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Ed stood in front of his mirror, trying for the ninth time to get his bangs to lay flat. 'Stupid hair! Why the hell do care anyway?' Frustrated, the blonde sat down, back against the wall. He looked out of his bedroom window at the clear blue sky and thought about why he cared so much about his appearance. 'Damn it Roy.'

Meanwhile in the Living room

"Tell me!" Al whined giving a puppy dog look and whimper. "Pleas-se!" This might have worked on his older brother, but not on Winry.

"Sorry Al, but I promised Ed that I wouldn't breathe a word to anyone."


"Including you!"

"But he's my brother! I have a right to know," declared the young man with as much indignation as he could muster.

"Your brother has a right to not want you to know! He told me because I already knew most of what was going on." The former suit of armor pouted in defeat. They sat motionless until a knock finally broke the choking tension in the room. Al grudgingly pulled himself off the couch and slouched his way to the door. The younger Elric let out a sigh as he twisted the handle.

"Hell-Oh, hello Colonel what brings you back so soon?" The young man inquired, having regained his normal merry attitude. The fact that the Colonel's hair was carefully ruffled and the fact that he was wearing a pair of black jeans that clung to him in more than a few nice places didn't quite hit him. It also must have slipped past him that the soft shade of royal blue and silky fabric that made up his button up shirt brought out the lighter hints of blue in the seemingly endless navy depths. All this might have gone unnoticed by Al, however none of these details escaped Winry.

"I just stopped by to check on E-Fullmetal's burns." He tired to keep his tone and demeanor casual as to not arouse any suspicion. If either of them got wind of what was going on it would only make things difficult. Most unfortunately for Mustang things were about to get difficult.

"Mr. Mustang how about a cup of coffee before you do that." The bubbly and cheery tone had a distinct acid taste.

"No thank you Miss Rockbel, I'll just-" The Colonel made a move to walk past her to Ed's room. However he quickly found his arm in the death grip of the mechanic.

"Oh no, it's the least I can do after everything you've done to Ed." It was obvious she knew at least part of what was going on and would not let him anywhere near his favorite underling until she… Roy wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"Well, if you put it that way how can I refuse?" In no time he found himself sitting at the kitchen table coffee mug in hand. Winry grabbed the coffee creamer and dumped it into the trash, hoping the Colonel; didn't notice.

"Al, we're out of coffee creamer. Can you run to the store real quick and pick some up?" Winry yelled in a sweet singsong voice. The young man walked into the kitchen and inspected the empty container for a moment.

"What, this was an almost full bottle." She smiled brightly as he left the room than was out the front door. In an instant her entire manner changed.

"We need to talk, Mustang." Roy thought back, and was sure that no good had ever come from a woman saying 'we need to talk'.

"About Ed?" Playing dumb would only piss her off; no it was better to get straight to the point.

"Yes, he's been acting rather strange lately, would you happen to know why?" The young lady was standing; she walked back and forth across the room every so often. It became obvious he was being interrogated. The outcome of this talk would determine whether Winry would help him or do everything in her power to stop him.

"I believe- well, I hope that's all my fault." She stared intently at him for a moment before continuing.

"So then you do want him?" This was the clincher the wrong answer would earn him a blow to the head with the large wrench sitting innocently on the table across from the man.

"Yes, Winry I want him-" She slowly inched towards the large metal object. "-but more importantly I…love him." Roy took a small moment to congratulate himself for not stuttering. There was a moment in which they simply looked at each other, Mustang looking determined, Rockbel looking for any small falter.

"Well if that's the case you can see Ed." The Colonel rose from his chair and moved towards the exit. "However, if you hurt him I swear there won't be enough auto mail in the world to put you back together".

"Fair enough, oh and by the way Winry I have plans…"

Ed's room

He had heard the knock at the door, heard the conversation that took place in the living room and heard his brother leave the house for creamer he knew they didn't need. The entire time he wanted to run, run far away before-. There was a knock at his door.

"Come in." The thin piece of wood swung open to reveal his worst nightmare and fondest dream rolled into one.

"Sorry Fullmetal, I left the supplies to change your bandages at my house. I have plans tonight so I'll take you back to my place and take care of the burns there, then you can call Miss Rockbel and she can pick you up. Does that sound okay, Miss Rockbel?" He turned to the living room.

"Sounds good to me." Roy turned to a devastated looking Ed and felt a little guilty but this was the only way he could think of to get to the bottom of how the little alchemist truly felt. No matter what anyone said he needed to know for himself.

The ride to the Colonels house was silent, as was the walk up to his bedroom. Edward sat on the crimson sheets he had gotten to know so well over the past 24 hours. 'I was stupid to think he cared for me, look at him! He's dead sexy and kind and protecting and very successful! He could have anyone he wants, why on earth would he pick me?'

"Ed, come here." The blonde glared at him, he hated him- wanted to hate him. He wanted to hate him for looking like that and going anywhere with anyone other than him. However as he was pulled from the bed and swung in front of Mustang he could not hate him; and as he was pulled (carefully) close to the man all he could feel was frustration. "Please don't look so sad." The soft caresses on his cheek and gentle whisper only made it worse. It wasn't fair, being so close to something he wanted so badly, but not able to have it. 'This is bullshit! I don't have to stand here and take this.' He felt lips brush across his forehead.

And in that one perfect moment it was all just to much for Ed to take.

"Damn it!" The blonde practically yelled ripping himself from the older mans embrace, his back stinging from the sudden movement. "This is all your fault!" Roy looked absolutely dumbstruck as he stared blankly at the little alchemist who continued his rant. "My sunburn, all my confusion it's all your fault. My back wouldn't be brunt right now if you weren't at that stupid beach party. Oh no I would have joined Al and Winry in their splash fight and they would have made me put on sunscreen, but no-o." Ed turned his back to his superior. "I saw you for what seemed liked the first time, there in your bathing suit, dripping wet, and – and…" 'Fuck it!'

A strange mixture of fear and excitement lit up Mustang features as he was forced onto his bed. The young man climbing up, straddling his hips, eye burning with something he knew all to well. With almost bruising force the blonde's lips found his and began their ferocious assault. Not one to ever be dominated, Roy bit Ed's bottom lip, the little gasp that followed was all he needed to slip his tongue into a meeting with the other mans. The smaller of the two tried to fight back, to keep his position as the aggressor, but all it took was a well placed flick on the under side of said man's tongue to put him in his place. The heated lip lock with a few twists and turns went on for almost a full minute before Edward broke away for air. Dizzy, hot, and increasingly uncomfortable in pants, he continued "…and I've wanted to do that ever since."

Roy sneered and his eyes obtained a nearly malicious glint to them. His left hand sunk its way up the back of the neck and tenaciously grasped a fist full of sunny locks just far enough from the roots for the grip not to be painful. With this new hold, the Colonel pulled the younger man into tempest of a kiss. Ed never could have fathomed that any one action could hold so much passion and vigor. He was sure he would have made it a firestorm worthy of the Flame Alchemist; all he could do in response was moan helplessly. "Don't talk to me about holding back sunshine." It was a low almost dangerous tone. "Three months of dreaming, of thinking of almost nothing but you, of time-after-time having you alone in my office and not laying a hand on you. Three months of half a dozen times where your face found it's self mere inches from mine and not once did I lean in, of watching you run around in those damn leather pants, of nearly dying to be as far and yet as close to you as I could be. Three months and even now I'm holding back. Three months…" Mustang looked up at the blonde, the biggest smirk possible across his face. "Three months and you couldn't even last three days." Now, he was expecting to be yelled at or punched in the face, what he wasn't expecting were the couple of tears that fell on his cheek.

"If that was true you wouldn't have 'plans' tonight." Edward moved to get off of his Colonel but found a tight grip on his hips stopping him.

"You know, for someone so smart, I thought you would have figured it out by now." He gently brought a hand to the younger man's face and tilted his chin up to make his eyes visible. "Ed, the only plans I have for the night are with you, and don't worry, Winry doesn't expect a phone call." Furious, the smaller alchemist opened his mouth to exclaim his resentment but quickly found his tongue entangled in another raging torrent of saliva and lust. Hands slide their way up his taunt abdomen pulling the traditional black tank top up as they continued their assent. Finally, the painful scrap of martial found its way over his head and onto the floor. Fingers trailed back down to find the button of those damned leather pants and paused for a moment.

"Ed, you don't have to do this if you don't want to, but I'm warning you after this point I might not be able to stop." Mustang looked for any sign of protest, all he found was a wet heat sucking on his earlobe; he barely caught the moan that was dying to escape. Edward released the small piece of flesh and huskily whispered his answer.

"Shut up Colonel, and fuck me." There was no longer any sign of hesitation as the pants and boxers flew off the bed. Roy soon found his favorite shirt nearly ripped off and proceeded to rid himself of the most painful restrictions. Three fingers forced their way unceremoniously into the blonde's mouth.

"Suck" His superior commanded and so he did wrapping his tongue around them sliding it up and down digits. The Flame Alchemist was powerless to stop the groan that rattled its way out of his throat. Reluctantly, he removed his fingers and brought them to their true destination. Slowly, carefully one buried itself in the entrance making small circles as it went; then a second, which scissored with the first, earning a hiss and a purr. Lastly a third and together they made large circles before pulling away. There was a little whimper at the loss, however soon Ed's hips were maneuvered into the right location.

Then the poor little alchemist felt like he was torn in two as he was pulled down onto Mustang, practically impaled by his length. He bit his lip to muffle the scream and the tears that leaked from the corners of his eyes were apologetically kissed away. The pain gradually dissipated and Fullmetal shifted slightly to show his readiness to continue. His hips were lifted up before the Colonel raised his own to once again sheath himself. The pace was agonizingly slow at first but gained momentum. Edward was amazed that even though he was on top his partner was still doing all the work and doing it well. He could only mange the task of staying on all fours, to not collapse from the small tremors of pleasure or the force of the steady thrusts.

Every thought, every doubt was done. It didn't matter that he was in love with his much older male Colonel, the playboy of Central. None of that mattered because he wasn't in love with any of those things. No he loved Roy Mustang the person and not the titles. Things speed up as self-control slipped away from the raven-haired man; soon he was all but slamming into the alchemist above him.

The frenzied pace was maddening. It was torture, it was bliss, Ed wanted to scream in frustration but begged for it to never end. Both bodies glinted with a thin lair of moisture as every muscle in the sortie's body seemed to tighten impossibly so before releasing in one beautiful orgasmic moment. The sudden contraction around him and the cry of his name did the older man in and he too relieved himself of the painful load. Ed collapsed upon Mustang, both men exhausted and sore.

"I love you, Edward." Came the ragged whisper from the hardly coherent man.

"I love you too, Roy." Said man drifted off to sleep, more than satisfied with the outcome of his plans. From the beach party to here all of it was worked into the plan to get what he wanted, Ed.

The only thought that stayed with the Elric as he lapsed in unconsciousness was what any one with a sunburn thinks after sure…strenuous activities 'Ouch!'

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