Title: Out of Cash

Beta: Me!

Chapter: One

Started: 7/3/05

Finished: 7/3/05

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this is a kind true story!

Warnings: Shonen Ai and maybe Yaoi

Pairings: Tyson/ Kai

Dedicated: To The Ty/Kai fanfiction c2 setting and Techno Ranma and everyone who has read all of my stories like Kaay-Chan and Firie Girl!

" Kai, do you have anymore money?" asked Tyson to his boyfriend. "No, why?" Kai asked back. The two boys were at the anime convention or more so Tyson had pulled Kai along for the ride.

Tyson had even gotten Kai to cosplay with him. Tyson was dressed as Shuichi and Kai was dressed as Yuki (you know from gravitation). Tyson was on a leash which was mainly the only reason Kai had agreed to dress up in the first place.

Despite himself Kai had been having fun the last couple of days but hell would have to freeze over before he would admit it. "What do you mean you don't have anymore money Kai?" said Tyson clutching the newest manga from Naruto in his arms.

"I have no money...left" he said finally getting what Tyson was saying. "Well I don't either Kai" said Tyson still holding the manga for dear life. "So were..." Kai started. "Broke" finished Tyson as the shop keeper ripped the manga from his hands and put it back on the shelf.

Tyson made a face at the old bat when her back was turned.

"Well lets go get some more" Tyson said beginning to walk off but was prevented from doing so because of the leash. "Kai what's the big idea" whined Tyson looking up at his lover. "We can't get any" Kai said dazed.

"What do you mean?" asked Tyson confused wasn't his boyfriend rich. "My account won't let me till tomorrow" he said looking at Tyson who blinked a couple of times. "Okay did you buy our tickets home? We are going TODAY" asked Tyson praying Kai had.

"Yeah but what about until then we need money" said Kai. "Its not like we can ask our friends cause were in America so we just have to come up with something else" said Tyson getting a weird sly grin on his face.

"Tyson?" asked Kai afraid. "Alright I need a marker and Paper" he laughed running off dragging Kai behind him.

"What are you doing?" asked Kai as Tyson wrote something down on a piece of paper an artist from artist ally had given them. Tyson wrote what ever he had to write then took off back towards the dealer's room.

Tyson and Kai walked to the middle and most crowded part of the dealers room and Tyson grinned and wrapped his arms around Kai in a sexy way and held up the sign and a couple girls blushed and stopped and started digging through there purse's.

Kai looked at the blushing girls and noticed they all carried paddles that said 'I love Yaoi' on them. Kai blinked and looked up at Tyson's sign, "Will Yaoi for CASH!"

Kai twitched as a little girl no more than 13 walked up to Kai and handed him a 20$ bill. "I am a big fan of you guys" she said smiling waiting. The blushing paddle girls all hand Kai 5$.

Kai blushed looked at the boy who was hugging him. Kai shook his head. A young girl in Black and Red ninja outfit walked up and put in Kai's hand a dollar.

"It's my last dollar make it worth it!" she said walking back over with her friends. Kai sighed as Tyson smiled at his lover's shyness.

Suddenly the paddle girls started chanting, " WE WANT YAOI!" and soon everyone was chanting it a few more people gave Tyson money.

Finally Kai swung around and bent Tyson over backwards kissing him square in the mouth. Tyson kissed back making it interesting. All the girls started yelling a clapping and few boys to.

Laughing Tyson bowed and Kai blushed and turned to his lover taking his hand pulling him away kissing him on the cheek. Another fangirl calling was heard and the boys were swarmed to take pictures.

After they had finished they made there way to the exit and left hand in hand as the got in the cab Tyson called out "I never got my Naruto Manga!" Kai just laughed "Baka" he whispered.

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