Miss You

Author: Pokari,

Website: /pokkangel

Rate: R for mpreg.

Disclaimer: you know it's not mine

Summary: Harry was married to Draco and they had a son.

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Sirius/Severus

Time: Post-Hogwarts

Warnings: a little angst, slightly AU.

Note : Unbeta-ed

Chapter Twelve

"You haven't taken your potion, Harry." Draco handed him the vial.

Harry glared unhappily; he still got a nervous breakdown whenever Larry was out of his sight but not so depressed that he needed to depend on some potion. "Why must you insist Larry to take his classes? He's way too young to start any academic achievement."

Draco tried to hug him but Harry struggled. "It's been three days, Harry. He should follow his schedule. Even Larry would notice something's wrong if this is to be continued." Draco explained patiently. "Come on, Love. Take the potion."

"No." Harry frowned. "As you said, it's been three days already and I don't feel any changes."

"Harry." Draco lifted his spouse's face so that he could look into his eyes. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes." Harry answered in small voice.

"I paid this brat a fortune just to make this potion. He's almost as good as your friend Granger."

Harry smiled a little. "You mean Weasley."

Draco shrugged his shoulder. "I have another Weasley working for me. It could be quite confusing sometime."

"But Hermione… is the best."

"Yeah, and they, she and this brat, are working together to brew this potion. You at least know her good enough to believe that this potion would actually work, don't you?"

Harry smiled. "Yes."

"Here." Draco uncorked the vial and watched the younger wizard finishing the potion.

"You're not going back to the office, are you?" Harry asked.

"No. I could do my work form home." Draco smirked. "I'm the boss."

"Can I…" Harry hesitated. "Can I stay with you when you work?"

Draco kissed him lightly. "It would be too tempting. I still remember what we haven't finished there."

"Draco." Harry blushed.

"Come." Draco chuckled. He wondered how Harry could stay innocent after all this year.

They walked hand in hand. When they passed the living room, an auror with a scar under his left eye, told them that there was a pair of witch and wizard asking for permission to see Mr. Harry.

"Who are they?" Draco frowned.

"Hermione Weasley and …"

"Let her in, Draco." Harry cut him.

"Sure." Draco turned to the auror, Albert Stone. "Make sure they're clear, Stone."

"Yes, Sir."

Harry tentatively let Hermione hugged him, and only nodded when she whispered how sorry she was. He wearily eyed the young wizard behind her.

"Hi." Lucas smiled. "You're as beautiful as ever, Harry."

"You're that boy. I heard that it was your potions that save me." Harry smiled a little. "Thank you."

"I'm not a boy." Lucas frowned.

"You're a brat." Draco unhappily frowned at him. "What are you doing here?"

"He's not let me take the potion unless he's coming with me." Harmione shrugged.

"Brat." Draco narrowed his eyes.

Lucas shrugged his shoulder. "My potion is important to me. I don't brew it just for anybody. Beside I want to check how you are, you know, after taking my potion."

"Oh." Harry nodded.

"Take a seat, Harry." Hermione gently pushed him onto the sofa. "Take slow deep breath."

Draco watched the procedure, employees or not, he was ready to heck them if Harry show a little pain.

As they consulted the result with Draco, Harry ignored them. He had just lost his baby, mere potion wouldn't make him feel better. He needed…

The door opened. "Mummy."

"Larry." Harry opened his arms as his son ran to him, his puppy not far behind.

"I thought you're studying."

"Mr. Malfoy said to take it slowly for today, so we finished early." Melanie explained.

Harry smiled at his husband.

"Mummy, I want to play."

"Hello, Larry." Hermione smiled at the toddler. "Remember me?"

Larry nodded. "Mummy's friend."

Lucas smirked. "You have a beautiful son. No wonder you want more."

"We brought another batch enough for three more days." Hermione explained. "I'm actually satisfied with your magic control, and your body's coping better." Hermione hugged his friend. "You need time to heal your heart, though, Harry."

"Thanks." Harry smiled with hope shining in his eyes. "Do you really think I still could have another baby, 'Mione?"

"Yes. You're a powerful wizard, Harry. With you, I know you could."


Lucas was unhappy when Hermione pulled him out. "Mr. Malfoy, you need to give him a rest. Stay out of his bed for at least three months."

"You're really are a brat, you know." Hermione said exasperatedly.

"See." Draco said as his employees had left. "Even your friend thought he is a brat."

"What is a brat, Daddy?"

"A really really bad boy." Draco lifted his son and swayed him high. "But now my Larry, right?"

Larry laughed. "No, Daddy. I'm a good boy."

Cookie barked, as if agreeing the statement.

Harry bent down to pet the puppy. "He's good for a puppy, right? He didn't bite, and not so noisy."

"Cookie is good." Larry nodded.

"He's a smart breed. Beside, he's been schooling for a month, I think. Quite the expensive thing."

Larry wiggled his body, wanted to be put down. "Mommy, play with me."

"Okay." Harry reached for the small hand. "I'll see you at lunch." Harry smiled.

Surprisingly Severus showed up and joined them for lunch. He even brought Harry flowers.

"I hope you're feeling much better."

"Yes." Harry smiled politely. "I've been taking potion."

Severus shrugged his shoulder. "If that thing isn't working, I could always brew you some fertility potion." Harry was a little surprised but his smile was more sincere. "Thank you."

"Thanks, Severus." Draco smiled. "But we won't tell you Sirius' whereabouts."

"Damn." Severus growled lowly. "Well, my offer still stands."


"Do you want to go and see Harry again?" Bill asked.

"No." Sirius smiled. "It's too much hassled. Beside, I've been talking to him everyday."

"How's he doing?"

"He's still coping." Sirius rubbed his stomach. "I'm not sure what I'll do if it were to happen to me."

"You'll be alright, Sirius. Your baby is very healthy."

Sirius grinned. "I know I'm being silly, but I kind of worry when you're not home."

Bill returned his smiled. "And I'm not going anywhere."

"I know." Sirius smiled. "Thanks."

"I should be thank you, you now, since you're here, I eat better and I'm not lonely anymore."

Sirius scolded himself when he felt his face burnt up. 'I'm too old for this. I should act more maturely.' "You're very welcome." Was all he could come up.


Harry was glad when he didn't have to take anymore potion. He didn't feel any changing, he still sad, but he had to admit that he wasn't as depressed as he thought he would be.

It was a lovely Sunday morning. The sun was bright but not overly. It gave him a warm feeling.

"Draco." Harry turned to his husband. "Let's go picnic. Just you, me and Larry."

"Draco smiled. "You're that happy that you don't have to take potion?"

"Yes." Harry pouted. "I'm not … sick, you know."

"I know." Draco hugged the thin body. "You're a strong person, love."

"Good." Harry smiled.

When he looked at this reflection, Harry decided that he needed a change. He wanted to stop being broody Harry.


"Yes?" He was fast to stand behind his husband.

"I need a pair of scissors."

"For?" Draco asked in alarm.

"I need a haircut. Badly."

"Want me to help you with it?"

"Sure." Harry smiled. "I want it really short."

"Leave it to me." Draco reached for Harry's long hair and kissed it for a moment, as if saying goodbye to it.

In ten minutes Harry looked like as if he was seventeen again. Instead of long hair was the short unruly black hair.

"Really brings back memory, right." Draco kissed his cheek. "You look so adorable."

Harry smiled. "It felt light."

"Of course." Draco looked at the hair on the floor. "I wonder how you could keep it that long."

Harry looked surprised. "I thought you like it."

Draco grinned. "I always love you no matter how you look."

"You look like a pervert old man." Harry blushed.

"Can't help it, I want to ravish you right now."

"Mummy." Larry woke up, saving Harry from answering.

"Yes, sweetie." Harry went to approach his son.

Larry was still sleeping with them, but he was grateful that his son left his puppy to sleep in the living room.

"Want to pee pee."

"Hold it for a moment, okay?"

"Yes, Mummy."

When they returned, the room was already clean. Draco was dressed in light attire.

"That was fast." Draco smiled. He smiled wider when he noticed his son kept staring at Harry. "Does Larry like Mummy's new hair?"

Larry looked at his father and nodded happily. "Mummy's hair is like Daddy's and me."

Harry chuckled. "Let's get dress."

"Where are we going to, Mummy?"

"Breakfast." Harry said. "And then I want to go to a beach."

"Me too." Larry jumped excitedly.

Draco nodded. "Let's go on a picnic."

"Really?" Harry and his son both have hopeful expression.

"Of course. We could go to our summer house. We have private beach there."

Draco was truly happy. Harry had taken initiative to do things and stopped being the passive part of the marriage.


They were having a lot of fun at the beach. Draco only watched as his family was trying to build a castle, looking so happy. He should spend more time with them.

"Come, Draco, help us." Harry wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"No, Cookie." Larry pulled his puppy away from his castle. "Bad Cookie." But the dog only barked happily.

"I've told you not to bring him." Draco smirked.

Harry sat down on the soft sand, not really concern that he made his white short dirty. "I give up. We should start at smaller one."

"Nonsense." Draco grinned. "We're Malfoy, nothing's too big for us."

"I don't care. I'm hungry." Harry pouted.

Larry looked at his mother. "I'm hungry too."

"Let's eat." Harry offered his son his hand. "Daddy could finish this one."

Draco looked at the half finished sand castle with disinterest. "I'm not actually fond of that thing. We'll leave it as it is."

Harry smirked. "I thought nothing is too much for a Malfoy."

"Of course." With a wave of his wand, the sand castle was finished, completed with four towers at each corner, drawbridge and ditch around the castle. Draco even put water in the ditch for dramatic effect.

"That's cheating." Harry huffed. He still pouted even when his son was clapping his hands happily.

"It's done, Mummy."

"Let's eat." Draco smirked.

"You're cheating." Harry smiled a little.

"It's faster that way." Draco led his family to where they put their picnic basket.

"Are you happy?" Draco asked Harry.

"Of course." Harry smiled, he contently eat his chicken. "Right, Larry?"

Larry nodded. "I want Daddy to play with us everyday."

"Not everyday." Draco corrected his son. "Only on Saturday and Sunday, when you don't have classes and I don't have to work."

Larry nodded. "Daddy work everyday."

After lunch, they let Larry and Cookie played in the water after he promised that he wouldn't go too far. Draco smiled when his son was laughing happily while running backward to avoid the wave.

"Daddy, the sand move." Larry cried.

"Not too close to the water, Larry."

"Yes, Daddy."

Harry yawned.

"Tired?" Draco tightened his hold on Harry.

"Hmm. Sleepy." Harry yawned again.

"Let's go home, then."

"But Larry's so happy. This is the first time we go on an outing."

"We could go again next week."

"Just let me sleep here, you play with Larry."

Draco conjured a pillow and big umbrella. "Call us when you're lonely."

Harry nodded sleepily. He was wearing casual muggle shirt and cotton short. With the umbrella, the sun wasn't too hot. Feeling comfortable, Harry soon felt asleep.


"Mummy." Larry kissed his mother's cheek. "Mummyyyy."

"Hmm." Harry stretched. "Yes."

"Daddy said it's time to go home."

Harry opened his eyes slowly. "What time is it?"

"Almost four. Mother and father are coming for dinner, remember?"

"I almost forgot." Harry sat up slowly. He smiled at his son. "Did you have fun?"

"Lot of fun." Larry grinned. "Come on, Mummy, Daddy said we have to do one more thing before we go home."

"What is that?"

Draco grinned. "Stepping on the castle. You may go first."


"Come on, Mummy." Larry pulled on his mother's hand. "Daddy said it will be fun."

"Alright." And Draco was right. They were having so much fun that Harry laughed throughout their mission on destroying the castle.

"I had destroyed two towers." Harry smirked victoriously.

"That's because you start first." Draco chuckled.

"Cookie kicked the bridge." Larry reported.

"Good boy." Draco lifted the puppy, wave his wand to make the sand left the fur before he gave him to Harry and reached for his son to give him the same treatment. "Alright, it's time to go home."


When Narcissa and Lucius arrived at their son's home, they were surprised to hear that their son and his family were going out on a picnic.

"Well." Narcissa smiled. "That's the first time."

"Maybe it's time we stop worrying about them." Lucius smiled.

"I'll never stop worrying about them." Narcissa shrugged. She ordered herself lemon tea and enjoyed whatever magazine Harry was currently reading.

It was not until another fifteen minutes when Draco and Harry arrived with their son and his pet.

"Grandma." Larry waved happily.

"Are you having fun today?"

"Yes." Larry walked to his grandma, allowing himself to be put on her lap, all the while enthusiastically telling her what they had done for the day.

"Mother, he'll dirty your clothes." Harry warned her.

Narcissa waved her hand. "You go and freshen up; I will take care of my Lawrence."

"Go take your bath." Draco kissed Harry's cheek. "I'll make sure those two clean." He motioned at the noisy thing next to his mother.

"You're happy, Son?" Lucius asked.

"Things will only be better, Father."

"Of course."

After dinner finished, again Harry felt very sleepy although he had been sleeping for three hours. He sat next to his husband and allowed himself to be cuddled. The conversation was only a background lullaby to him, and soon he drifted to unconsciousness.

"Well, I guess it's been really late now." Narcissa smiled, she too was holding the sleeping Larry. "When did he have a haircut?"

"This morning." Draco gently caressed his wife's hair. "He shocked me when he said he needed scissors. My handiwork, beautiful isn't it?" Draco kissed the black crown lovingly. "He's changed, like he's losing his shield."

Narcissa nodded approvingly.

"You better put him into bed." Lucius said. "I'll carry this little one."

Narcissa chuckled. "Laurence is the happiest, isn't he? He couldn't seem to stop talking and laughing."

"You make my son sounds like a maniac, Mother." Draco grinned.


Harry unsatisfiedly searched through his wardrobe. "Draco?"

"Yes, Harry." Draco was ready at his love' call and beck. Whenever Larry was having his classes, Harry was having his worst mood swing.

"I need a new wardrobe."

"Of, course, Love. But you have to pick one to wear if we're going shopping. Unless you want to wear your pyjamas."

"That's not funny." Harry glared. Then he walked to the bed where Draco was sitting, watching his antic. Harry sighed disappointedly. "I can't find something good. They are all too open."

"But you wear them everyday for more than four years."

"But I thought you want me to dress like that." Harry frowned.

"I have to admit that I love seeing you in those things."

Harry whined. "Draco…"

Draco chuckled. "I understand, Love. Let's go shopping. We could have lunch outside. You may pick the restaurant."

"Okay. I'll tell Mrs. Lynch that she doesn't need to prepare our lunch." Harry mused, still looking at the robes.

"I'll be in my study room, if you need me."


Draco smiled to himself. Fate had been messing with his life, but things would only be better for them. He had been working for half an hour when his son came in.

"Daddy? Where's Mummy?"

"He's not here." Draco answered absently. He was shocked though when Larry wailed abruptly.

"Mummy… no… Mummy." Larry was practically screaming.

"Hey, hey." Draco was quickly on his son's side and picked him up. "Don't cry. Let's see Mummy, he's in the bedroom."

"No…" Larry cried. "Mummy's not there. Mummy…"

"Yes?" Harry was out of breath. He was just leaving the kitchen after a short instruction when he heard Larry cried for him. "What's wrong?"

"Mummy." Larry automatically stopped crying, although he was still hiccupping uncontrollably.

Harry quickly took his son from Draco when he held his hands up for him. "What's wrong, Larry?"

"I can't find you." Larry answered. "I thought you leave me again. Don't go, Mummy."

"I'm not going." Harry hugged his son tightly. He looked at his husband. "Draco, I should I tell Mrs. Lynch to prepare our lunch? Maybe we should cancel our plan."

Draco was so confused when Harry was also crying that he couldn't find his voice to answer.

"Mummy." Larry wiped his Mummy's face. "Mummy, don't cry."

"I'm not crying." Harry blinked his eyes. "Oh, my baby, I'll never leave you." He kissed his cheeks. "Never."

"But I can't find you. You're not in your bedroom." Larry was now crying with relief.

"Cookie, stop barking." Draco told the puppy. At least he heard him. "We could still go out. Larry would love it too."

"Go where?" Larry looked back and forth between his parents. "I come too?"

"Of course you're coming with us. I'm not leaving without you. You're my baby." Harry squeezed him again.

Draco went to Harry and gently wiped the tear stain. He ordered sweetened teas for his family and proceeded to call his office. "Get me Granger."

A short minute later, Hermione was on the line. "Go test the potion again. It's messing my Harry's mood." And cut the line before she could respond.

"Are we ready to go?"

"Can Cookie come too?"

"I don't think so. We'll be shopping for clothes. And pets aren't allowed there. No matter how good they behaved." Draco quickly added to stop anymore protests.

"Clothes?" Larry tilted his head a little.

"You, me and Daddy. We need new clothes." Harry said in decisive tone. He slowly stood up and turned to his husband. "What do you think? I find this on my wardrobe; I don't even know I have this."

Harry was wearing tight blue jeans and pale blue sweater. He was posing with Larry perched on his hip.

"Sexy." Draco smirked, causing Harry to blush.

"What is sexy, Mummy?"

"Draco." Harry glared at his husband. He didn't know how to answer that question and it was all Draco's fault.

"Sexy is beautiful." Draco explained.

"I want sexy too." Larry grinned.

Draco critically looked at his son. "Wait another fifteen years, son."

"I said another twenty years." Harry frowned.

Larry scrunched his nose. "That's very long, Mummy."

Harry laughed. "That's absolutely right."


After they changed Larry's clothes, which he insisted to wear the same outfit as his Mummy, they were ready to go. Since it was almost lunch time, Draco thought it was better to eat first before they start their shopping.

Harry chose a Chinese restaurant. They had nice background music.

"You're good with chopsticks." Draco commented. He chose fried rice as Harry want to eat fried noodle.

"Cho." Harry said, as if it explained everything. "But her cooking was terrible though." Harry fed his son seeing he had trouble with his chopsticks.

Draco frowned. He shouldn't get work up over that. Harry was his wife now, he wasn't up to be anybody's husband.

The shopping was fun. Harry wanted to buy muggle attire with magical adornment, which was fine with him. They even managed to find similar attire for Larry.

"Let's find some robes." Harry smiled as he reached for Draco's hand; his other hand safely supported his son.

"What colour, Mummy?"

"Green. What do you think?"

"Sexy." Larry grinned.

Draco laughed at that, even when Harry pinched his arm hard. "This is your fault."

"Oh, but I think of the same, Love, you'll look sexy in green."

"Larry, you shouldn't say it sexy."

"But Daddy said sexy is beautiful." Larry pouted.

"Then say beautiful. Not sexy." Harry kisses his temple.

"Should we try that shop?" Draco asked, wanting to put an end to the discussion.

Harry hesitated. "It looks like an expensive shop."

"Maybe." Draco said nonchalantly.

"But I've spent lots of you money already." Harry said unsurely.

"Harry, my dear, I'm trying to be humble, but I have to be honest with you. What I have paid today won't even cost me one tenth of my daily profit. I'm a very rich man, even if you want me to buy this shop for you; it wouldn't cost me a fortune." With his speech, Draco bowed a little with funny expression which made Larry giggled madly.

"Forgive me if I offended your pride." Harry said snobbishly.

Draco calmly followed his family. It was a new experience for him, shopping with his family.

The shop had many beautiful robes there, unfortunately they only sold adult robe, so Larry couldn't have identical robes. But the toddler was happy to sit by his father's side and watched his mummy parade the new robe.

"What do you think?" Harry would ask.

"Hm?" Draco would tilt his head, appeared to be thinking, as if it was very hard for him to decide, and Larry would follow his father's behaviour.

Harry laughed, feeling very happy and peaceful. Whatever opinion Draco had on the robes, he knew he would pay for all the robes he put on. They were all so beautiful and comfortable. After trying four robes, all the excitement toned down a little. Harry yawned several time.

"I guest it's time we go home." Draco chuckled.

Harry let Draco carried their son on their way home. He was too tired to walk, and barely able to hold his eyes opened.

When they arrived home, Harry went directly to the bedroom, and promptly felt asleep when his head touched the pillow.

Draco changed his son, who was also sound asleep by now, into more comfortable clothes before he did the same for Harry.


That night, right after dinner when Harry was playing with their son, Draco decided that it was time for them to rearrange their sleeping arrangement.

Draco watched, mesmerized by Harry's laughter. He still thought that he was dreaming to have Harry opened his heart for him. Draco cleared his throat to catch Harry's attention. When Harry smiled at him, Draco almost forgot what he wanted to say.

"I think it's time for Larry to sleep on his own room."

"No." The strong objection came from the toddler first. "No, Daddy, I want to sleep with Mummy."

"But you have your own room." Draco said quietly.

"No." Larry's tear started to welt up. "No. Mummy leaves Larry again."

Harry, forgotten his own fear, started to calm his son. "I'm not going anywhere."

"No, Mummy, I sleep with you." Larry hugged his Mummy tightly.

Harry rubbed his son's back in calming motion.

"Larry." Draco called. When his son refused to acknowledge him, he called again in a stronger, authorative tone.

"Yes, Daddy."

"I have something for us."

"Us?" Harry was intrigued.

Draco pulled out a medium sized box. He opened the box and tilted it so that they could see inside the box.

Sat on the velvety black satin were three necklaces with a very cut lion, dragon and snitch hanging on each of the delicate platina chain.

"Is it for me?" Larry asked.

"Yes, one for each of us."

Larry left his mother's arms to study the necklaces and pointed the lion. "I want that one, Daddy."

"Alright." Draco took the lion. The chain was long enough so he could put in on without unchained it.

Draco raised an eyebrow at his silent spouse.

"I want the dragon. But I also want the snitch."

Draco smiled. "You can't have both."

"I'll let you choose."

Draco took the dragon necklace and helped him putting it on. He held the box an asked Harry, "Help me?"

Harry took the necklace and dutifully helped him put it on.

"Okay, now that we each have it, we could always talk to each other." Draco said, showing them how to do it. "And we would know you wherever you are." Draco said sternly to his son, "In case you plan another runaway."

"I don't run." Larry huffed. "I just want mummy."

Harry hugged his son. He realised that he wasn't the only one that was scarred by the incident. His son was greatly affected too.

"I'm here, sweetheart." Harry whispered.

"Can Cookie sleep with me?" Larry asked hopefully. "I don't want to be alone."

"But not on your bed." Harry said.

"Cookie has his own bed." Larry smiled. "Come here, Cookie." The boy hugged his friend. "He smells good." Larry lifted the puppy.

"That's because I asked Ms. Pinxter to take Cookie to a dog salon." Draco smiled. "You have fun, don't you, Cookie?"

Cookie barked twice.

"Alright." Harry put his son down. "Bedtime."

Larry protested, but quiet down when he heard his father said that he would bring Cookie's bed into his room.

"Mummy, tell me story?" Larry asked.


When Harry didn't return to their room after one hour, Draco decided to check on them himself. He wasn't surprised to find his son still awake, forcing his sleepy eyes to open wide.

"Story time is over." Draco said. He took the book from Harry's hand, kissed his son, told Harry to kiss their son good night, and proceeded to carry him back to their room.

"Do you think he would be alright?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Draco smiled. "Everything will be fine, Harry. I promise nothing would happen again. Our necklaces also have tracking charm on them. I could always find you and Larry."

Harry smiled, still worry but more assured. He didn't want to spend his life being a paranoid.

Later when they change into their pyjamas, they could hear Larry calling for Harry. It repeated every five minutes. "Maybe we should bring him back." Harry said.

Draco hugged the thin body. "Larry would be fine. He would be sleeping any moment."

"What if he had a nightmare?"

"We would hear, and I would bring him to you."

Harry nodded, but the furrow was still there between his eyebrows. Draco kissed Harry's cheek. "I miss you."

Harry smiled and started to kiss him. "A lot."

"You're just like Larry." Harry said but continued to kiss him.

"Draco?" Harry asked quietly. "Are you sleeping?"

"Not yet." Draco answered between his yawn.

"If… if I can't give you anymore children," Harry bite his lips but still trying to put the words out. "I'll let you remarry again.

That made Draco wide awake. "You're talking rubbish."

"But you want another baby." Harry said in accusation.

"I don't deny that. But you miss the point. I want another baby, with you. But even if we can't, Larry is enough. You already give me a wonderful heir. I could never thank you enough for that."

"What if the potion didn't work?" Harry's voice break.

"Hey, I don't mind we keep trying." Draco licked his lips. "In fact I would thoroughly enjoy the process."

"Pervert." Harry glared weakly.

"Better than you talking nonsense. "Draco chuckled. He pulled Harry so that he was sleeping on top of him. "Let's sleep."

"Hmm." Harry yawned, he felt weird that with all the naps he took, he was sleepy again. 'Something's wrong.' Harry thought before sleep overtook.


After breakfast, Harry and Larry did their morning routine before Larry's classes started, taking Cookie for a walk. The different only Draco was with them and since Larry didn't have class for that day, the walking time was extended to having tea in the garden.

Draco wanted to take his family on an outing again, just as he had promised himself, but Hermione called, saying she wanted to check on Harry, and bringing her son with her.

So it was after lunch when Draco retreated to his study room that Hermione came. Harry was rather happy; he smiled watching the toddler interacted with each other.

"It's the first time Larry met someone closer to his age." Harry explained. He frowned a little when his son wouldn't let Toby played with his toys. "It's not nice, Larry. You should share when you play together."

Larry frowned. "My toys."

Hermione laughed. "It's alright, Harry. Beside, Toby prefers reading than toys." Hermione pulled out her son's favourite book.

But little Toby wasn't interested in his book at the moment; his attention was caught by something chocolate with soft fur lying beside the other boy. The smallest person he ever met, though still bigger than him. He tried to touch the thing but crying back at his mother when that thing trying to bite him with such a scary noise.

"Cookie." Larry scolded his friend. He carried the puppy and walked to his new friend who was sitting at his mother's lap, hiding his face on the crook of her neck.

"Baby, don't cry. Cookie is good." He held the puppy closer to the baby, Harry and Hermione laughed at that, but Toby refused to touch the scary thing again.

"Cookie doesn't bite." Larry said again. "Just touch him like this." He gave example and then took Toby's hand to touch Cookie. "See, he like that."

Toby laughed. "Khookhiee."

"No, it's Cookie."

Toby tried but couldn't say it right. "Let's play." He walked to his block and instructed Cookie to stay away. He was trying to build a muggle city.

Harry watched fondly as his son let the smaller boy helped him, though he made more mess than being helpful. 'He would be a great big brother.' Harry thought sadly.

Hermione looked at her friend. "Are you alright, Harry?"

Harry smiled. "I'm still coping, but I think I'm alright."

Hermione nodded. "Mal… Draco said something about the potion being somewhat affecting you."

Harry was confused. "Only made me lethargic and sleepy."

"But that's not possible." Hermione frowned. "The potion does have some calming affect but it didn't have sleeping potion's characteristic. It should even make you more energized. Especially since you're not taking any of it anymore, if this is the side effect."

"Are you giving me a fail potion?" Harry smirked playfully.

Hermione only glared lightly. "You should go see a healer."

A thought suddenly came into his mind. "Do you think I could still conceive? Maybe the potion actually working."

Hermione didn't want her friend to have too much hope, afraid that it would crush him even more if the contrary was to happen. "We wouldn't know for sure unless you go see a healer."

Harry nodded. He smiled again. "Severus said he would brew me some fertility potions if your potion didn't work."

"That's nice of him." Hermione said dryly.


"Hey." Draco gently touched Harry's cheek. "Something happen?"

"No." Harry smiled. He tried to hide his yawning but knew he failed when he heard Draco chuckled.

"What did she say?"

"She advised me to see a healer since the potion should have made me more energized, not tired and sleepy."

"That's a good idea. We could go tomorrow."

"But you're working." Harry protested. "Beside, I don't want to leave Larry, and I don't want him to know that I'm seeing a Healer."

Draco nodded. "I'll have them send the best healer here when Larry's in class, and mother could accompany you. How's that?"

"That could work." Harry said slowly.

"Come on, let's put you on bed."

"No." Harry pouted. "I just remember that you've promised me you'll show me our pictures."

"Ah, right." Draco smiled. "It's in my study room. You want to come with me or do you want me to bring them here."

"You bring them here." Harry smiled.

"Give me five minutes."

But it took Draco less than five minutes to get them. They spent a silent moment watching the pictures.

Harry was sadly looking at the pictures. It should be a family picture, but on most of them only had himself with his son, only a few were Larry with Draco. The only pictures where it had Harry with Draco was on their wedding day. There were only four pictures that have the three of them. One was when Larry was born, and then one each on Larry's birthday.

"You don't like it?" Draco licked his neck.

Harry felt shivered run through his body. "No. I looked terrible."


"I'm sorry." Harry whispered. "It must be hard for you to see these pictures with me looking so unhappy being marry to you."

"No." Draco smiled. "Those are my treasures. It's a proof that you are with me and then we have Larry."

"But… I made you feel guilty, right, that I'm so miserable to be with you." Harry sighed. "I'm such a terrible person, making you… I guest you think that I hate you and not happy to be with you. I'm sorry, Draco."

"Harry." Draco cupped Harry's face. "I want you to forgive me for all the underhanded things I did to force you to marry me and the thing I said to make you stay in this marriage when you're pregnant with Larry. That time must be hell for you."

"It was." Harry smiled. "But I'm happy now."

"You forgive me?"

"Not you too." Harry smiled. "Hermione also wants me to forgive her for being relieved that I accepted your marriage proposal." Harry's eyes were glassy. "I guess it was hard for all of us. She felt sorry but also relieved. I guess she's relieved now that I'm happy." Harry smiled sweetly at his husband. "You're forgiven."

"You're an angel, Love. My angel."

"I am." Harry whispered. He smiled despite the blush on his face.

Draco kissed Harry tenderly. "You haven't opened the other album."

Harry slowly opened the other one. Those were taken at the later date. Their wedding anniversary. They had more pictures of Sirius, Harry's friends, Draco's parents, and of course, the three of them.

"And these are my favourite." Draco pointed to the pictures when Harry and Larry were playing dress up.

Harry laughed. "Larry was so sad that Sirius left, so mother said she wanted to play fashion show. Father is quite the photographer, isn't he?"

"Yup. He took most of those pictures." Draco said. He took the albums from Harry's laps. "Come on, let's lay down. I want to enjoy my free time with you."


Harry was, not excited, agitated would be the better word to describe his feeling right now. He accompanied Draco at breakfast, but didn't seem to be able to swallow anything, so he carefully sipped his milk.

"Are you sure you don't want me to be here with you?"

Harry shook his head. "Mother will be here after breakfast."

"Mummy." Larry ran to hug his mummy and gave him a kiss before he went to his father and gave him a kiss as well.

"Be good and study well."

"Yes, Daddy." Larry grinned happily. To him life was back to normal now. He made sure his pet had his meal before he settled for his own breakfast.

They were walking the puppy when Narcissa arrived.

"Time for you class, Larry."

"Yes, mummy." Larry said obediently. He properly greeted his grandmother before he went to his playroom, his governess followed him closely.

"How are you doing lately, Harry?"

Harry smiled. "I'm good, aside from the occasional fatigue. And… Draco gave each of us a necklace with protecting and tracking charm on it. I feel safer."

Narcissa nodded. "Well, the healer would come any moment. Let's go inside and get comfortable."

They were just arrived in the living room and ordered some refreshment when the head auror announce the arrival of the healer.

Harry waited impatiently as the healer, the one that tending to him when he was in the St. Mungo, run a check on him. He curtly answered the questions; when he started feeling the fatigue, if he was on any medication. Harry was slightly worried at the pensive look on her face. He wanted to snap at her.

"Do you have any craving?"

Harry didn't see what the relevance of the question but answered anyway.

When the healer finally explained to him what had happened, he couldn't believe it. He just sat numbly. He hardly acknowledged when his mother-in-law walked the healer to the front door.

He sat dazedly there, hadn't moved an inch as Narcissa returned and hugged him.

"Are you happy?"

"Yes." Harry answered as if he was dreaming. "I couldn't believe it. It wasn't a joke, right? She told me the truth, right?"

"Of course, Harry dear." Narcissa smiled. "Let's call Draco, he needs to hear this."

"Yes." Harry smiled.

Narcissa promptly called her son and told him to get home as soon as possible. Meaning now.

Draco quickly stepped through the fireplace after he barked order to his secretary.

"What's wrong?" Draco asked, ignoring the ashes on his robe. "Harry?"

Narcissa smiled. "That's right. Go asked Harry, I need to tell this news to your father."

"Harry?" Draco heart calmed a bit when he caught Harry's serene face. He hurried to his loved. "Any good news?"

"That depends." Harry blushed. "The healer said the fatigue won't disappear until another month. And it might even worsen."

"Why is that?" Draco asked in alarm.

Decided to stop his husband's worry, Harry explained. "I'm still pregnant, Draco. We'll have another baby in less than eight month."

Draco kissed him hard. "Not that I'm not happy, but how did it happen. I haven't even tried anything."

"Well…" Harry smiled, to happy to formulate any explanation.

Draco only sat there, tightly hugging his wife. The explanation could wait. Their lives were complete now.

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