Author's Note This was originally written as an original poem. Still, I kept feeling like it could have also been Raven's POV during "The End". So, I just thought I'd post it as well. Anyway, I hope any readers will enjoy this poem. Review if you so desire.


There was a point in my life

When I couldn't help but believe

In that ever so lovely "once upon a time".

But not now,

Never again. . .

Because wishing on the evening stars

Won't make dreams come true.

Trying hard doesn't mean

You're going to make it through.

Good and evil isn't as simple

As the colors black and white.

And no one might be out there

To save you from the monsters of the night.

Fairytales. . . hated now.

They are nothing more than lies.

And I find it hard to believe that I

Could ever be so blind

To dream. . . to hope

That a star could make things okay.

Perhaps I'm a bit downhearted,

But I'm just saying what I see.

Because the thing about "happily ever after". . .

It's just a fantasy.