I am making this how Edgar Allen Poe did. All his works in one book, so I'm making it all his works NBC style in a fanfic. The chapter titlepretty much explains this poem.


It was many and a many more of years ago,
In a manor by the cemetery,
That a maiden and I loved of all who may know her fair name
By the name of Sally;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought besides me
Than to love and be loved from a skeleton like me.

I was a child and she was a child,
In this manor by the cemetery,
But we loved things far stranger than love-
I and my dearest Sally;
With an adornment to outshine the stars
With an exhilaration to kiss the heavens
With an emotional way to dream a demon's nightmare
Which sealed the bond between her and me.

And this was the cause and effect of that of long ago,
In this manor by the cemetery,
A shadow crept out and beyond my dreariest of dreary
Terrifying my darling, Sally;
So that her spirits sank and her dim went dying
And tore her away from me,
To lock her up in Death's arms of misery
In this manor by the cemetery.

The angels, no longer being as joyful as joyful in the sky,
Began to envy me and Sally,
Yes, that was the reason (for all should know
In this manor by the cemetery)
That a shadow came out in the dead of night,
Kidnapping and killing my dearest Sally.

But our adornment, it was far stronger than the power of matrimony
Of those who were weaker than us
Of those who were more divine than us
And neither the angels of heart
Nor the demons of darkness
Could ever assemble my soul to ever forget
The lovely enchantment of Sally

For the wind never howls, without reminding me
Of the beautiful Sally;
And the sun never shines, but I can feel the touch
Of the beautiful Sally;
And so, all I night I lie down by my side
The side of my dearest - my dearest - my life and bride
In the sadness of the spiral hill of all cemetery
In her tomb by the undying cemetery