Forgotten Love


Sasuke leaves the village. Sakura tried to stop him but fails. Sasuke really does LOVE Sakura but has decided to complete his ambition before he is willing to confess his love to her. Something happens, an incident that made Sakura forget about Sasuke and every memory that she has cherished of them two being together. She remembers everyone's name and even Sasuke's but she only remembered him from being on her team. She's forgotten the incident that happened when he left the village, the night she confessed to him about her love. She's forgotten the one important thing she held for the Uchiha…


He returns five years later, a changed person after completing his ambition and he was ready to confess his love to her only to find that something was different about her. Has he lost her heart? Forever?

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Forgotten Love- Prologue

(A/N: oh yeah…um…I based this story after this scene in the anime… but…ahh…I'm not up to it…its shameful I know… I'm only up to ep 93….T.T gomen if its not exactly what happens… I know that this scene happens and I tried to write it the best way I knew it… gomen again -.-; )

Sasuke stood at the gates of Konoha. He took one last look at the village and turned around about to leap into the night. 'Goodbye Konoha' he thought as he began to gather up chakra in the soles of his feet but abruptly stopped when a voice prevented him from going any further.


'Oh no…not now…' He thought as he closed his eyes, 'Please'.

Tears streamed down her face as she stopped in her tracks once she reached his facing back.

"I-Is I-It t-t-true?" A-Are you r-really leaving?" She asked between sobs.

His eyes remained closed, for he refused to open them because he knew that he'd give in to those tears of hers.

"S-S-Sasuke-kun?" She took a step forward but paused suddenly as he turned around half way and sideway glanced at her. It pained him so much to glare into those jade orbs of hers. She took a step back in precaution. More tears flowed out of her already puffy eyes. She wiped a few away with her sleeve and asked him with a shaky voice.

"W-Why won't you ever t-t tell me a-anything?" she averted her gaze to the side. "W-We've been through so m-much together…" Tears flowed out more rapidly as she spoke these words. "D-Do you…hate… me?"

Sasuke remained stationary on his spot. If only she knew how much it was hurting him inside too to leave her like this. He retained his expressionless face and refused to answer, though in his mind he was crying out a loud 'no'.

Sakura shut her eyes tight and gathered all the love and courage inside of her to say these next words. She thought, maybe, these words might just be enough to make him stay.

"P-Please Sasuke-kun! I-I…Love you with all my heart!" More tears followed as she held her hands clenched together over here heart and lowered her head. "Don't leave…" She breathed out in a whisper as she watched her tears slide off her face and drip onto the cold grey concrete.

Sasuke closed his eyes at this. 'Sakura…' He let a small, very small smile escape his lips. 'I already knew… and I hope that it'll remain that way until I return… forgive me for these next words…'

"You know…you are really annoying." He looked into her eyes, trying his best to hide how broken he was inside for leaving her like this. 'Please don't make it harder than it already is…' He turned around and was about to make a quick getaway.

The words broke her once again. Just like the first time he had said those words to her. Sakura looked up and saw his retreating back and instantly knew what he was going to do. "No! Sasuke-kun!" She quickly thought of a plan to make him stay. "I-If you leave I'll scream so loud the whole village will know!" She took a quick step forward to run towards him but she stopped when he disappeared. "Sasuke—" She was cut off as she felt a presence, his presence behind her. 'No…' She did not move 'Please don't say that I am annoying again…' She shut her eyes tight and bit her bottom lip to hopefully reduce the pain and prevent her heart from breaking even more. The salty liquid continued to roll off her cheeks.

"Sakura…" Sasuke whispered and a small yet true smile dawned upon his face. "Arigatou."

Sakura sprung her eyes open at this. She took a sharp intake of breath at these words. Before they were able to sink in, she felt a sudden sharp pain on the side of her neck. The world went black and her last thoughts were- 'Sasuke-kun…'

Sasuke caught her in his arms and lifted her off her feet before she collapsed onto the ground. 'Please forgive me Sakura…I have to fulfill my ambition before I can learn to love…'. He looked down at the pink-haired girl in his arms and took in her soft features, from the crease of her slightly furrowed eyebrows to the plump cherry lips that were parted slightly. He carried her over towards a bench and laid her gently there. Not knowing when she'll wake up and knowing that the night might bring her a chill, he reached into his bag and pulled out the cloak he was going to take with him to protect him from the snow in the mountains. He covered her fragile body with that beige coloured cloak and gazed at her peaceful face once again. Without thinking twice, he leaned in and gently captured those lips he had adored the past few moments.

"Please don't lose faith in me Sakura…"

He whispered his last words to her as gust of wind blew by and within a blink of an eye he vanished into the night.


This is just the prologue...the scene from the anime i based my fanfic on after...i know that it doesn't exactly happen like this in the anime but i tried my best seeing that i'm not up to it...anywaiz...i added moi own special touch to it with Sasuke and Sakura's thoughts so yeah...hehe XP

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