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Shadow was waiting outside of Amy's room, with his hands folded together. Finally, what seemed like an hour, the doctor came out. Shadow immediately stood up and greeted the doctor.

"Doctor?" asked Shadow.

"She'll be fine. Her body was just at its weakest point and that's why it wasn't able to produce enough body heat," the doctor answered.

"Thank you very much," Shadow said, bowing.

The doctor smiled and walked off. Shadow walked into Amy's room to find that she was asleep again. Not too long afterwards, there was knock on the door and the bodyguards that Shadow summoned walked in. Shadow explained the situation to them and they all headed to their posts. He kept on watching Amy, while holding onto her hand, hoping that she would wake up soon and that he would be able to see that big, sweet smile of hers. After a while, Shadow slowly fell asleep.

A guard outside saw this and took this chance. He suddenly punched and knocked out all the other guards. He looked around and walked inside. He took out a knife from his jacket and slowly walked towards where Shadow was sleeping. The stranger held the knife up high and was ready to strike down when suddenly, Shadow quickly moved out of the way.

"I knew you weren't one of my bodyguards from the beginning. Tikal and Espio sent you didn't they?" Shadow asked.

"I don't need to answer to you," the man said as he charged towards Shadow.

Shadow dodged it but was hit by a surprise attack by the man who had a second knife. He was holding his right arm where the wound appeared and started breathing heavily.

"Not so quick on your feet huh?" the man said.

"Just enough for me to beat you," Shadow answered.

Suddenly, a group of men appeared in the room and they happened to be Shadow's bodyguards. They surrounded the stranger and soon got a hold of him.

"Why did Tikal and Espio send you here?" Shadow asked.

"Kill me instead. I won't say anything," the stranger told him.

"Take him to the basement for interrogation. Make sure you get some kind of answer from him," Shadow ordered.

"Yes sir," one of them replied.

Shadow walked out of the room, towards the bathroom and along the way, he bumped into someone.

"Sorry," he said.

But the stranger gave no reply. Shadow thought nothing of it and continued walking. The stranger looked back to make sure Shadow was out of sight and walked into Amy's room. The stranger hovered over Amy and saw that she was sound asleep in her bed. The stranger took its hat off to reveal, Tikal.

"So, she's just sleeping here, not even knowing her life is about to end soon; in my hands. Sleeping without a care in the world," Tikal thought.

"Tikal?" a voice called out.

Tikal froze in her place and noticed that Amy was waking up. She had just missed her chance.

"Amy, I'm so glad you're awake. You've been asleep for so long, are you okay?" Tikal asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just really tired so I needed some sleep," Amy answered.

"That's great. Well it's getting late so I should get going. I'll come visit you again later," Tikal said, walking out.

Not too long afterwards, Shadow walked into the room and saw Amy sitting on her bed, looking out the window.

"Amy?" Shadow asked.

"Hey Shadow, where have you been? I've been waiting for you," Amy said.

"How are you feeling? Is your body feeling okay?" Shadow asked.

"I'm fine. I gained so much energy after that sleep," Amy said, smiling.

Shadow took her hands and could feel the warmth once again. He smiled knowing that she was okay again.

"Oh, by the way, Tikal was here not too long ago. I wish you came earlier so you can see her again," Amy explained.

"Tikal? You mean she was here?" Shadow asked.

"Yeah, she came to visit me," Amy answered.

"That was way to close for comfort. I'm going to have to watch over Amy more carefully from now on," Shadow thought to himself.

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