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Four years later the Galaxy was finally returning to some kind of order.

Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan had been let out of the Coruscant hospital and had spent a few weeks well earned rest in the Lake Country at Naboo. The whole Galaxy had heard of their heroics on Mustafar, as well as Anakin and Padme's secrets, and the decision that Yoda and Padme had come to on that late evening in the hospital.

Padme lay on her back gazing up at the stars above as she thought back over the events of the last four years. Thanks to her persuasion and the fact that Yoda's ice cold heart had melted when he had held Luke, she had now become a Jedi Knight, although Yoda still taught her some of the things that she would need to know, like learning to use her powers properly, and in a controlled way. She still had to accomplish the task of building her own saber, seeing as she was borrowing one of Anakin's, however, but with Yoda's patience and guidance, she was getting there. Her blood red sith blade had been thrown, by Yoda, into the lava on Mustafar, therefor destroying the last remains of the Sith.

Anakin, who was laying beside his wife in the long grass also thought back over the years. He had not been expelled from the Jedi order because he had redeemed himself by his heroic actions against the Emperor, despite the fact that he insisted that he hadn't done anything. Because there were now so few Jedi Masters, Yoda had finally allowed him to become one, recognizing great leadership skills in him that would be vital in the re-building of the Jedi Order. Now Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin were starting a campaign to bring new Jedi back to the New Order, and because Yoda had agreed to new rules that were less harsh than the old ones, more and more people were eager to join. Three surviving Jedi had also re-appeared from hiding and with their help, the New Jedi Order was well on its way to success.


A while later they were joined by Luke and Leia, who had finally been allowed to become padawan learners after a few years as younglings. Anakin had taken Luke as his padawan, recognizing the same traits that he himself had, whilst Obi-Wan had taken Leia, knowing that she would be more like her mother, and would always think something through before doing it, unlike Luke who would rush into things. The only time Leia would act spontaneously, would be when the situation needed it, just like her mother. Both Leia and Padme thrivedin situations where there were no time for plans. Obi-Wan found Leia easy to teach because she listened carefully and took in everything he said, which was a relief to Obi-Wan after years of hard work trying to train Anakin.


The four Skywalkers lay on the soft grass of Naboo, listening quietly to the sounds of crickets in the long grass, or the gentle plop of water from the lake. However the silence was short-lived because Anakin's comm-talk went off in his pocket and the four of them sat up, waiting to hear who it was. Anakin pressed a button and Supreme Chancellor Bail Organa appeared.

"Good evening," he said cheerfully, noticing that the four of them were together. "Sorry to bother you, but there is to be a special meeting in the Senate in about two hours and we would like you four especially to be there. We are about to announce the New Republic rules."

"We'll be there," Padme assured him, hardly able to keep the excitement out of her voice. The other's looked excited too as Bail dissapeared.

"Come on then you lot," Anakin sighed, stretching and yawning before getting to his feet. His huge black boots sunk into the soft grass and left large dents, but as soon as he lifted his foot, thegrass would spring right back up again and there was no sign that anything had just disturbed it.

That's what Padme loved about Naboo. No matter what someone did to it, like force it into war, or try to destroy it, the planet would always spring back up again, as though nothing had ever happened. It was like Anakin often said. 'Our greatest glory is not to never fall, but to rise up again when we do.'

As they walked back towards the ship together, Luke and Leia ran on ahead, playing tag whilst Anakin linked his arm into Padme's and she leant her head on his shoulder.

"So Master Skywalker, what new rules do you think they have instated?" she asked seriously, but there was a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

"Well, if the senate are astute, then they would definately use all your ideas. Remind me again, my darling wife, why you gave up your life as a Senator."

Padme sighed as though she had said this over and over again. "Because firstly my term had ended, so it was time for someone else to take over. Secondly, I felt that I would be more use as a Jedi, and thirdly...because I love you and want to be with you...always"

"I love you too," Anakin said, kissing her softly on the head as they walked up the boardingramp.


"My fellow Republicans, it is with great pleasure that the Senate recognizes the Senator from Tatooine!" Bail Organa shouted out from the centre platform. A huge cheer went up from the other Senators as a pod floated into the middle of the arena holding Owen Lars, his wife Beru and their body guards. Luke and Leia sat on seats behind Owen and Beru, eagerly watching everything that was going on. This was the first time any one in the pod had seen inside the huge Senate arena and theye were all amazed at it's size.

"Thankyou your Excellency!" Owen said, bowing to Bail, before turning to address the Senate. He flashed a quick smile at Anakin and Padme who were standing in the doorway of the station where his pod had been a few moments before.

"Fellow colleagues. It is with great honour and priveledge that I accept the role as the Senator of Tatoooine. For years now, Tatooine has become a hive of scum and villainy and it is about time that this is put to an end. Decent people are struggling to make a living in the harsh conditions of our planet, but I pray that with your help, we can once again return Tatooine to it's former glory of over a hundred years ago, when slavery was illegal, Tuskens were hunted down like the animals that they are, and the planet was a lot more hospitable and friendly. I ask for the help of you, my fellows, for I alone cannot make this come true."

"All those in favour of helping the Senator from Tatooine, please indicate now!" Bail called out and green lights filled the arena.

Since Yoda and theEmperor had pretty much destroyed most of the pods during their vicious fight four years ago, Bail had decided that it was time for them to be updated. Now, they had a green light on the front that lit up and sent a message to Bail's pod if a button was pressed. Senators used this system to vote, and Bail was able to announce the verdict in a matter of minutes. It was far more sophisticated than the traditional way of raising hands or calling out.

Now Owen hovered anxiously infront of the centre podium, waiting for the result, whislt the other senators chatted amongst themselves.

When at last the votes had been counted, Chewbaaca, Bail's new majordomo, who had replaced the traitor Mas Amedda, barked out for silence, which he was immediately given. Then Bail turned to Owen.

"Congratulations Senator Lars, you have the majority of people on your side. See me after and we can discuss actions."

A cheer went up from almost every pod and Owen returned his to it's station beaming with delight. Anakin and Padme slipped in to congratulate him, then they all turned their attention back to the centre again.

"After I accepted the role of Supreme Chancellor, I realised how much needed changing. It has taken me the last four years, and alot of help from theformer Senator of Naboo,to finally come to an agreement as to what is in the best interests of the Republic, but I now wish to announce the new rules..."

He carried on to reveal his list of new, much fairer rules that included the Jedi being allowed to join in during meetings to express their views (seeing as the failure in this leading to disaster last time!), Senatorsbeing allowed families, but they must be able to clearly distinguish between what is family related and what is work related and if a planet wished to use their army for whatever reason, they must ask for permission in the Senate first, meaning that hopefully unnecessary wars could be prevented.

Padme was glad that someone had listened to her for once because she knew that these rules were in everyone's best interests.


Padme and Anakin were standing outside later, waiting for Bail to appear. Padme wanted to congratulate him on how well he had handled the situation, because it could have so easily have turned into a riot otherwise.

When at last he came out, flanked by two guards, the two stepped up to him and bowed.

"Sen-Miss Skywalker, Master Skywalker," he greated, smiling broadly.

"Your Excellency. We just wanted to congratulate you on your performance in there, and..." Padme was stopped dead in her tracks as something suddenly alerted her through the Force.

Something's wrong. I sense danger.

"Isense it to!" Anakin said as she turned to him. They both drew their sabers as quick as a flash and blocked two blasts that had come their way. Another two came, then another, but the two Jedi expertly knocked back each bolt and at last the attackers were revealed. There was a group of three or four clones, firing at the group.

"What is the meaning of this!" Bail yelled at them, thinking they were attacking the Jedi.

"We will never give in until you are dead!" One clone called back, firing another shot at Bail. Anakin deflected the shot back and it hit the clone's helmet, scorching through the white armour. The clone dropped down dead, but that didn't put the other's off.

"Kill the fake Chancellor!" the clones cried, marching forwards. Anakin and Padme's blue blades soon took care of them, but that didn't stop Bail from trembling at the sudden and unprovoked attack.

"Look," Padme said, crouching down next to one body and tracing a mark on it's chest plate with her finger. It was the mark of the Emperor, and it had been burned on by something like a hot iron. "This mark's new".

"Looks like some clones have gone rogue," Anakin observed, then he and Padme both looked up at Bail.

"What does that mean?" Bail asked, unsure.

"I'm not sure, but one thing's for certain your Excellency," Anakin replied solemnly "You are in grave danger!"