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Scene Change


Chapter One: Conspiracy Theory

'How the hell did I get myself into this mess?' Thought an 18-year-old Edward Elric. Lying on his stomach, thanking whatever higher power for the coolness in the satin sheets beneath him. Thinking hard, Ed tried to remember how exactly he had ended up with the second-degree burn covering his shoulders and back.

'It all started this morning…'


" Your going Fullmetal whether you like it or not!" All but screamed an exasperated Colonel Mustang.

" For the last time, I'm not going to some stupid beach get together!" Yelled back an equally exasperated Edward. The two had been arguing for the past half hour over whether or not Ed would come to the beach party that after noon. All of Roy's underlings would be there; even Winry and Al had planned on attending.

" Damn it, Full-"Roy was cut off by a peeved looking blonde women slamming open the door to Roy's office. Pulling out one of her many guns, Riza aimed for the shorter alchemist. Ed gulped, and tried to blend in with the leather couch he was sitting on, it didn't work.

" Edward…" said Hawkeye in an all too sweet voice " you would love to come to the beach party, wouldn't you?" When Ed didn't answer, all it took was the quite click of the safety for a hurried "Yes" to be uttered.

" Great, party starts at noon, I trust you'll be on time, see you there." Roy could only smirk victoriously at the stream of muttered cruses that followed Fullmetal, as he stormed out of the office.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, your dismissed" the Colonel took his seat behind the desk, trying to get the mountains of paper work done, before he became the next target for trigger-happy-Hawkeye. Said women quietly left the office to get back to her own paper work.

At The Beach

It was a bright, sunny day at the beach just outside of Central. The sky was a clear azure blue, with hardly a cloud in sight and a gentle light breeze kept the day from being too hot. It was the kind of day most dream of and Ed couldn't have hated it more if he tried.

" Why couldn't it rain, or snowed or something!" explained the frustrated blonde. He was lying on his beach blanket, next to his flesh and blood brother.

" Nii-san, your already here you might as well have fun." Ed only sighed and rolled onto his stomach. The two were seated under a rather large parasail, basking in the shade it provided. Al sighed and stood up. " I'm going for dip with the others, when you decide to stop pouting, come and join us." With that he took off for the water. " Just don't forget sun screen!" shouted the younger bother, as an after thought.

Edward silently watched the escapades of the partygoers. Hawkeye and Gracia were sun bathing, while Hughes took pictures of Elysia while she built a sand castle. Armstrong was showing the " artistic limbo technique passed down for generations through the Armstrong family" to Havoc, Fury, Breda, and Falman, who had some how beaten at the game.

While watching Al and Winry's splash fight, Ed happened upon a sight that made his breath catch in his throat. Slowly wading out of the ocean, water droplets running down his pale rippling muscles, was one Roy Mustang, clad only in short tight black swim trunks.

'Oh god, I've never seen my Colonel in anything but his uniform, now if only I could do some thing about those damn shor- Bad thought, very bad thought. I think I should sleep; I must be tried. Yeah! Tried that's why I'm having such strange thoughts.' With that last image of 'his' Colonel , Ed buried his face in his arms and went to sleep.

Unfortunately, about five minutes later the light breeze turn briefly to a hard gust and unfortunately for Ed, the parasail was turned vertically. All shade was gone now and Ed never did put on sun screen.

5 Hours Later

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" The scream coming from Edward enough for the whole party to come to a screeching halt, as everyone rushed to see what had the small alchemist in such a panic.

"Nii-san, what's the prob-oh crap!" Al stared horrified at his brother. Ed's eyes were wide and watery; hands fisted in his beach blanket, back and shoulder a bright, painful red. His eyes darted from his brother to the person behind him, a low growl made its way from his throat.

"You, this all your fault!" Ed nearly shrieked. Roy looked around to see who Ed was accusing only realize it was himself.

"Me, how is this my fault?" Ask the perplexed Colonel; looking around for back up of some kind.

'Because, if you didn't look so sexy in those damn shor- Bad thought'- " Because, if you hadn't made me come to this stupid beach party-" Shouted Ed trying to block out his internal monologue.

" Hey, Hawkeye made you come not me!" interjected Roy trying to come up with a proper defense.

Al, having walked closer during the argument to inspect the burn, grimaced not quite sure how to treat it. "Nii-san, this looks bad, maybe we should take you to the hospital."

At this the mighty Flame Alchemist, stepped forward to take a look, much to Ed's displeasure. "Hmmm, no it only looks like a second degree burn at worst, a cold-water compresses, some Aloe Vera, and nonfluffy bandages, like gauze pads should do the trick."

Ed and Al stared at each other dumfounded, neither had much experience with burns. " Umm, Mustang, sir, what do we need to do?" Roy only sighed.

" Look, this burn is nothing serious, however if it's not cared for properly it could become infected." Suddenly, he smirked and got a glint in his eyes that made Ed squirm. It was similar to that a snake got right before it lunged at a mouse. "So, to prevent that how about I take Fullmetal home with me and treat him."

'Oh shit he's up to something; there's no way in hell I'm going home with him!' thought Ed desperately. Unfortunately fate and Al had other plans.

"That's sounds great Colonel, Winry doesn't have a place to stay yet, so if Ed goes with you, she can stay at are place!" At this Al shot his bother the doe eyed you-love-me riiight-look and Ed could only sigh in defeat.

End Flashback

'Oh yeah, the wind dropped my pants, the sun bent me across his knee and my brother fucked me over!' Ed thought solemnly. So here he was, on the bed of Colonel Roy Mustang, the might Flame Alchemist, waiting for said man to return to the room with the necessary supplies to treat his brunt back and shoulders.

"God must hate me." Ed couldn't help but state aloud his epiphany of the day's events.

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