Chapter One

The Dream

He was always there, there in her dreams. There was never a night when she didn't dream about him.

They never really frightened her like they did her friends.

Every night they were different. One was never repeated…except tonight. This one seemed familiar. She'd seen it before, but not as a dream. No, it was his story.

She was meeting her friends later at Starbucks. As she did every morning.

The dream was still playing in her head as she left her tiny apartment.

The streets were fairly busy for 11:30 in New York City. This caused her to be late. But it didn't really matter, because she lived closest to the Starbucks, and she was always the first one there. (even if she is late)

Feri was the second to arrive, followed by Tiff and Ashley, who are roommates.

Starbucks was deserted. They ordered their drinks and sat down.

She dreaded this moment, because every day they met and every day they asked her to share lat night's dream.

"So Morgan, what's the story for today?" Tiff was always the first to ask this question. She loved listening to Morgan's dreams.

'Here we go' she thought. "O.k. It took place in biblical times. I know this for a fact because Jesus was on the cross. Everyone who had watched him be crucified had already left the scene except for one man. He was knelt at the foot of the cross, holding a money pouch, crying. I called out to him but that just made him get up and hurry off.

"Later that day I saw him yet again. Except this time he was walking through town with a coil of rope. I followed him from a distance. He traveled all the way to the other side of town, and reached a small hill with a large tree. There he tied one end of the rope to a low branch. The branch was just a little higher than he was tall. Then he knotted the other end into a loop.

"I knew what was going to happen, I knew it. But for some reason I couldn't turn away. Then I heard the rope tighten under his weight. It was a horrible sight, watching a man hang himself. I couldn't bear it any more and ran off through the town. And then I woke up. But I could have sworn I'd seen him somewhere before. He resembled the usual guy in my dreams yet he was very different.

And for a change Tiff said, "unusual."

Ashley said, "different."

And Feri exclaimed, "brilliant." Then pulled out her note pad to jot something down. No doubt ideas she had gotten, from Morgan's tale, for a story.

"I think I know that man."

"How could you know that man?" Ashley asked. "Remember your dream took place in biblical times. Gosh, you know you weren't alive then."

" I know. I've just seen him somewhere before."

"Yeah someone around here is bound to look like a guy who hung himself 1000 years ago," Feri said sarcastically.

"Well there could easily be someone around here who might look like him. There's bound to be. Come on we live in New York City. There is a very big possibility someone around here looks like him," Tiff said with anguish.

"Tiff's right ya know," Ashley said. "There could easily have been some gut that you passed on the streets that could have looked like him. So let's just drop the subject."

Morgan had a very long day at Macy's, where she works. She couldn't get the dream out of her head.

When she got home, she ate some cold Chinese leftovers before going straight to bed. Where of course she dreamed.

This time when she got up, she hurried to get to Starbucks. Because now she really need to talk to her friends about her dream.

When they had all arrived, they ordered their drinks then sat down. But before Tiff could ask the details of last night's dream Morgan whispered blankly, "I had the same dream."