Endless Road

a Final Fantasy X-2 Fanfiction by Bobbi-chan

Summary: I figured I would write this because it is very hard to find any really good Tidus and Yuna stories out there that are in context with the game (can we say high school stories!) This fan fiction takes place during/after the good and perfect endings in FFX-2. It contains a lot of Tidus and Yuna (or as my friends and I like to call it, "Tuna") floff. Tidus and Yuna travel through various parts of Spira remembering their first journey as Tidus learns how the world has changed since the end of FFX. This obviously contains several spoilers to the ultimate endings of both games. So if you do not want to have anything spoiled, please do not read!

Disclaimer: I do not own FFX or FFX-2, besides my own copies of the games and lots and lots of merchandise! FFX and FFX-2 is copyright Square-Enix and I am simply promoting their beautiful work! That is all. On to the story!

Chapter One: An Eternal Calm

It had been more than two years since she had last seen his face. She remembered how she held her from behind in those final moments. His gentle touch was the only response to her words a moment prior. Lulu had asked him to stay with her after it was over. He had never made that promise to her. For he knew that this could never be. She wanted to cry then. Even though tears stung at her eyes, and she could feel the rise of a sob in her throat, she stood her ground. She watched as he dove off the deck of the airship and disappeared into a thousand pyreflies.

"Not until the end... Always."

It had been two years since she brought the eternal calm. She had spent her days in Besaid, living a normal life. At first, it was hard. The first days since her return were spent in her small tentlike home. She lay on her side gazing at the opposite wall. She didn't speak, eat, or come out of her tent. After the first night, Wakka and Lulu came to comfort her. They did very little to ease her sadness. On the second night, after everyone had went to sleep. She journeyed to the shore and whistled. She hoped he would hear her call and come running, easing her pain. After quite some time she fell on her knees, finally letting the tears flow freely.

"You said you would always be there."

Wakka had proposed to Lulu, and soon after they were wed. Yuna watched the happy couple, as the rest of the townspeople celebrated. She was truly happy for them, yet her heart still ached. She wished she could be there dancing with him. Perhaps even one day standing in Lulu's shoes, with him at her side. Time wore on. The pain inside of her never truly went away. It still ebbed away at her soul. Yet somehow, she had to remain strong. She decided one day to train herself to hold her breath under water for long periods of time, like him. This gave her something to focus on, something to keep her sane. While she loved Besaid and her friends dearly, somehow things did not seem right. To make matters worse, it wasn't long before she started receiving marriage proposals from all sorts of men around Spira. Many would journey long distances just to ask her hand in marriage. She always turned each of them down. Even though she knew he would not come back, deep in hear heart she hoped he would. On top of the marriage proposals, everyone was coming to her seeking advice and guidance. Yuna had done so much for the people of Spira, but she did not know how to handle these kinds of things. Even so, everyone seemed happy. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new life that her never-ending calm had brought. Everyone, but Yuna.

That was when Rikku came. She showed Yuna a sphere that Khimari had found on Gagazet. She watched it. Her heart filled with overwhelming hope and fear as she saw someone who looked and sounded like him struggling against the bars that confined him. At that moment, her heart was set.

"You know, every time I visited here, I wondered... Why is it, that when everyone's out making their dreams happen, and everyone's getting their chance, Yuna's dreams are on hold?"

Once again she set out on a journey. Perhaps she would find more pieces to the puzzle. Maybe she would even see him again. There was also the possibility of it never turning out the way she had hoped. However, Yuna wanted more out of her life than two minutes and forty-one seconds and a pudgy Wakka. That was when she became a Gullwing and unbeknownst to her, she set out to save Spira once again.

On her second journey she had many adventures and met many new faces along with some familiar ones as well. She never thought she could fight using his sword, and do it well. She never dreamed she would be on a stage singing in front of thousands of people. She never thought she could fall into a hole, and see someone that looked like him, but it wasn't. She did find him on the Farplane, however. She could feel his presence and for a moment, his embrace. He led her to safety, and for that, she was thankful. As the pieces slowly started fitting together, she realized that maybe she could not bring him back.

"Aren't you glad to go home, Yunie?" Rikku beamed at her cousin as they stood on the bridge of the Celsius, breaking her from her thoughts.

"More than ever!" Yuna turned to face her cousin and smiled. It had been a long journey. The greater part of the past year was spent on this ship. For once, she would be able to relax and live life on the peaceful island she had long called home. While she had greatly enjoyed her adventure, she had been longing for a life of peace and quiet. She had become an idol across the world, and rightly so. Twice, she had saved Spira from destruction. First on her journey to defeat Sin. Second, on a personal journey, which had turned into more than she had bargained for.

"Even if you didn't find what you were looking for?" Paine spoke from behind the two. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Yuna nodded confidently. She became immersed in her thoughts. During this whole time, she had looked for him. She searched every corner of Spira for clues. Even if the man in the sphere wasn't him, but came up empty handed." I accept the way things are now." She murmured looking back on her memories of the past few months. "Even if I still wish we could see each other just for one last time… This whole journey, it was worth everything."

Rikku frowned. "Yunie. You really love him, don't you?"

Her cousin didn't answer, only continued to stare out at the clouds flying by at incredible speed, parting them to reveal the sea rushing beneath. She thought back on what the Fayth had told her on the farplane.

"Thanks." He said

"You're very welcome." Yuna smiled.

"You heard it, didn't you? You want to see him?" The fayth spoke.

"Him?" Yuna's heart seemed to have skipped a beat at his statement.

"Yes. You want to walk together again?"

"Yes!" Yuna cried.

"I can't promise anything, but we'll do what we can." With that the fayth disappeared into the Farplane. That was all she needed to know.

Far on the horizon, their destination materialized in the distance. At that moment, Yuna's heart began to race. She felt an overwhelming surge of emotion. Even though the island was still several miles away, she could see something, in her heart, calling for her… whistling. She didn't know why she sensed this, but she bolted for the exit. Rikku and Paine watched her with confusion as she left the two in her tracks. She quickly made her way to the lift and pressed the button for the boiler room. When it stopped, she leaped down the stairs and looked out the small window near the exit ramp to see if her intuition was right.

Several hundred feet below, she could see something or someone; she couldn't quite make it out. It was floating in the middle of the sea just off the shoreline. As they drew closer, she could see that it was alive, also brightly colored, and namely yellow. Her heart skipped a beat as it became more apparent what, or rather, who this was. Finally, when the ship landed with a gigantic splash of seawater, she pressed the button to open the hatch. She stared. The golden hair and uniform were all she needed to know that her intuition was right. She leaped without any hesitation into the shallow water below and immediately broke into a sprint.

He watched as the young woman approached him. At first, he didn't recognize her. However, as she drew near, her facial features, the long beaded earring, brown hair, and finally, the blue and green eyes confirmed that this was indeed Yuna. He knew she heard his whistle and came to him. He smiled, full of joy and affection. He outstretched his arms, and she fell into them. Not through them, as in the painful memory two years ago. He pulled her close and embraced her, hoping that this wasn't just a dream.

"Are you real?" He felt real to her, but she wanted to know for certain.

"I think so." He whispered. The held each other for a few seconds longer, and held each other at arm's length. Each taking a good look at each other. He looked at her in the eyes. "Do I pass?" He questioned. Yuna nodded and smiled. He returned the smile.

"You're back." She nodded.

"I am back." He confirmed, pulling her into another embrace. "I'm home!" He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and nuzzled her, closing his eyes.

"Welcome home." She paused for a moment, in realization of his statement. During her pilgrimage, he had always wanted to go 'home'. However, the place he called home was destroyed one thousand years ago. He had returned, and his home was in Spira. His new home was not just Spira, but wherever He and Yuna may go.

"Yes, home!" She wrapped her arms around his waist.

Rikku watched the scene unfold from the hatch. She waved for Paine to come and look. She giggled with delight at the sight of her cousin being reunited with the man she loved. Paine smiled too. She was happy that her friend finally found what she was searching for after all.

The couple continued in their embrace, unaware of the crowds gathered at the beach. They had intended to greet Yuna and her sphere hunting friends. However, they would be welcoming more than they had bargained for. Tidus closed his eyes, and placed a gentle, affectionate kiss on Yuna's cheek. A rush of warmth flooded through her body. Before she could react, she heard a familiar voice calling out from the distance.

"Hey! Get a room, you two!" Wakka shouted. He and Lulu had been the first ones there, and they had seen a better part of what had unfolded in the shallow water before them..

Yuna and Tidus looked towards the sound of the voice. "Who asked you to watch, Wakka?" He waved his arm in his direction. The crowd of villagers cheered at the return of Yuna's former guardian. Wakka nodded his head in acceptance of his intrusion, while Lulu smiled, cradling her tiny sleeping son.

Tidus looked over at Yuna, took her hand and nodded towards the crowd. Yuna nodded in approval. He started to run, Yuna tagging along behind him. Yuna quickened her stride. In a matter of seconds, she was pulling Tidus behind her, laughing. He never remembered her being this full of strength and energy. Then again, he never remembered her wearing clothing that revealed so much of her.

"You know, You've changed."

"Well, you've missed a few things!" Yuna grinned.

"I wanna hear everything!" Tidus gripped her hand.

The entire village of Besaid was ecstatic to see him return. Upon their arrival on the sandy beach, the couple were surrounded by many villagers. Wakka was the first one of them to give Tidus a welcoming brotherly hug.

"It's been awhile, ya?" He asked.

"It's great to see you again, Wakka." Tidus returned the gesture with a pat on his back. "Wait how long have I been gone?" He asked.

"More than two years." Lulu spoke.

"Wait, Two years?" Tidus turned in Lulu's direction. "Whoa!" His thoughts were interrupted by the small baby in Lulu's arms. Upon seeing the bright orange hair adorning the little one's head, he knew immediately.

"I want you to meet my son." Wakka took a step towards Lulu. "This is Vidina. He was born only a few weeks ago, ya?" He nodded at Lulu, who smiled.

"Wakka and I were married a year after the Eternal Calm began." Lulu explained.

"Wow, I guess I really have missed out on a lot." Tidus frowned.

"More than you know!" a familiar high pitched voice spoke from behind him, causing him to turn around.

"Whoa!" Tidus blinked. "Rikku?"

"Yep!" She cheered. "In the flesh!"

"You can say that again." Tidus joked noticing Rikku's choice in attire. She was dressed drastically different from the last time he had seen her. Though somehow, Yuna's new wardrobe seemed more surprizing.

"Hey!" Rikku poked him in the chest. "Don't you dare go hurting Yunie's feelings! She's one tough fighter! She'll make you regret it!"

"What?" Tidus turned to meet Yuna's eyes.

"Well, while you were gone, I learned to use a lot of different weapons. First I started out with guns. Eventually I learned to use swords." She explained.

"Yep! Really big ones!" Rikku exclaimed.

"You'll have to show me sometime!" Tidus smiled.

"Sure thing!" Yuna winked.

"Come back to the village with us." Wakka interrupted. "There's plenty of time for catching up, ya? Tonight, we celebrate!"

"All right, Parrrrtay!" Rikku danced.

The villagers started making their way back to Besaid, as well as their friends. Yuna and Tidus walked slower than the rest. Rikku and Paine were in front of them. Rikku turned around.

"C'mon Yunie!" Rikku called.

"It's all right Rikku, we'll catch up!" Yuna replied

"Awww." Rikku smiled at the two walking side by side.

"Rikku, let's go." Paine pulled the Gullwing by the shoulder.

Tidus eyed the other woman then turned to Yuna. "Who is that?"

"That's Paine." Yuna explained. "She seems a bit on the cold side at first, but once you get to know her, she's a really good person."

"I see." Tidus nodded.

The couple continued to walk, straying behind the others. A few remaining villagers walked by on occasion, giving a friendly smile or wave. As they approached the waterfalls that flowed behind the path to the village. Tidus stopped and looked at Yuna, his heart heavy.

"What is it?" Yuna asked, realizing her companion had stopped in his tracks.

"Yuna." Tidus began. "It's really been two years, huh?" He paused for a moment taking in the tropical scenery he had taken for granted during Yuna's first journey. "What I mean is... Yuna... Those words you said before I disappeared... Do you still? I mean... I uh... um... Is there someone else? I've been gone for so long and... I'd understand if..." He stammered.

Yuna gasped at the thought. "Of course not!" She took a few steps towards him, and gazed into his deep blue eyes. "There could never be anyone else for me." She explained. "When the calm began, I had lots of marriage proposals from men all over Spira. I couldn't accept them."

"Yuna?" Tidus implored.

"All I could think about was you. All I wanted was you..." Her emotions surged at the memories. "I whistled for you, but you never came... Everyone was happy, enjoying their new lives. But me... I-I." She trailed, trying her best to regain her composure. "I couldn't accept that. I wanted to know for certian." Even though it had been two years since that time, she was still very much the same person. Tidus wrapped his arms around her, continuing the embrace that Wakka and the villagers of Besaid had so eagerly interrupted.

"We should get moving." Yuna was the first to break the embrace.

"Yeah they're probably wondering where we went." Tidus spoke, with a hint of reluctancy in his voice. "When the party's over, we'd better get some time to catch up on things." He took her hand and began walking down the path.

"Of course! You wanted to see me fight, right?"

"Yeah... but that's not what I meant." Tidus groaned. "Not that I don't want to see you fight... I just... well... uh..."

"It's okay. I understand." Yuna nodded. "So much has changed in two years. You have a lot of catching up to do."

"Yeah really."

"Like catching up with me!" Yuna laughed, and took off in a quick sprint, leaving her companion behind in bemusement.

"Hey!" Tidus ran after her. "That's not fair!" He chased after Yuna, but she was still quite a bit ahead of him. Yuna raced through the path until she reached the statue just above the hill that lead down to the village. She allowed Tidus to catch up, while still keeping a steady pace. He grunted as he reached for her. He managed to grab her hand. As he began to entwine his fingers with hers, he lost his footing on the rocky path and stumbled over, dragging Yuna with him. They fell onto the ground tumbling for a few seconds. When they finally stopped, Yuna lay on her back, with Tidus on his side next to her. Dirt and dust were covering them both.

"Are you all right?" Tidus asked, immediately propping himself up.

"Yeah. I'm okay" Yuna groaned. "I've been through worse cuts and scratches." She looked at her palm which she had used to break her fall. It was bleeding from a gash a small rock had left. Her legs and back were also scratched a little from the fall. Though her palm was the worst injury, however slight she had thought it to be.

"Lemmie see." He gently gripped her wrist, looking at it. It was bleeding a lot, but the wound wasn't severe. "I'm sorry Yuna. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's okay. It's my fault, really." Yuna protested.

A long pause passed between the two. Tidus met her eyes, and then he looked to the ground.

"I'm so sorry Yuna."

"I said it's okay! Don't be silly!" Yuna stood, bouncing back from the fall. She brushed the dirt off her clothes with her uninjured hand. She then reached for him smiling. "Come on!"

"No Yuna." Tidus looked up at her. His eyes filled with sadness. "I'm sorry for disappearing. I should have been there with you, through it all. I should've been there by your side these past two years. But I couldn't. I couldn't be there for you like I promised. I-I... failed you Yuna. I'm so sorry." He hung his head shamefully.

Yuna knelt beside him, brushing the hair from his forehead with her free hand.

"It's all right. Even if you couldn't be by my side, you were always in my heart and always on my mind." She reassured him. "You're back. That's all that matters now. Two years apart will seem like nothing to what we can have now."

"Yuna... I..." Tidus began.

"Hush!" She interrupted.

"I guess you're right." Tidus nodded, his spirits began to lift, ever so slightly.

"Let's get back! Walking this time."


The two headed towards the village hand-in-hand, where they could already hear the sounds of celebration going on within.

It was dark in Besaid village. Normally at this time, the inhabitants of this quiet little village would be preparing themselves for an evening of rest. However, tonight was different. The man who had been responsible for saving Yuna, who inevitably saved Spira had returned. This was a cause for celebration. In the center of the town, a large bonfire lit up the faces of the many villagers surrounding it. Some were gathered in small groups engaging in conversation. Others were gathered around the Inn, where a feast had been prepared. Several were standing or sitting on the ground eating and talking. On the steps of the temple, Yuna sat among her sphere hunting companions, and two "older siblings". Not to mention Tidus, who sat at her side right arm wrapped around her. Yuna, Rikku and Paine were telling stories of their journey as sphere hunters. Yuna had told of Lenne, her dress here, Shuyin and Vegnagun. Rikku told everyone about LeBlanc, Uno and Sano, and their many encounters. Paine was silent, save a few comments to the stories being told, and smart remarks directed at Rikku.

"I wanna see how everything's changed." Tidus looked at his friends and then to Yuna.

"I'd like to show you." You said.

"Yuna, you've just come back, ya? Can't you stay for a little longer?" Wakka protested.

"Well, we wouldn't be gone long, really." Yuna reassured.

"Yuna, if it's a problem, don't worry about it." Tidus said.

"It's not a problem. We can leave tomorrow. I want to take you somewhere..." She trailed off as she thought of Macalania, where they had kissed each other for the first time. "Before it fades away." She continued her sentence in a soft whisper. Tidus didn't hear her last statement.

The stories continued for quite awhile longer. Little by little, the villagers drew into their homes. The bonfire slowly burned down to a low crackle. Eventually only Yuna and her close friends remained, still catching up everything that had happened.

"Well, It is getting late." Lulu stood, holding Vidina in her arms, rocking him gently.

"Yeah." Tidus stretched. "It's been a long day. I'm pooped!"

"I bet!" Rikku chimed in. "Everyone was so excited to see you again!"

"Let's get some sleep." Paine stood and faced the others.

Yuna yawned, covering her mouth and standing. "Yes. Sleep would be good". She turned to Lulu, biting her lower lip. "Lulu?"


"Is my house still…" She trailed off.

"Yes it is. All of your things are still inside, just as you left them."

"Thank you Lulu. I think I'm going to stay here tonight." She looked at Tidus and then to Lulu and Wakka. "If that's... all right." She spoke hesitantly.

"It's fine." Lulu nodded. "I'll have Wakka leave some things there for you." She turned to her husband. With a nod, he headed towards their hut. After a few minutes he emmerged with several items in hand, carrying them down the path which led behind their hut towards Yuna's. When he returned, Lulu stood, handing the sleeping child to her husband.

"Could you give us a moment?" She turned to Tidus.

"Yeah… uh. Sure." Tidus nodded.

Lulu led Yuna away from the campfire. When Tidus was out of earshot, Lulu took a step towards her younger friend.

"Yuna. I trust you'll be careful." She spoke softly. "I know you're a grown woman now. You have done much for the people of Spira, and you deserve this one thing. But…" She nodded towards Wakka who was proudly holding his newborn son close by the fire. "I don't think either of you are ready for the kind of responsibility Wakka and I have yet."

"Yes. I'll be careful." She blushed in response.

"Good." Lulu smiled "Now good night."

"Good night Lulu." Yuna embraced her, and then walked quickly towards where Tidus. Rikku and Paine and Wakka were talking. Tidus stood upon hearing her approaching footsteps.

"I guess we'll be going Yunie. We'll see you bright and early!" She winked and nudged Tidus in the side with her elbow.

"Sleep well!" Yuna waved at her friends as they headed towards the teleportation sphere in the former Crusader's lodge.

Yuna took Tidus's hand and led him towards her house after saying good night to Wakka and the remaining villagers. Upon entering, she lit a small lamp which sat on a table. The dim light engulfed the small hut. Although it was small, the room was adorned with all sorts of woven draperies, much like the rest of the homes in Besaid. Most of these were decorated with flowers, mainly hibiscus. This same type of flower which adorned her former summoners clothing. A large trunk lie on one side of the room, opposite from her bed. Yuna approached her bed and proceeded to sit down and remove her boots. Tidus sat next to her, removing his gauntlet, gloves, shoulder guard, and his shoes, laying them next to Yuna's boots. He then turned to her.

"I've missed you." Tidus stroked her hair and let his hand fall down her back pulling her into a tight embrace, rocking her slowly back and forth.

"It's been too long." Yuna whispered into his ear. A few moments passed before she spoke again. "I looked everywhere hoping I would see you again, hoping that maybe you hadn't disappeared at all. I hoped the man I saw in the sphere was you, and that I would find you again…" She trailed off as she choked back the sob rising in her throat. His embrace grew tighter at her words. Her racing heart pounded in her chest. As the minutes wore on, and her emotions overtook her, she could not hold her tears any longer. She buried her face into his exposed chest. She could feel his rhythmic heartbeat as she pressed her cheek against his warm skin. The sobs began to escape her, causing her small frame to shake with each one.

Tidus stroked her back, trying his best to provide comfort. He knew that Yuna had always held her emotions inside. He wondered how long it had been since she had last cried, if she had at all. He remembered how strong willed the woman he held in his arms was, despite all current appearances. His thoughts became overwhelmed with her, and he immediately felt at fault for her state of despair.

"Yuna. I'm sorry." Tidus spoke gently. He could feel his own emotions rising from within. He had always been the one to let his anger, love, tears, and laughter flow freely. He convinced himself that he would not break. He had to remain strong for Yuna. Yet, he felt guilty for leaving her the way he had. He remembered telling her only moments before their final battle together than he would disappear. Perhaps if she had known earlier, she could have prepared herself for the pain he had caused. He cursed himself, and his selfish actions. "I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you like I promised." At those words, he could feel hot tears stinging at his eyes. He tried his best to force them back. Yet, as he blinked they overflowed and streamed down his cheeks. "I'm sorry I failed you." His voice cracked, as a sob rose in his throat.

At that moment, Yuna looked up at him, her cheeks glistening from her tears. She stared into his eyes, Her lower lip quivered, slightly. "It's okay." She spoke weakly. "You already apologized. I forgive you." She wrapped his arms around him as they both buried their faces into each other, both sobbing softly.

"I don't ever wanna have to leave your side Yuna." He embraced her tightly caressing her skin. "I don't want to disappear again." Yuna pulled away, her cheeks glistening from her tears. She stared into his eyes, questioning his existence.

"Will you dissapear again?" She questioned softly, clutching his hand.

Tidus gazed at her, taking in all of her features. Yuna reached for his face and wiped the tears from his eyes. Tidus returned the gesture.

'I don't know." His voice was quiet. "I don't even know how I'm back. All I know is that somehow, I've been given the chance to live again. I won't dissapear on you if I don't have to. I don't ever want to." He pressed his forehead against hers, gazing into her eyes in the dim light.

"Kiss me again. Like you did that first time." She spoke eagerly.

His breath was warm against her face. She looked into his eyes. They grew closer, and began to blur, and finally closing. Then his lips softly touched hers, locking with them. They were moist, sweet and warm. It had been so long, but she hadn't forgotten the blissful sensation of his lips meeting hers. He gently applied pressure to her lower lip and sucked softly, wrapping his arms around her warm body and lowering her to the bed. He deepened the kiss, opening his mouth a little more. She responded and touched his face. They were wrapped in each other's arms as they lay side by side on the bed. Yuna intertwined her legs with his, exploring his mouth with her tongue.

Tidus stroked her forearms. Her skin was just like he had remembered it. He parted the kiss with numerous smaller ones, and finally one last affectionate one to her forehead. They gazed at each other for what seemed like hours, taking in the other's presence. After some time, Yuna's eyes began to grow heavy. She nuzzled her face close to his chest and closed her eyes. She lay there enveloped in his warmth. He held her tightly as the gentle sound of her deep breaths began to lull him into sleep. "Tomorrow…" Tidus broke the silence with a hushed whisper. "Let's go to Zanarkand, your Zanarkand. I want to see it again."

Yuna hummed in agreement as she drifted into slumber. She was certain now that he was real. At that moment, she only wanted to be in his arms. The future didn't matter. For the first time in more than two years, she felt truly at ease, and truly happy.

Author's Note 7/19/05: As you can see (those of you who have read this already), I've updated this first chapter. I had written something simular quite a few months ago but I had never posted it. I decided to add a few parts from that story to this one, as it explains how I pictured their first night together a bit better.