Chapter 1 Crushed Hearts & Broken Love


Athrun's gentle gaze fell upon the androgynous blonde girl, Cagalli, who giggled softly to herself. With a naughty grin, Athrun engaged in a wild goose chase of tag around the haven, which was full of flora and fauna.

What stunned the blue-haired co-ordinator most was the girl's ability to sprint and swerve about at tight angles.

Cagalli came to an abrupt halt at the edge of a small pond. Athrun, who was running too fast to stop, fell right into the pond, breaking the pond's silent surface with a brilliant array of ripples.

Athrun surfaced, his blue-hair plastered back against his head. "You'll pay for that, Cagalli," he growled.

However, the blonde girl was laughing like a mad hyena, and was oblivious to the young man's words.

Athrun kicked hard under the water's surface, pushing his entire frame upwards. He grabbed Cagalli by the shoulders, and pulled her along with him into the clear waters of the pond.

The sudden rush of water, struck Cagalli with panic and fear. "Aaaaargh!" screamed Cagalli, surfacing for a breath of air and flailing her arms about.

Suddenly realizing that the blonde girl had hydrophobia and had an inability to swim, he dived down under the pond's surface and pulled her upwards.

Cagalli frantically desperately wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on tight, afraid to lose control.

"What the hell was that all about? I can't swim!" Cagalli spluttered; her whole body shaking as she held on to Athrun.

"Sorry, baby girl, I was unaware of that." Replied Athrun, his tone suddenly becoming mushy and seductive.

"Well, I hope you've realized my inability to survive in the water." Hissed Cagalli, trying to sound fierce instead of panicky and frightened.

Suddenly the scene changed.

"I'm sorry, Cagalli," said Athrun, his arms wrapped around Mia Campbell's waist as the Lacus impersonator clung onto him like a leech.

"Why? I thought what we had was special! You traitor! You said you loved me, said that no one would ever replace me in your heart!" screamed Cagalli, thunderstorms brewing and clouding her honey-brown eyes.

"I'm really very sorry, Cagalli." Athrun said once more, as he turned on heel and walked off with Mia Campbell, stuck tightly to his side.

Athrun turned to take one last glance at the girl, whom had brightened up his life. It was like a dagger in the heart, just watching the pearly tears leak silently out of her eyes, which were usually ablaze with confidence and determination.

It was as if, the little candle in her eyes, had suddenly been snuffed out.

End of flashback.

"Miss Cagalli! Wake up!" said Nurse Ochika desperately, shaking Cagalli gently.

The blanket was twisted all over the blonde girl's body, as she tossed, turned and screamed in her sleep.

Cagalli's eyes snapped open, as she sat bolt upright on the bed in the ward of the hospital. As if on cue, she broke down in tears, burying her face in her hands.

"There, there. It was just a dream. Everything's ok," reassured Nurse Ochika, rubbing Cagalli's back soothingly.

"No! You're wrong! Nothing in my life is ok! If my life was ok, I wouldn't be lying in here!" barked Cagalli, her cheeks tear stained, her eyes still blurred by tears.

Nurse Ochika sighed, "You saw him again, didn't you?" she asked Cagalli, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Cagalli looked down, and nodded lightly, as she felt more tears threaten to roll down her soft cheeks.

"Miss Cagalli, life has its ups and downs, sometimes we have just have to learn to let go and move on." Explained Nurse Ochika knowingly, rubbing her hands against Cagalli's.

"I can't move on. I loved him, and I thought that he loved me. He spent the entire day and night before the incident, solitarily with me. If he didn't love me, would he go as far as spending the entire night alone with me?" sobbed Cagalli, sniffling hard.

"Wow, you both actually went that far." Teased Nurse Ochika, handing Cagalli a packet of pocket tissues.

Cagalli chuckled at the remark, but her face fell not long after. "He was just so perfect, I actually thought he was the one. But I was wrong," explained Cagalli softly, fiddling with the packet of tissues in her hand.

"Fate has its ways of pairing people up for life," said Nurse Ochika, smiling wryly at the blonde girl.

"It's still not fair; my life has been twisted here and there! Have I offended heaven in any way?" exclaimed Cagalli bluntly.

"Maybe fate has something better in store for you next time in life," said Nurse Ochika smartly.

"What could be better than being with the one you love most?" asked Cagalli, looking at Nurse Ochika eagerly, waiting to see if she could outsmart her.

"Well, I don't know, but the important thing is to not give up hope. Love has no boundaries." Said Nurse Ochika quickly.

"What are you saying? You just said I had to learn to move on earlier, and now you're saying I should keep at it!" said Cagalli hotly, getting out of her bed and standing to full height.

"Oops, that's why people will tell you it's not a good idea to approach me for advice." Replied Nurse Ochika chuckling to herself.

"I think I can see that," said Cagalli shaking her head, and sitting back down on the bed, and taking hold of the photo frame containing a picture of Athrun and herself.

"I think you must have had a rough time will that dream of yours. I need to be getting back to work, so I'll see you later." Said Nurse Ochika hugging Cagalli briefly before returning to her duties.

"Athrun, why did you have to leave me?" Cagalli whispered softly, as she gazed at the photograph.

Tears flooded her eyes once more, as a myriad of thoughts of Athrun filled her mind. She remembered how Athrun was the only one who could keep her warm at night, even though she had tried wrapping herself like an Eskimo in layers of parkas and blankets.

Those emerald green eyes of his could see right through her, what she thought, how she felt. But why did he leave her alone in a huge world?

If he didn't love her, why did he sleep with her? Unless, he had nothing better to do, and was a brilliant actor.

Cagalli quickly dismissed that thought. He wasn't that type of guy; he was ever so gentle with her, yet rough when he defended her against others.

It all seemed like a puzzle to Cagalli. Sometimes, she'd come out of the hospital to take a walk in the park.

Then she'd see a guy from behind, who looked like Athrun, and she'd try to follow him, only to realize it wasn't the young man she loved.

Cagalli placed the photo frame back on her bedside table before lying back down on her bed.

Boy, did she feel drained from the commotion earlier. How she wanted to just shut her eyes and sleep, but she was afraid to. What if she saw Athrun again, and had to relive the situation once more in her mind?

But then again, she could see Athrun in a bad way and in a good way. She could dream of being with him again, or being taken away from him.

But no matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes open, she just felt even more tired.

Finally, her eyelids slid shut and she fell into a deep slumber, hoping she'd wake up to a brand new day.

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