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Last Time on QTT:

God…just imagine what Kim would've asked or done if she'd seen my bed on fire due to a dream, and I had to tell her it was about- The burning smell brought her back to her senses again, paralyzing her with shock as a single thought chorused through her mind. If it's not my room that's alight, it could only mean…oh-

Shego quickly bolted out of the room for the kitchen.

Kimmie…please be okay…

"K-Kimmie!" Shego gasped as she entered the main room. She could see the smoke in thick clouds above her, wafting through the doors and pushing at the slightly opened windows. Looking around frantically, Shego finally spotted the source of the fire, namely the dark oven sparking with light inside the tinted window. Rushing over, the green woman deftly grabbed the fire extinguisher she kept nearby, snapping the cord with her sharp nails and pulling out the pin. I've only got 5 seconds with this one…better make it worth it. Ripping down the door to the oven Shego fired, sending the thick white foam straight into the oven, coating everything nearby. The reaction was instant.

The flames grew higher.

"oh shit!" Shego screamed, realizing she had missed the fire almost entirely, spraying most of the kitchen with foam. While some had in fact reached the oven, it had flown just above the fire causing some left over exploded food to light on the roof of the oven as well. Cursing, Shego snatched another larger extinguisher next to the door several feet away and took a little longer, successfully smothering the fire, not stopping until the entire oven was overflowing with the freezing foam. Still grumbling to herself she threw the extinguisher over her shoulder, stormed over to the sink and turned it on, using the hose nozzle to spray the oven until it only had a large white puddle flooding almost the entire room, an a melted square of plastic filled with an unidentifiable charred object.

Damn fire. Shego groaned inwardly What was Kim trying to do-where is Kimmie anyway? Spinning around, she examined the room behind her. Her look changed from confused to surprised, then almost angry when she spotted the redhead, still laying on the couch with her back to the older woman.

"KIMMIE HOW COULD YOU?" Shego raged, storming over to the couch. "WHAT WERE YOU THINK-" Reaching the couch she peered over, shocked into silence by what she saw.

"your asleep…" Shego felt the beginnings of a headache coming on.

Indeed, the redhead lay peacefully, completely unaware to the previous smoke and fire engulfing the other half of the room. Her breathing was calm and quiet, a small lock of hair over her face and mouth set in a slight part. Shego felt her anger instantly being melted away. Damn, I must be getting soft…she nearly set the lair on fire and killed us! I dunno how she even manages to save people when she sleeps like a boulder like this… but I'll be damned I didn't believe that she doesn't look wonderful like that. Shego sighed in what could be called a loving way if one were so bold, sitting at the base of the couch simply looking at the innocent face, giggling slightly as the red hair fluttered over Kim's face and into her mouth.

God forbid Shego giggle.

As if on instinct, Shego scotted closer, leaning over to remove the strand from her secret crush's face, brushing it from her mouth and tucking it behind her ear. Just staring at the beautiful serene face below her drew Shego in, breath hitching as she hovered over the sleeping form. Her lips were poised just millimeters away, just a little closer...

When feelings of guilt, lust, love, and despair suddenly tore at her heart, ripping at her soul at once causing her to hesitate. Why cant I do it? She's right here, and if she can sleep through it, and never know what I did. Shego continued to stare, transfixed by the slightly parted lips below her. Just a little taste…it cant hurt can it? Her mouth watered at the thought of a taste, wishing she could just get up the courage to do what she had done in her dreams, to simply pull her close and slant her lips over the other's, exploring and fighting with the other woman for dominance of lips, perhaps a bit more…but still shego made no move to close the small distance. Why, why cant I just do it! Because it wouldn't be the same and you know it…you want your first kiss with Kim Possible to be special, to prove your true feelings for her. The immensely annoying voice inside her head stated smugly.Damn you! Why do you always show up when I least want you! I don't care what Kimmie wants and she wouldn't know anyway so what's the point? That's bull and you know it. Shut up why do I even care what you say anyway? Because you know I'm right. Oh sure always have to get the last word dontcha?

…Silence. Shego smirked, enjoying her victory in smug silence before a soft sigh below her caused her to freeze and realize the redhead was stirring, still half-asleep and unable to comprehend just how up close Shego was or the ragged breath curling around her mouth.

"Damnit!" Shego muttered, jerking away as the redhead's eyes began to clear, cloudiness of sleep breezing away to be replaced by the sparkling clarity of conciousness. Moving quickly, shego half walked-half sprinted to the far wall, trotting over quickly and picking up the phone, dialing a number with skilled hands and praticed ease.

Kim could feel a warm breeze on her lips, warming them with its gentile touch.

"mmm" Kim sighed as a feeling of comfort spread through her body, slowly coming to consciousness. An incomprehensible mumble, and the feeling was suddenly gone as Kim opened her eyes, searching for the feeling even as the last shreds of dreams blew away. She saw shego walk quickly to the phone nearby and dial a number with her back to the redhead. Hmm…what was I dreaming about again? Ah I don't know, but that really did feel good, if only I could've held onto that feeling longer. Kim closed her eyes, memorizing the feeling as best she could for a moment before looking at shego again. I wonder who Shego's talking to…and why she looks so disheveled. If I didn't know any better I'd say she had a problem with her powers and had to use a fire extinguisher to put herself out. Kim chuckled at the comical image, though considering Shego was still caked with foam over her uniform, clumping in her already disheveled hair from sleep, and the battered look of her clothing it didn't seem that unreasonable a conclusion. Still, something nagged at the back of Kim's mind, but her inablility to recall what it was became pushed to the back of her mind as she saw Shego walk back to her, a tired yet mischievous glint in her eye.

"Shego, what are you-" The redhead started in a suspicious tone, not liking the way Shego looked her over, nor the extra sway in her hips that invariably attracted the eye. Suddenly the elder woman pounced, jumping the armrest of the couch to sit directly on top of Kim's lower abdomen, smirking as she was rewarded with a slight "oof" from her prisoner.

"S-shego!" Kim gasped, finally regaining her breath as her body adjusted to the excess weight. "Shego, get off me! Come on shego, why are you doing this? I didn't do anything!" Kim struggled underneath the elder woman, but it was a futile attempt and she remained firmly lodged.

"Fine Kimmie, if you really have such a problem about me being on top, I'll let you up if you answer a question for me." Shego stated with a catlike smirk, looking into the redhead's eyes. The deep pools of sparkling emerald, lighter then her own eyes yet richer after a fashion, twin jewels which invariably attracted shego, luring her into their gaze. Shego could see everything, a perfect window into the redhead's soul. She saw surprise, hesitation, a bit of anger, even the underlying humor along with an unreadable emotion which Shego couldn't make out. I'll get it out of you yet kimmie…whatever it is your hiding, even if you don't know it yet.

"uh, shego? Could you quit staring at me like that? Freaking me out a little here…" Kim shifted uncomfortably, unease settling into her stomach at the look shego was giving her, along with the constantly shifting emotions flitting across Shego's face as she watched Kim. The movement seemed to startle the older woman, blinking back to her sences while suppressing a blush at being caught gazing into the redhead's eyes yep, defiantly getting soft…

"Yes princess?"

"well, I said yes, so what's your question?"

"oh that." Shego said, snapping back to reality and the matters at hand.

"well princess, it seems you nearly burned down the kitchen while you were sleeping…mind telling me how that came about?" Kim's eyes popped open wide in shock and realization at what had been nagging at the back of her mind.

Oh no…the lasagna!

"NO!" Kim arched suddenly, sending shego tumbling off her lithe form before hopping over the couch to look at the disaster area that was once a kitchen.

The entire place was a mess. What had once been a spotless kitchen only hours before was now covered in soot and foam. There were scorch marks from the oven, and the melted container was still inside, its charred remnants the obvious source of the fire. The foam puddle shego had caused remained where it was for the most part, running slightly into a small river and pooling near a cabinet on the far side of the wall. Kim looked around in shock, Shego coming around to stand behind her, leaning in close to speak into her ear.

"Mind telling me why I woke up to half my kitchen on fire, princess?" Shego cooed, startling Kim and making her jump slightly as she turned to face shego, meeting the other woman's gaze with a guilty look on her face for a moment before looking at her shoes and away.

"Shego I-I'm sorry. I had been trying to make everything better from earlier by surprising you and making dinner, but I'm not all that good a cook so-" Shego cut her off, lifting a hand up to Kim's mouth to silence her while trying to process everything the redhead just said, rubbing her temples with the other hand in an attempt to quell the growing headache.

"Whoa wait now hold the phone Pumpkin. Your telling me that you, Kim Possible, Ms. "anythings possible for a possible" can defeat any supervillain on this earth no problem possible, cant COOK? I'm sorry Kimmie, but that's really funny."

"Shut up Shego. I didn't say I couldn't cook, I said that I'm not that good a cook." Kim stated, blush forming from her cheeks to her ears under the scrutiny of her archenemy. "I can cook and make food that's edible, just don't look at me when it's bland and has no real taste." Shego eyed her suspiciously, walking over to the charred ashes of her former kitchen, reaching for the black piece in the middle of the oven, prying its melted form off the bars and holding it up for Kim to see..

"Uh, pumpkin, hate to break it to ya, but this is not what I'd call edible. You and the buffoon really must have strong stomachs to be eating like this." Shego held up and inspected the charred remains of the lasagna, rock hard and burnt to the core from the fire. Kim went a deeper shade of red.

"one: his name isn't 'buffoon' its Ron. Secondly, Ron and I aren't normally out on a mission so long as to have to cook for ourselves. Thrid: Ron's a much better cook then I am plus he enjoys it so why should I complain?" Kim moved over, mopping up the puddle on the ground with a large towel as best she could, wringing out the sodden mess in the sink before sopping up more.

With the two working in tandem the mess was cleaned up relatively quickly. They never needed to discuss who was going to clean up what section of the room, working perfect symmetry, each never getting in the other's way. Sure the oven would have to be removed and replaced, but by silent agreement they decided to save that for a later date. Finally, both walked back, slumping into the couch. Shego sighed.

"Well, since your plan didn't work out, let's try mine." Kim said, turning her head to face Shego.

"Oh, and what's that?" Kim replied as Shego looked over, meeting the redheads gaze and grinning.

"How about a little Chinese?" Kim's stomach rumbled, her blush returning.

"Chinese sounds great." Shego grinned wider.

"Good. It should be here in about-"

DING DONG! The sound reverberated softly throughout the lair, causing Shego's grin to widen and Kim's eyes to do the same in surprise.

"Well, right about now. I'll be right back so don't go anywhere princess." Shego continued to grin, throwing that extra sway back into her hips knowing Kim hadn't taken her eyes off her when she got up and disappeared through the door. Kim continued to sit in shock, reliving the sight of Shego swaying her hips seductively as she left the room. Wait a minute, why am I even thinking these things? I dont like shego, do I? Her eyebrows scrunched together thoughtfuly for a minute before she sighed and sagged further into the couch.

Damn you shego…how and why do you make me feel this way?

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