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Chapter 10- I'll Tell Em I Hijacked You.

Several weeks had passed, and the days continued in the same pattern for Jamie. He would have visitors, the doctors could come in, he'd have tests done, and they would monitor his vital organs and such. He had ordered a wheelchair and it had come in a few days ago. When Tyler came to visit him on day, he found Jamie sitting by the window in the chair.

"Hey man your mobile!"

"Well, kinda anyways." Jamie replied, smiling slightly.

"You okay?" Tyler asked, noting the longing in Jamie's eyes.

"I want to go outside." Jamie said turning his attention to Tyler, a small smile etched onto his face. " Its been a really long time since I've been outside." Tyler read the look in his friends eyes.

"Oh no way. Your not allowed."

"Come on..."

"No way, cause your suppose to say in your room for a reason. You could fall, or--"

"Tyler, do you think you can stop being an EMT for a few minutes and just be my friend?" Jamie asked quietly. Tyler was silent for a while, before he let out a soft sigh.

"I'm so gonna get it for this. You owe me." Jamie smiled widely and Tyler grasped the back of the chair to push Jamie out into the hall. After making it into the yard of the hospital Tyler released the hold and sat down in front of Jamie so they could talk.

"How's school been?" Jamie asked.

"Busy, Spirit week is coming up." Jamie rolled his eyes. "Of course, Val is very geared up about it."

"I bet you'll be busy, overachieving." Jamie teased.

"I'm always doing that." Tyler snickered. "Of course, when I get grounded for aiding and abetting...."

"I'll tell em I hijacked you." Jamie joked back.

"So really, how have you been doing?" Tyler asked, going serious.

"I'm all right. I do the school work my mom brings me from the school, and I've normally got people in the room with me....I think they're scared of leaving me alone."

"I guess we kinda are." Tyler admitted, looking a bit guilty. Jamie shrugged in response, not really looking angry.

"I don't mind the company. If left to my own devices all day, God knows I'd go insane." Tyler nodded.

"How did the visit with Val and Brooke go the other day?" Jamie flinched the slightest bit.

"It probably would have gone better if Brooke didn't burst into tears the second she saw me."

"Yeah, I can see how that might not be too comforting." Jamie nodded and gazed around. It was amazing being outside again. The way the sunlight seemed to dance through the trees and scatter about the land.

"Jamie!" Craning his neck, he saw Two doctors and a barrage of nurses come down the hill.

"Uh oh, busted." One of the nurses grasped the wheelchair handles and Dr. Walker, Jamie's main doctor leaned down so he was eye level.

"Do this again, and I'll add time to your hospital stay."

"You can't do that!" Jamie protested.

"I can, and I will." Jamie slumped into the chair, and let the nurse push him towards the room, Tyler remained in the garden, watching as they went.


In the early evening, Jamie had been put back into the bed, he was getting quiet bored. He heaved a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes in protest of his boredom.

"Well, it almost seems like your bored." Jamie looked up to see Peter hovering in his door.


"Heard about earlier."

"Yeah, its getting around, um, do I need to say sorry?" Jamie watched as Peter settled down in the chair next to him.

"Naw, I bet I'd do it too." Jamie grinned a little.

"It was worth the lectures to be outside again."

"I'll bet." Peter replied.

"Have the police....." Jamie trailed off.

"No, sorry." Peter looked down, and away from his brother.

"Well, isn't this eerily familiar." Jamie muttered and Peter's head snapped up. "Sounds a lot like what happened with dad doesn't it."

"Jamie don't, bringing it up will only hurt more." Jamie nodded and looked down into his lap.

"Sorry." Peter sighed, he wasn't sure what he could do to help his brother.

"You want me to turn on the TV?"

"No, thank you." Jamie said glancing up briefly. "I think I'm just going to try and go to sleep...." Peter got the hint and stood.

"Okay, but if you need anything, just call." Jamie nodded and Peter walked quietly out of the room. Once outside, Peter leaned heavily against the wall and let out a low sigh. Jamie tried to be strong, but he could tell his little brother needed help, and he wasn't sure how he could provide it.


"Heard you made an escape." Hank said, the following day, as he settled into the chair by Jamie's bed.

"I attempted too." Jamie replied.

"When are you getting to go home?"

"Another month or so."


"That's a given." Jamie replied, trying to stifle a yawn.

"You okay?" Hank asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm just tired." Jamie reassured. "So, tell me about what's been going on at school. All Tyler told me was that spirit week would be happening soon."

"Well let me see, what's happening...." Hank said thinking. "Carlson mentioned he might come by to see you." Jamie made a face. "I thought you might react that way."

"What else?"

"A few rumors have started."


"You already know they're about you." Hank aid with a grunt.

"Of course I do, you don't get shot and expect people not to know about it."

"Yeah." There was an uncomfortable pause.

"What aren't you telling me?" Hank sighed.

"You aren't gonna like this.........."

To those of you who obviously stated earlier on, something bad happened to their dad, your right, and don't worry, I'll explain what happened in an upcoming chapter. Let me know what you all think please.