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Author Note: There are just so many of these stories going round, each with a different plot, so I thought I'd write my own version. It starts where Mace has the Chancellor backed into the wall in his office and Anakin has just arrived to try and save the chancellor. However, in my version, when Anakin and Padme were sharing that force connection, Padme knew what Anakin was planning, so she also made her way to the Chancellor's office to try and stop Anakin from doing anything foolish. Anyway...Rated T for violence. Don't read if you have a weak stomach or can't handle gruesome deaths. My cousin cried when she read this, so I can't wait to hear your reviews and see what you think of my story.

Mace pointed his lightsaber at the cringing Chancellor. "I am going to end this right now" he snarled.

"You can't kill him, Master" Anakin protested. "He must stand trial."

"He has too much control over the Senate and the Courts." Mace replied. "He is too dangerous to be kept alive."

"It's not the Jedi way!" Anakin cried, but then he remembered that the Chancellor had said the same thing about Dooku. If Jedi Master and Sith Lord mad ethe same argument, were they really so different?

Padme ran through the door as Mace raised his lightsaber. She skidded to a halt and watched it horror as Anakin knocked it aside with his own saber. The unexpected blow sent the lightsaber flying towards Padme, resting at her feet...and leaving Mace defenseless against a new bolt of Force lightning.

He was faking, he wasn't tired at all! Anakin realised too late, and all he could so was watch as Mace howled and retreated.

"Power!" the Chancellor cried and laughed. "Absolute power!"

Another wave of Force lightning struck Mace and slammed him backwards...and back again...then lifted him up and out of the space where the window used to be...out into the night sky...before letting him fall the hundreds of meters to the ground below.

Padme had to force herself to look away, squinting her eyes closed and trying to drown out the last images of Mace before he had fallen to his death.

"What have I done?" she heard Anakin groan and opened her eyes to watch as he slumped back onto a nearby stool. Palpatine stood up, pulling the hood over his now horrifically aged head.

"You are fulfilling your destiny." he said, in a much deeper, more sinister voice.

Now that he looked so different, Anakin found it easier to act different around him. He looked up into hte evil eyes and tears filled his own.

"I can't live without her. I will do anything you ask, just please help me to save Padme." he whimpered, dropping to the floor. Padme couldn't believe what she was was seeing. Anakin was prepared to give up his whole Jedi life, just to save her.

"I pledge myself to your care...to the ways of the Sith " he said, crouching on one knee with his head bowed. There was a moment's pause, and then Padme mad ethe biggest decision of her life.

"As do I" she said, stepping forwards and dropping to one knee beside her husband. She had no idea why she was doing it. The words just tumbled out and she could no longer control herself. She felt like a puppet on a string, knowing that love was the puppet master. And yet, for some reason, she wasn't against the decision she had just made. If it meant that she would be with Anakin, she would do anything.

"Padme!" Anakin exclaimed, only just noticing that she had witnessed the whole thing.

"Trust me Ani!" she smiled gently, but again, she didn't know why she had just said that. She didn't even trust herself anymore. However the look of gratitude was not hard to miss on Anakin's face as they both looked back up at the Chancellor.

"But Senator Amidala...you don't know the ways of the Force."

"I am Force sensitive." she reasoned. "Me and Anakin share a force connection that I cannot understand, but I know exists."

"I can teach her." Anakin added, and Palapatine's eyes sparkled a little.

"I suppose two apprentices might be more useful than one. Very well." Palpatine said with a sly grin. "Anakin Skywalker...Padme Amidala...you are both one with the Order of the Sith. Henceforth you shall be known as..." he turned to Anakin.

"Darth Vader..."

Then he turned to Padme. "...and Darth Malus."

"Thankyou My Master." they said in unison.

"Rise. Darth Vader, Darth Malus." Palpatine said, an evil smile touching his lips. They rose, hand in hand to stand before him.

"Go to the Jedi temple. Every single Jedi is now an enemy of the Republic. Do what must be done. Show no mercy."

"Yes Master." they both said together, before bowing and leaving.

On Kashyyk, Yoda stood up high on a platform watching over the battle down below. He suddenly felt a great deal of pain through the force.

"What is it Master Yoda?" a clone commander said.

"Pain...terrible pain...Young Skywalker...Senator Amidala...done something terrible they have."

They all had to suddenly duck as a hail of fire came their way from a stray destroyer droid. The Clone commander left to check on his troops, leaving Yoda wondering what had happened to Anakin and Padme.