a Blade Runner poem by JetNoir

i remember when things were better and life

wasn't so cold, locked as we are (trapped or free?) in

this techno noir hellhole we call home…yet…

I REMEMBER peace OR something that was near like it

perhaps a memory (or) like a dream I once had, whilst

calmly blowing the brains

out of a human

yet it wasn't HUMAN

at least not

like we know it and i laugh and cry and i sob as i do nothing but


and then I wake up

Note: Just to let you know, this poem was inspired by the style of E. E. Cummings, and so the dodgy grammar is meant to be like that! I'm a big fan of Blade Runner, and I hope to write a fic based on it in the not too distant future! Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, and please review.

Disclaimer: Blade Runner is copyright to Warner Bros, and Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? is copyright to the estate of Philip K. Dick; and the poem to me. This poem has been written on the understanding that you may read it and print it out; but you may not pass it off as your own, hire it out, or sell it for money. You also may not put it on your own or any other web page without my express written permission. Thankyou!