I cry an ocean of tears,
Silver rippled silk.
Drowning in my fears.
Why can't I hold you tight?
Feel your touch
Caress me in the night.
I cry for you
In the silver sea of night.

I shouldn't feel this.
The emotion is so wrong
Yet I ache for your kiss.
I need your skin on mine,
Pale soft and tender
I can feel you trace a line.
You fingers burn my soul
Down my skin sears a line.

I know that you love her
And long for her touch
But I want you so much.
You may never know
These feelings so strong
It feels so wrong.
My silver tears are lost
In the uncaring night
For how can you accept
This love of mine?
What will be the cost
Of this flame so bright
A love to last
Through all of time.