Chapter Twenty-Five

The Stakeout – Part One

Levi roughly ran his hand through his hair as he exhaled loudly. "What are you huffing about?" Ashley asked as she took a seat next to him on the attic floor.

"It's been two weeks, Ashley. TWO FUCKING WEEKS!" he said in a harsh whisper.

Ashley's smile faded, "she still hasn't called you yet?"

Levi huffed again, "Even if she had I couldn't tell you... but, no. She hasn't called for me yet."

Ashley sighed quietly and wrapped her arms around the vampire, resting her head on his shoulder, "She will, Levi. I bet she's doing this on purpose. She probably wants to try to catch you off guard."

"Well, it's not gonna work!... And she should know that too! She knows how impatient I am... you don't think that she'd just decide not to do it, do you?"

"Honestly, Levi," Ashley murmured, "I have no idea. But I hope that she wouldn't... we both need her to do this."

"I know," Levi murmured.


Several days passed, and there was still no sign of Morgan's attempt to initiate the "stakeout."

Levi was becoming increasingly impatient, and began to pace as the day slowly dimmed and the impending sunset approached.

He was preparing to pivot into another lap across the room, when an image of Tiffany and Ashley's living room flickered across his field of vision, causing him to falter in his movements.

Ashley immediately noticed Levi's pause, "Levi, you okay?"

He spun around quickly, trying hard to fight the smile that wanted to spread across his face, "Yeah, I'm fine. Something just randomly crossed my mind- nothing important."

"O-kay...?" Ashley stuttered in confusion.

Levi immediately continued pacing as to not catch any other attention, and also continued to repress his grin.

Almost twenty minutes before it was time to head down towards the cemetery, Vladimir spoke, "Ashley?"

"Yes, Vlad?"

"I would like you to stay behind with me tonight so we can begin your training."

"Of course, Vlad," Ashley said with a smile.

"Levi, you may join us if you would like."

"I have a few errands to run, but perhaps after I am done," Levi stated.

"Of course," Vladimir responded with a slight smile.

Finally the sun set and the group of vampires made their short journey from the attic to the cemetery. Levi immediately split from the group, giving a small wave as he headed into the city.

He wanted to immediately materialize to the apartment, but didn't want to seem too "eager," so he decided that he could at least walk and could even take the long way around.

After almost forty-five minutes of walking, he was standing in front of his destination: Ashley and Tiffany's apartment complex. There was a part of him that was super excited that he was going to get to spend the entire night with Morgan, but another part of him was beyond nervous... He was really hoping everything would go smoothly and that maybe this interaction could even change everything...

He shook the thought from his head, not wanting to get too far ahead of himself. he took a deep breath and then headed through the entrance.


Morgan was waiting in one of the bedrooms in the apartment.

Kris was also there, trying to keep her calm, "Morgan, relax. He'll be here."

"It's been almost an hour, Kris. What if he doesn't show?" She rushed, as she paced in front of Kris.

"By the way you're acting it would seem like it actually matters. I thought you hated him for what he did?"

Morgan stopped dead in her tracks and turned towards the vampire. "Well, it doesn't matter," she stuttered quietly, "But he practically promised, didn't he? The Levi I knew would never break a promise..."

"You aren't worried at all?"

Morgan looked confused, "Why would I be?"

"Well, how do you know that it isn't an ambush? He could very easily have told your father what is happening and he could be leading you into a trap," Kris stated.

"So you don't think that I can take care of myself?" Morgan asked, raising her voice slightly. "Besides, why are you worried? It's obvious you still think that Levi's a "good guy," even after everything that has happened. You still treat him like your best friend."

"I'd say that I'm sorry, but I'm not. I refuse to give up on him when there is no actual proof that he has betrayed us," Kris stated.

"He took Alexander and let my father do God-knows-what to him! How does that not count as proof?"

"You know you're father better than I do, he probably threatened him by saying he'd kill him if he didn't do what he was told to do." Morgan's mouth opened quickly to most likely say something bitchy, but Kris interrupted her, "I'm not saying you have to agree with me, but you get the whole night to be with him, see what he personally has to say about it... albeit he probably won't be able to say a lot about what Vladimir has talked to him about, you can still talk to him about how he feels..."

A soft knock sounded on the front door, and then Sasha's voice sounded out in a clear, "Welcome, Levi. Please come in."

Several moments later there was a knock on the bedroom door. "Our visitor is here," Sasha's voice sounded.

"Coming," Morgan hollered.

Kris appeared at her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "Breathe, and relax. Remember, it's just Levi."

Morgan took a deep breath and then the two women exited the bedroom together. "Hello, Levi," Kris spoke warmly. "How are you this evening?"

"Pretty good, actually," he stated, a large smile on his lips, "Thanks for asking." He then turned towards Morgan, "You ready to head out?"

"Yeah," she said through an exhale.

All of a sudden a set of strong arms wrapped around her middle. Alexander had appeared and he pulled her into a warm embrace. She turned to face him, and her lips formed a soft smile. "Leaving without saying goodbye, are you?" he asked with a chuckle. "Be careful," he stated more seriously this time, "I know you can take care of yourself, but don't be afraid to call if you need us."

"I will, I promise."

"Be safe," he whispered, then gently pressed his lips to her forehead.

Levi scowled and then, not-so-quietly, cleared his throat, causing Morgan to turn and glare at him and Kris to chuckle.

"We should leave," Levi spoke.

Morgan hugged Alexander once more before she pulled away and turned towards Levi, "Okay, lead the way."


They stepped out onto the sidewalk, cars rushing by them on the busy city streets. Morgan looked to Levi for what was going to happen next, but when he didn't move she spoke, "Are we going to go anywhere anytime soon? I was kinda hoping we would get this started right away."

Levi turned to face her a serious look on his face, "I am offering you a chance to see how your father has changed. Because of this you must be taken to where we have been hiding for the past few months. I would hope, that no matter what happens tonight, you would not use the knowledge of this location against us."

"What do you mean?" she whispered.

"If I take you there tonight, you must swear on your life that you will never attack us at that location."


"Do you swear?" he spoke in a harsher voice this time. "I would hate to betray Vladimir's trust by allowing you this opportunity and then using it against us."

"You would hate to betray Vladimir's trust?" Morgan said, raising her voice, "What about MY TRUST?"

"We can talk about that tonight, if you would like... but for now I just need your promise."

Morgan paused, thinking, "I-I... I promise."

Levi's eyes brightened, and a small smile crept its way across his flawless lips, "Thank you. Now, would you like to walk there? Or would you prefer to materialize?"

"Is walking okay?"

"Walking is perfect," he spoke with a large smile.