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Chapter Fifteen: I Just Want to Thank You

Terra POV

I heard the other yelling around me, something about a volcano. Oh god… I didn't. But I could hear the ground trembling beneath me, and it was getting very hot. Now I've started a volcano. Just great.

"Terra!" I heard Beast Boy yelling, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Come on! We gotta go!"

I can't. This is all my fault. "I have to stay," I replied resolutely. I had no intention of going back into their lives. Things might have returned to normal, but some things would never be the same. I just couldn't put any more burdens on the only people who had become my only friends. The best thing I could do for them was get out of their lives.

Beast Boy, however, was horrified at my decision. "No!" he yelled. All around us, lava was flowing and rocks were falling down from the ceiling. They have to get out of here.

"I'm the only one who can stop it," I said, looking around at the chaos.

"Please, Terra!" he yelled desperately. "You can't! It's too late!" I tucked my hair back behind my ear, seeing him clearly for the first time since that fatal day at the theme park. So much had changed in one week.

Then, I remembered Beast Boy's words from earlier. 'It's never too late to change.' He was right then. And now, I was going to follow his example again. I knew what I had to do to save the city, and him.

"It's never too late," I replied with a sad smile.

I pulled him into a loving embrace, knowing that this was the last time I would ever see him. I held him close, cherishing our final moments together. Tears were streaming silently down my cheeks, and he was trembling.

"You were the best friend I ever had," I said, gently pulling out of the hug and looking at him. His eyes were full of love and sorrow. Leaning forward, he gently kissed me. I was dazed for a few moments, and I felt nothing but bliss. Then he slowly pulled away.

He was looking deeply into my eyes. "You're more than just a friend, Terra," he said softly.

A sudden shower of lava off to the side reminded me of my task. I gave Beast Boy a solemn look, kind of regretting what I had to do now. He slowly backed up to where the others stood, and the five of them left. Goodbye, Beast Boy. Goodbye… my friends.

Beast Boy POV

Looking down the long, long road, thankful for the dreams I hold. And all the blessings we find flow around us.

Terra had done it. She had saved the city from the volcano, and defeated Slade. But, her good deeds came at a horrible price. It was Robin who went down after twenty minutes of waiting for something, anything, to happen. He came back after a few minutes, head hung low. Terra Markov died on August 21, 2004. That was all I let Robin tell ,e, that she was out of my life forever.

That was one week ago. Now, I was finally ready to go and pay my last respects to Terra. I was in the Kitchen, finishing something I had been working on for the past few days. I looked up from my work at a photo taped to the refrigerator. All six of us, including Terra, were smiling at the camera, having a grand time. Even Raven had a small smile on her face. That was taken the day Terra had become a Titan.

Looking back at memories, friends who mean so much to me. A circle of true family surrounds us.

I thought back to the day we had met Terra. 'Bath Boot' I had called myself, too embarrassed to get a sensible word out of my mouth. But she thought I was funny, and we instantly connected in our own special way.

We were friends right from the start, joined together heart to heart.

I held up my finished plaque, blowing a few bits of rocky powder off of it. Terra, a Teen Titan, a True Friend it read. It had been hard to do, and I had to constantly wipe spilt tears off of it, but it was done.

And I'm grateful to have a chance to say…

"Ready, Beast Boy?" came a solemn voice at the door. I turned and saw Cyborg, looking even less cheerful than he was when Gizmo stole his car. I slowly nodded, picking up my plaque, and followed him out the door, my thoughts on Terra.

I just want to thank you for all that you have done.

The walk through the streets of Jump City was silent. People were slowly coming back, so the city was showing more signs of life. As we rounded a corner, we saw a large throng of people, who instantly began cheering and applauding us. No one smiled at the gesture. Robin gave a little jerk of his head to acknowledge them, and we moved on. Finally, we arrived at the old mine. We slowly went down to Slade's old lair, silent the whole time.

And I'll be so grateful, forever, for the laughter and the fun.

We were all thinking about what had happened. It had been so hard on all of us, especially Starfire. She didn't really understand what happened, that she would never see Terra again. Robin had to sit down and explain it to her, which took a lot out of him. I'd never seen Starfire more miserable.

You were there beside me, to guide me. You're more than just a friend.

The sight that I saw shocked me. Terra was nothing but a statue, standing with her arms out at her sides, looking skyward, a tearstain on her cheek. It was nothing like what I'd expected to see at all. Starfire gave a small gasp beside me, and Robin pulled her into a gentle hug. Cyborg put his hand on my shoulder, and I stared up at the statue that was Terra.

I just want to thank you. Thank you once again.

"Does anyone want to say a few words?" Robin asked quietly, carefully moving the bouquet of flowers Starfire had brought so they wouldn't be squashed. I nodded and stepped forward, my eyes on the statue's face.

Listen to life's simple song. Find your voice and sing along.

"Her name was Terra," I began slowly, wanting to honor her as much as I could.

Others join and you sing the song together.

"She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well." I heard a sniffle from Starfire behind me.

And then a simple lesson's learned: where love is given, love returns.

"She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend." I fought back my tears, not wanting to cry in front of Terra. She wouldn't want me all sad like this. She'd want us to move on. It would be hard, but I could do it.

And then a faithful friendship's earned forever.

"And she was one of the bravest people I've ever known." I turned and faced the others. Starfire was crying silently on Robin's shoulder, Robin had his head bowed, and Cyborg was wiping his eyes. Even Raven looked moved by what I'd said.

I was so lucky you were there, to always count on, to always care.

Starfire moved forward and placed her bouquet of flowers at statue Terra's feet. "I shall miss you, friend," she said sadly.

And grateful to have a chance to say…

"We'll be searching for a way to reverse the effect," Raven said, her voice calm, as always. I just let her words wash over me. I wasn't going to get my hopes up, only to be heartbroken again.

I just want to thank you for all you've done

"We'll bring her back," Robin said, his hand on Starfire's shoulder.

I'll be so grateful for the laughter and the fun.

"Someday," Cyborg said, his voice a mixture of sadness and hope.

You were beside me.

I slowly moved forward, and sat the plaque on the base where she stood. I looked up at her stone face, holding back my tears.

We're more than friends.

"I'll never forget you, Terra," I said quietly. And it was the truth. No matter what happened, Terra would always have a special place in my mind… and my heart.

Thank you once again.


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