Before it Began

By. SkyQuill


James knew he was in love at first sight, but what would it take for Lily to love him back? Read their story leading up to their deaths and discover the dangers they faced and the loves and friendships they shared.


I do not own most of the characters and places or anything else that may seem familiar. J.K. Rowling has the exclusive claim to this as well as the general plot that formed this fanfic.

Chapter 1: Train Tribulations

Strands of vivid red hair swung wildly as a seventh year Hogwarts student struggled to push her trunk onto the luggage rack. Finally managing to secure upon the shelf, she glanced hopefully up and down the Hogwart's Express for a glimpse of her friends, but her vision was obscured mainly by the immense crowds of students bustling around in search of emptry compartments.

Ever since the beginning of August, Lily Evans had looked forward to her return to Hogwart's school of witchcraft and wizardry and the escape from her bitter sister. Petunia Evans had been extremely hostile towards her sister upon finding out that Lily, unlike herself, had been made a witch. Now Lily was finally going back, and brimming wth happiness, she set off towards the Head's compartment.

Upon arriving, she discovered the reserved carriage to be empty. Frowning slightly, she settled herself upon a velvet cushioned seat and waited. It wasn't long before the door slid open and in walked a person that made her stop dead and stare. James Potter beamed at her as he stepped in jauntily and closed the door behind him.

"Morning Evans, good summer?" he asked brightly. Lily's emerald green eyes stared in shock at the badge pinned on his chest.

"Er-" was all she could manage. To her annoyance, James smiled even more widely,

"Congragulations. Head Girl, that's excellent." Feeling quite irritated by his cheery demeanour, she snapped,

"Ok Potter, fess up. Who'd you nick the badge off of?"

"Er, nobody, I got it through the mail. Honestly." he added when Lily continued to scowl.

"Let me see it!" she demanded. Rolling his eyes, James removed his badge and handed it to her. Lily turned it over in her hands, searching almost desperately for a sign that it was fake.

"It can't be you." she mumbled pleadingly as she handed it back, "It just can't." James frowned, his hurt showing through his eyes,

"Look Evans, I know we haven't got along before but-"

"POTTER! I don't have time for your feeble apologies. Just because you're sorry doesn't mean I can just forget what a great fat-headed troll you are!" Her green eyes flashed dangerously and James raised his hands surrender, trying to fight back his rising sense of disappointment.

"Sorry." he mumbled, bitterly wishing she would give him a chance.

"Whatever." Lily muttered, her fiery temper still flaring in response to this unpleasent surprise, "Now go and read these instructions to the new prefects. I'll address the older ones and remind them of their duties." James nodded, glancing at the paper she passed him with disinterest.

"Look Evans, would you give me another chance-" he began, but stopped at the look on Lily's face. Shaking her head with disgust, Lily stomped out of the compartment and hurried off to the prefect's carriage.


"So how'd it go Prongs?" Sirius Black asked James when he returned to their compartment. Remus and Peter looked up from their game of Exploding Snap to listen. James groaned,

"She wouldn't even hear me out. She just called me a fat-headed troll and told me to go and give the prefect's their instructions." Sirius thumped him on the back sympathetically.

"Maybe you'd better just give up on her." Remus suggested mildly. Sirius and James turned to stare at him in amazement,

"You're kidding." James said.

"After all she's put him through?" Sirius replied, " Nah, she's just playing hard to get."

"You think so do you?" asked a new voice. All four boys turned to look at their latest arrival. There in the doorway stood Cadence Summers. She had shoulder length, coppery chestnut hair that framed her face in layers. Her hazel eyes surveyed James cooly.

"You know Potter, you might want to leave her alone. She's really getting sick of you. This might just be the year she snaps." Cadence informed him. James frowned,

"But I can't."

"Why not?" she asked, sounding slightly more sympathetic at his dejected tone.

"It's just, I can't." he repeated lamely. Cadence frowned,

"Fine but when she finally turns you into the great,slimy toad she's been calling you for years, don't say I didn't warn you."

"Say Cadence, " Remus cut in quietly before James could retort, "Why did you come down here anyways?" Suddenly she grinned,

"I got a letter from Black this summer. And seeing as it's er, sensitive nature, I thought it best we discuss it in person." Sirius looked politely befuddled as he got to his feet and followed her out the door and into a spare compartment.

"What's this about?" he asked suspiciously.

"I just wanted to give you my answer." she replied calmly as she closed the door. With a sinking feeling, Sirius tried to make an excuse,

"Er, it's ok if you don't want to. Dunno what got into me-" he stopped arubptly as Cadence placed a finger on his lips. Then leaning towards his ear she whispered,

"My answer is yes." Sirius smiled brightly,

"Knew you'd say that." She grinned at his slightly sheepish expression and leaned forwards to meet his lips.


"Where's Cadence off to?" Lily asked her friends, Serena and Callidora."I spoke to her briefly in the hall and she said she had business to attend to. "

"She said she needed to go speak to Black." Serena responded nonchalantly as she flipped her long, wavy blonde hair over her shoulder and peered at her friend with her light, greyish green eyes. Serena, like Lily, was a muggle born. Callidora, however was a pure blood and had been graced with deep blue eyes and dark, almost black hair that feel to her mid-back. Cadence, their missing friend, was a mixture of both bloods.

"Yes, apparantly Black asked her out this summer." Callidora added, smirking. Lily grinned in return,

"Really? I never thought Black had it for her." Serena nodded placidly then asked,

"So how was your summer Lily?"

"Oh you know, alright I guess. Petunia finally has a new boyfriend. I thought she'd never get over Ryan but...Now she's dating this horrid kid named, Vernon. You should see the size of this guy. But other then the usual it was pretty dull." Callidora smiled suddenly as she caught sight of Lily's badge,

"Well it couldn't have been that boring! You've been made head girl!"

"How come you didn't tell us in your letters?" Serena asked.

"Well, I only got my letter the day before school started." Lily responded modestly, "So how were your summers?"

"Boring as hell. Adelie wouldn't leave me alone. Sometimes I wish she had never gotten her Hogwart's letter. Then i'd at least be able to enjoy my time at school!" Serena commented sourly. Adelie was Serena's second year sister and had the unfortunate habit of being a pest.

"Well, I personally had a great summer." Callidora announced happily, "I met this guy through a penpal service. His name is Briac Preasin and he goes to Durmstrang. He sent me his picture, here i'll show you, isn't he cute?" Lily and Serena leaned forward simoutaneously.

"Wow, he is handsome." Serena agreed. Lily looked at the tall, muscular figure distastefully. He wasn't her type at all, but she decided to hold her tongue.

"Congragulations Calli' i'm sure he's great." Lily said. Just then, Cadence strolled in, her robes slightly wrinkled and her hair mussed up.

"Hey Lily!" she said brightly as she took a seat beside her.

"Hey. Good summer then?" she replied, smirking at Cadence's appearence.

"Excellent." Cadence replied breathlessly, "Hey, what's the matter? Why are you all looking at me like that?" Serena smiled wickedly,

"No reason, though I take it your little chat with Black went well?" Cadence blushed scarlet,

"Oh, yes, umm, it did." For a moment, all the girls exchanged amused looks then burst into fitful giggles.


"Where'd you go Padfoot?" Peter asked when Sirius had returned.

"Oh, just for a week through the train." James and Remus exchanged curiously amused looks,

"What was in that letter you sent Cadence? Eh, Padfoot?" James asked, trying hard to mask his laughter. Sirius scowled at him then decided it wasn't such an offensive question,

"I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend." he said without a hint of embaressment. Remus smiled gently and James' face contrary to lighting up, fell.

"Good for you mate." he mumbled.

"What'd I do?" Sirius asked, catching James' look. Remus shot him a cautionary glance as James replied.

"Nothing, just wish I had your luck with girls."

"Easy for you three to say!" Peter cut in unexpectedly, "You guys could get any girl in the school if you wanted."

"Except Evans." James muttered sulkily.

"Look Prongs" Remus said, "I'm sure that if you give it time, she might come to er, like you."

"You think so?" he asked ignoring Sirius' snort. Remus nodded and James smile once more.

"Alright then. This years number one mission, deflate my so called fat-head." he announced causing the marauders to burst into laughter.

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