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WARNING: May contain spoilers for Naruto MANGA. Chapters 250+
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"No…" Sasuke breathed out, barely above a whisper and he stood up abruptly. Naruto just stared at the boy with confusion.


"He was seen inside the Uchiha district?" Sasuke cut him off. Naruto slowly nodded, eyes never leaving the Uchiha though he still could not see where this was leading.

"But there was no evidence of which part he was residing in or what he did there or how long he was there for." Naruto repeated.

'I have a good idea where he was within the district.' Sasuke thought.

"Aa." He replied simply, shrugging off Naruto's repeated words. "Look, I have to go now Naruto. Don't follow me. And, err…thanks." He muttered the last part and before Naruto could react to his words, the door to Naruto's apartment had slammed shut, leaving a gaping Naruto with a dumbfounded expression. 'That…that… teme!'


Forgotten Love- Chapter Fourteen
The Uchiha Secret

Sandaled feet landed on a dampened concrete. The rain continued to pour, drenching the Uchiha boy from head to toe once again. And, just like before, he did not care. He lifted himself from his crouching position and looked straight ahead, down the road leading into the abandoned side of Konoha, where the old Uchiha district resided.

'Haven't been here in a LONG time…' Inner Sasuke stated.

A hint of emotion flashed across his eyes as he recalled past memories of this place. He took a deep breath and sighed.

"That's' all in the past now…" He unconsciously voiced his thoughts.

He took a quick glance at the walls and noticed the faded paints on them, the faded prints that once resembled the symbol of his clan. He began walking down the said road and with each step it flooded his mind with memories. As he drew near the Uchiha manor, a particular crack on the wall caught his eye. It was the crack that Itachi had created with one fling of his kunai many years ago, where it struck the dead centre of the red and white uchiwa fan. As Sasuke remembered, after that day, Itachi was never the same. Along with that memory came the words that Itachi had told him before he had abandoned his village.

"Foolish little brother…if you wish to kill me, then hate me…detest me…and run, run and cling to life in an unsightly way. And then, come and seek me when you have the same eyes as I do…"


These words had changed his life into becoming the avenger that he is now.


"At the main temple of the Nakano Shrine…on the far left side under the seventh tatami may is the clan's secret meeting place…"

The Uchiha secret meeting place.

When Naruto told him that they had searched the Uchiha District, he was sure that the investigation squad had not discovered the Uchiha secret meeting place. If Itachi was seen residing in this area, then Sasuke was dead sure that he would've hidden his presence there at that time.

Sasuke followed those instructions and headed towards the Nakano Shrine, entered the premises and removed the seventh tatami mat from the trap door that lead to the underground basement. From there he could easily open the door with its rusty hinges, which was a sign that someone had entered there recently. He followed the stairway that lead to the underground basement. Of course, knowing that it would be pitch black down there, he lit a candle with a simple jutsu and proceeded into the depths beneath. The glowing candle lit his way as the hollow walls revealed themselves one after another. The sound of pattering rain thinned as he entered deeper and deeper until all was silent. By that time, only the sound of his footsteps echoing off the bare walls could be heard. The staircase seemed to go one forever, winding and turning like it was a never-ending labyrinth until finally it came to a stop before two large oak doors.

As Sasuke approached the barrier, his shadow crept up onto its surface and ceased its action just beneath the brass handles. Sasuke just shut his eyes and took a deep breath in order it push away the feeling of familiarity of it all. With one last exhale of air; he forcefully pulled open the doors. A strong smell of chemicals reached his nose and he could only cough in reaction. He raised his candle higher to light up more of the said room. What he saw didn't exactly surprise him at all.

Where the shrine table used to be, was replaced by one filled with bottles of assorted coloured liquids with some that still bubbled from the centre and scattered across were various rolls of parchment. Sasuke lit the candles that were situated around the room with yet another simple jutsu to get a better outlook of the room's contents. Along the wall s were shelves held up with wired kunais. They were filled with jars filled with different kinds of plant materials such as roots and leaves. Sasuke approached the shrine table, where he found a used mortar and pestle and right beside it lay an old and batted scroll with gold rims. Acting on instincts, he picked it up and unraveled an opening to reveal its title. What he read made the young Uchiha's widen in shock. How come he had never known about his? This is what the scroll read:

The Uchiha's Forgotten Love Potion

A secret Uchiha remedy past down through generations and the secret to the clan's success. This potion causes the victim or in taker to forget one's True Love or Current Love and with a few alterations to the method, can also make the victim or in taker to fall in love with the next person of the opposite gender once he or she regains consciousness.
The Uchiha clan has long used this potion to erase their feelings for a loved one in order to pursue on missions without second thoughts.
For one's true strength lies in solitude.
One becomes a strong shinobi when one hundred shinobi rules are obeyed.
One's inner strength lies in a heart devoid of Love.

Underneath listed the ingredients for the said potion, which Sasuke chose to skip reading seeing as they were of no use to him.

'So this is what happened to Sakura…' Sasuke thought to himself. 'And this is what Itachi meant…by "lost"…'

The ancient scrolls' words about inner strength were so untrue to the young Uchiha's experiences. He couldn't help but chuckle at how mislead his clan was all due to these false words. He wanted to correct them.

'One's inner strength lies in a heart that has learnt to love…'

'Great. Why don't you just become a poet? Who cares about all this! Quit stalling and find a cure Usuratonkatchi!' Inner Sasuke scolded.

'I was getting to that!' His smart mind retorted back. Now that he came to think of it, Sakura state made perfect sense. 'Kuso! That itachi! (1) Even beyond the grave he manages to still make my life miserable!'

'Hmm…you've got to give him credit for it though. He thought two steps ahead of you.' Inner Sasuke complimented.

'Whose side are you on anyway?'

Without further ado, Sasuke began to scan the scroll thoroughly, in search of a possible cure for the potion, an antidote, or something, but to no prevail.

'Kuso! There just HAS to be an antidote to his!' Sasuke thought, and for the first time in his life he clung onto a belief he never thought that he would rely on.


He repeatedly re-read the scroll over and over again and with each time he read it, it filled him with a slight hint of doubt, the light he held onto the hope that was developing within him was growing dimmer and dimmer with each passing minute.

'No! There has to be a cure!' He kept telling himself, empty promises in his own words.

With one last final scan of the scroll he let out a silent sigh of defeat.

Was this it? Is there no way he can get his first love back?

He cussed at his cursed luck and rolled up the scroll to its original state. Just when he thought that all hope was gone, he noticed a small faded scribble on the underside of the scroll. Acting on instinct, he turned the scroll over and examined it. It was tiny, faded, and looked liked it was scribbled down in a matter of time though Sasuke could just manage to make out the kanji.

"…To fall in love all over again…"

It didn't take long for him to know what those words were referring to.

'Does this mean—'

'That she has to—'

'Fall in love—'

'With me…'

'All over again..?'

It took a few moments for the words to sink in and then, he realized something.

What had made Sakura fall in love with him in the first place?

Well, whatever it was, Sasuke had better figure it out otherwise he might lose her, forever.

"This is so troublesome…"

Never in his life did Sasuke ever think that he would have to win a girl's heart. Now, Sasuke has to make Sakura fall in love with him all over again…

And how is he going to do that?

Itachi – Itachi's name means, "weasel" and here Sasuke refers to Itachi as the animal.
New Summary:

After discovering the Uchiha Secret, and what had really happened to Sakura whilst he was away, Sasuke now faces the most difficult task of all. He has to make Sakura fall in love with him all over again. Now he must think, how is he going to do that without his eyes being clouded by jealousy of her and Gaara's relationship?


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