Italics- Character is Thinking

Starts before/after a sentence- Character is performing an action


Shadow x Amy x Sonic- Triangle romance at first

Sonic x Jade- Coupling

Rouge x Knuckles x Petal- Triangle romance

Tails x Cream x Charmy- Triangle romance

Tikal likes Shadow

Espio likes Tikal

Magic is a one some

Gangs Sonic, Tails, Espiogang 1

Shadow, Knuckles, Charmygang 2


This story tells about Shadow's true love and how he found it (not true). This story takes place during high school (S.S. High School) year. This is how the coupling goes. Amy (15) and Sonic (17) used to date, but Sonic was cheating on Amy and was going out with a girl named Petal Racoon (15) at the same time. As Amy and Petal found out, they both left Sonic-leaving Sonic alone. Then, after a couple of weeks, Shadow (17) and Amy started dating, and Sonic started dating Jade the rabbit (16).

At the same time, Rouge (16) started liking Knuckles (17), but Petal started liking Knuckles also. Also, Tails (14) started liking Cream (14) and Charmy (14) started liking Cream too. Tikal (16) likes Shadow but he keeps refusing her, but Espio (16) likes Tikal. There's another character in the story named Magic.

To make this story more "high school" lives, there are gangs in this school. In Sonic's gang there is Sonic, Tails, and Espio. In Shadow's gang there is Shadow, Knuckles, and Charmy.