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Two tall, lithe figures slip soundlessly off the grounds of the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The first, a man with jet-black hair, yawns as his slightly taller flaxen-haired companion brushes a bit of dust off of his cloak. Then, after a moment, they begin moving again. They slink toward the little cluster of lights that is the village of Hogsmeade. They don't look at each other, but still seem to know exactly where the other is going to move when. They move in unison, a pair of skilled hunters closing in on their prey.

Their prey. It doesn't take them long to find their prey; a group of drunken men – all but two of which were passed out – standing around a bonfire on the outskirts of the village. In an unspoken communication, the darker haired man decides he will take the larger man while his companion will take the other.

They stalk up behind them, making no sound whatsoever, despite the foliage around them. Simultaneously, they move up behind the two men, mouths open. Their long, inhuman fangs glint in the moonlight. Moments later, two pairs of fangs sink into two different necks.

Life-giving blood rushes in. The blood they have been denied for so long. Replenishing their bodies and making their very souls scream in delight. But not enough. Never enough to be had on these late-night excursions. Never able to gorge themselves on the one thing every fiber of their being craves with an insatiable appetite. Only enough to dull the hunger and tide them over until the next hunt.

They lick their lips as the two, unconscious bodies slump to the ground. Much to their chagrin, they weren't out to kill tonight. Simply feed. Too bad.

They smirk at each other for a moment, the blonde flicking his bangs out of his face. With a series of unrecognizable movements, they communicate that, unfortunately, they don't have time to have a bit of fun before returning. They start back towards the school, taking it a little more slowly with a little less spring in their step. Despite the fact that they are a bit tipsy from the alcohol in each man's blood, they still make it back to the school without attracting any attention.

The school is absolutely silent when the return and they, being what they are, do not disturb the silence in the least. They walk right past the old caretaker and his cat, without either having any knowledge of their presence.

They stop just outside the entrance to their common room. "Pansy's going to be awfully angry with us."

"What makes you say that, Draco?"

"Look at the time, Blaise. We're an hour late."

"So we are."

The share a smirk before turning and walking into the Slytherin Common Room.