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Chapter 6 Roto's Return

"Akane here?"Kurama asked. He wanted to see Akane again so he went to go pick her up. "You are soooo stupid!"Rita yelled. "You just picked up my daughter five minutes ago to take her to the park!"Rita shouted, slamming the door. Kurama blinked before it dawned on him that Akane could be in trouble. "The park! Which one!"Kurama shouted as he ran all over town at top speed.

Kurama stopped in the middle of the park where he had brought Akane before. Sure enough, there was Akane sitting among the flowers, weaving a few together. "Akane!"Kurama panted, standing over her. "Kurama? How come you came back so fast?"Akane asked, confused. "Oh, Akane!"Someone called. Both Akane and Kurama turned their heads and saw another Kurama walking towards them. The Kuramas stared at each other. Akane looked back and forth from each of their faces. "What is going on?"Akane yelled. "Akane, get away from him!"The Kurama on the right shouted. "No Akane, come here!"The one on the left shouted. Akane kept looking back and forth, very much confused. "Who are you exactly?"The Kurama on the right asked. "I'm Kurama."He said. "No you're not!" "Yes I am!" "No you're not! "YES I am!"

"Both of you, SHUT-UP!"Akane shouted that last part. She had one palm facing the right Kurama and another palm facing the left Kurama. "Special Power Spell Dark Magic Remover!"Akane whispered, shooting beams of light at each Kurama. The Kurama on the right blinked and rubbed his eyes. The other Kurama was panicing and screaming. White smoke engulfed him and there stood a blue demon with a evil looking face. "Roto!"Kurama hissed. "Surprised to see me?"Roto drawled. "I killed you."Kurama said. "Not quite. I brought myself back to life."Rot said,smirking. He suddenly lunged forward and before Kurama could do anything, grabbed Akane and held a very long and sharp claw to her neck. "One false move and the girl gets it."Roto said, squeezing hard. He had an arm around Akane's chest, also pining her arms down.

"Let her go!"Kurama growled. "I'm also the person you attemped to kill when I had grabbed Akane the first time."Roto said. "Let go!"Akane snarled, thrashing a bit. Roto rasied his blade and scracthed lines on Akane's face. "Carefull now. You don't want me to mess up and take out one of your pretty eyes or take your nose off, now do you?"Roto smirked. He started pressing harder while he cut up Akane's face. Kurama started to take a step and Roto slapped Akane with the blade, causing her to whimper. "Let her go now!"Kurama warned. "No, don't think so. I'm enjoying watching her squirm and seeing the expression on your face."Roto said laughing.

Kurama suddenly transformed in to Yoko. "Let go!"Yoko said calmly. "N-no!"Roto stamered. He pressed hard with his claw on the area right below Akane's eye, causing her to whimper harder. Yoko's eyes turned red and he jumped at Roto. Roto shoved Akane forward and proceed to stick his claw in her shoulder blade before Yoko slashed him into tiny pieces. When Yoko landed he turned around and walked over to Akane who was atempting to pull the claw out of her shoulder. Yoko grabbed the end of it and pulled it out, causing Akane to whimper again. She tunred around threw her self at Yoko, grabbing the front of his shirt and buring her face in his chest. Yoko wrapped his arms around Akane and held her close. "I'm sorry. I should have done something sooner."Yoko whispered. He then felt something wet on the front of his shirt. "Akane?"Yoko put his hand under her chin and tilted her head up. She was crying and her tears were mxing with the steady trickles of blood down her face.

"Akane..."Yoko murmed, before changing into Kurama. "Akane..."Kurama said, looking at her tears. "Oh! Kurama!"Akane cried, buring her face again. "I was so scared!"Akane cried. Kurama wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on top of her head. "It's ok, Akane. I won't ever let anything happen to you. Not now, not ever."Kurama whispered. Akane just pulled Kurama closer and stopped crying but did not let go.

About an hour later;

It started to rain. "Come on Akane. You can stay with me till the rain stops."Kurama said. "Akane?" No response. Kurama tilted Akane's chin up so he could see her face. She was still bleeding but it looked like she was asleep. Kurama picked her up bridal style and took her back to his house.

Kurama's house.

"Woah, what happened to her?"Some one asked when Kurama flipped on a light. "Botan? What are you doing here?"Kurama asked. "Me and Hiei stopped by for a vist but since you weren't here, we were going to leave."Botan explained. "But, Mr.Stubborn over there wouldn't."Botan said, jerking her thumb over her shoulder at the fire demon watching them. "Excuse me, but you're the one who insisted on coming so I wasn't going to leave untill we saw him!"Hiei said standing up and walking over. Botan waved her hand at him and smiled before turning her attention to Akane. "Did Yoko get angry or something?"Hiei asked. "Roto got her and did this before I could stop him. Her shoulder is the worst because he dug his claws in it and I had to pull them out. "Kurama said, laying Akane down on the couch. "Here I'll treat her."Botan said, pulling out a first aid kit.

Botan cleaned and put bandaides on Akane's face before flipping her over and pulling her shirt off to treat her back. "You're right Kurama, look at this, he dug it in on all the way to her bone."Botan said. Kurama and Hiei looked and Kurama growled, causing both Hiei and Botan to flinch visibly. "You claimed her, didn't you?"Hiei asked. Kurama nodded staring at the hole in akane's shoulder blade. It was very wide and some parts were bruised and others were bloody. "This could take a long time to heal."Botan said, putting some ointment on the wound, causing Akane to flinch in her sleep. She cleaned the wound and wrapped it up. "Good thing she's wearing an under shirt."Botan said as she cleaned up her supplies. "Why's that?"Both boys asked. "She can't have any clothing over that wound or it'll sting. "Botan said.

"Ouch. Where am I?"Akane asked, proping herself on her elbows. "Kurama's place."A boy with black spiky hair said from the other side of the room. "Lay back down or Kurama will throw a fit if you wind up hurting yourself more."Hiei warned. "What happened? Why does my shoulder hurt like hell?"Akane asked, laying back down. "Becuase you have a huge wound that needs to heal."Kurama said, coming into the room. "Kurama!"Akane exclaimed happily, trying to sit up. As fast as lighting, Kurama had pushed her back down on the couch. "Lay down. You're hurt."Kurama said.

I'm going to stop here. This chapter was fluffy with a bit of a dramatic twist. Hope you like it. And I'm sorry to have sped things up a bit between Akane and Kurama. See you soon!