Cold-Radiation bodysuit: check.

Cryogenics blaster: check.

Dr. Victor Fries inspected his arsenal of weapons. He loved the feeling of coldness, coldness touching his skin. He had waited long for this moment... too long.

Cold gauntlets: check.

Zero fluid: check.

Fries' gun was connected to his life-supporting suit. He needed extreme cold to live... to survive. Survive in his war against the bat. Yes, the bat had stopped all his plans... had stopped him from saving his wife. One day he would have revenge.

Freeze-mobile: check.

Ice-cycle: check.

The cold-hearted scientist extended his left hand towards a control panel, pressing a button. A cannon was inserted into the Freeze-mobile and the vehicle immediately started securing the weapon into its top half.

All other weapons: check.

Weapons check: completed.

The computer was turned off. The whole room was an icy blue or a bluish white. Crystals of ice, both large and small, covered the walls or jutted out of the floors of Fries' base. Icicles hung from the ceiling. Polar bears growled and a prototype for a heavy-battle suit was encased in a freeze-chamber. Lab rats were covered in a layer of ice.

Victor Fries pressed another button and a door opened, letting eight goons in their own suits - used for protection from the cold, unlike Fries, who needed protection from the heat - in.

One of the men gave Dr. Victor Fries, master of cryogenics, an inquisitive look, and then asked, "Is it time?"

"Yes," answered Mr. Freeze, one of the many arch-foes of Batman, defender of Gotham City. For the first time in five days the chilled criminal scientist smiled. He uttered one of his favorite lines.

"It's going to get cold this summer. Very cold."