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Warning: Shounen-ai, mpreg.


Hating Loving You

"I hate you." Draco said looking at the higher grade on his friend's transfigurations test.

"I know." Blaise said stuffing the paper into his pack.

"I hate you." Draco muttered, glaring at the stack of valentines almost two times as large as his own.

"I know." Blaise replied handing him a chocolate.

"I hate you!" Draco shouted running out of the dorm and into the common room, Blaise close in pursuit. Blaise, close enough, caught him around the middle, sending them to the floor in a tangle of grins and smiles.

"I know." Blaise whispered and kissed him.

"I hate you." murmured darkly out of the side of his mouth as the elderly wizard pronounced them man and "wife".

"I know," Blaise smiled, kissing his bride, "but how could I not invite Potter?"

"I hate you." Draco groaned, squirming on the bed, his face flushed and heated, his breath coming in gasps, squeezing his lover's hand.

"I know." Blaise said, gripping the blonde's hand back just as tightly.

(Three hours later.)

"I love you Blaise." An exhausted former Slytherin said to his husband, looking down at their newborn baby girl.

"I know." The other man responded, his arm wrapped around his love's shoulders, his finger lightly touching his sleeping daughter's cheek.

(Four years later.)

A purple haired Draco glared at his husband.

"It wasn't my fault!" Blaise exclaimed, eyes widening.

"And just where did Junior get the hair dye?"


"Blaise, I hate you."

"I know" he grinned, kissing the top of his "woman"'s lavender head.


A/N: Hope you liked. Draco does not really hate Blaise, he's just too prideful to tell it all the time.