Dracula looked at his three new brides. But he seemed depresessed. "What´s the matter?", asked Tina, trying to hold Selindra back.

"I´m just ... sorry...", he said and pulled his bride and child in his embrace. "But for what?", Tina kept asking. Finally he told them. "I´m sorry for turning you into vampires. All three of you weren´t willing to make this transformation. It´s my fault that your soul is damned for all eternity."

Tina put Selindra in his arms. "I don´t regret it. Without you I would never have her."

"I´m thankful for my child and that you´re the mother. But taking your life wasn´t worth it."

Now Kitana spoke: "You´re right. We will stay as vampires forever but to see Selindra grow up with such wonderful parents is the best thing I can imagine."

He looked at his daughter. She was leaning against his chest and had fallen asleep there. Gently he stroked her black hair. "I´ll try to give you a life here, that is good for you. And I promise not to hurt one of you ever again."


Kitana broke into a smile that had laughter in it.

"Okay that's enough sob talk, now to business!" Tina raised an eyebrow.

"What kind of business?" she asked. Kitana looked surprised.

"You obviously have not noticed anything, Hon," she said. "If we're gonna live here we're gonna have to make a few changes."

"Like what?" asked Tina.

"For one thing our rooms could use redecorating," replied Kitana. "We should put up pictures and such of things we had back when were humans. Plus it would be nice if I had some of my books and music to listen to." Tina seemed to catch on so she agreed.

"I know what you mean," she said. "The room is nice but it could use a few homey touches. But you know what else could use a new look? The ballroom! That place looks like it hasn't been in years!" In excitement Kitana jumped to ceiling. Tina flew after her. Kitana pointed up ahead.

"To the ballroom!" she said.

And with that the girls were gone. Anna and Dracula looked at each other, smiled, and shook their heads.

"Teenagers," they said.

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