the other children of Neverland.

"What did you call me?"

"Sorry Tink!" Peter laughed. "I can't understand you anymore. If you want to talk, it will have to be with Wendy. Looks like you two have to get along." Tinkerbell just turned sharply and darted off into the forest. The Lost boys followed behind to give Peter and Wendy some alone time.

"You can really never talk to her again." Wendy said in a sympathetic voice.

"I can talk to her through you can't I?" Wendy still didn't look happy. Peter turned to her and took her hands in his. "My powers have made you strong enough to live and that's all that matters to me."

"Yes but-"

"Now..." Peter interrupted. "What is your first act as Princess?"

"First act..." Well, Peter had lost all of his powers. She felt almost guilty. Like she had taken them away from him. Even through his smiling face, she knew he was sad abou looking them. Wendy smiled and glided her fingers across her chin. "My first act as princess is to treat you to something I'm sure you missed." She walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso just below his arms. "Ready?" She looked towards the orange sky.

"Ready when you are Princess Wendy." And with that Wendy jumped up just enough to catch wind. She felt so strong being the one caring Peter instead of being the one carried. Peter didn't mind being carried. He was too busy enjoying the much missed feeling of weightlessly being carried through the air.

The sky finally turned a light baby blue and the sun was at it's highest. The suns rays lightened the flower covered Island paradise that was Neverland. Once again it was a sanctuary for all who wish to not grow up and it always will be. It didn't matter that Peter was married. Having participated in that very adult like activity. All that mattered was that he was very much a child at heart. That's all you needed in Neverland was the innocent heart of a child and a carefree attitude. Finally Peter and Wendy were able to go back to having just that. So Peter let Wendy be his wings...

As all of Neverland watched them fly away...



I have absolutely loved working on this story. Originally, this story was only going to be a ten chapter short story that was just going to be a side project while I wrote my other stories. After I saw how much people liked it and how far this story could go, I changed it a little to be longer and more action packed. I ripped many of my planning pages after chapter 5 and completely re wrote much of the story line.
Many of the ideas I got for the new story line was inspired by reviews you all gave me. Someone would say, I wonder if blank was going to happen. So I'd write in a chapter based off of that idea with some differences.
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So I would like to thank everyone who reviewed and helped me with this story. If it wasn't for the reviewers, this story seriously wouldn't be what it became!

So as sad as I feel to write this...